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Esu - Witchheart  PR 104 ▲      
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Styles: Synthwave, Eurodance
Duration: 10:51
Size: 24.8Mb
Recording: 2 September 2022
Publication: 2 September 2022 12:40

Here's the lyrics:

My witchheart
Wounded and scarred

My witchheart.
Doomed from the start

My witchheart
Colored with life

My witchheart
Makes me alive

Time can't erase it
Blood cannot stain
My will to live
And my youth to sustain

Walking a long road
Never reaching the end
Why do i live
When i can't die again?

Lost count of years
That i dwell under skies
Million blue tears
I had wiped from my eyes

Some say i'm evil
Monster that kills
But only evil
(That) evil sees

Sometimes i wonder
What this life means
Choice of the side
Or illusion it seems?

Saw many things
Ugly, dreadful and kind
Tasted them all
Still no rest for my mind

Kissed with the death
Balancing on the ledge
Died several times
Still I live on the edge

Wanted to end this
Once and for all
But i'm too weak
To relieve my cursed soul


Pinned comments
Dj Polkovnik  17 September 2022 21:34
Завораживающая тема!
Dmitriy Random  16 September 2022 11:31
Обалденная гармония звуков. Очень приятно слушать. Меня чётко вставило в 07:20 прям жесть как цепляет. Блин я просто в восторге. От души поддерживаю. однозначно в топ.
MNEKiNG  11 September 2022 19:21
Rinat  11 September 2022 2:21
Необыкновенно красивая композиция!+++
ALIEN  8 September 2022 11:27
A magnificent conceptual and lyrical work, Katie!) It turned out to be a real confession of a witch who did not choose her own path, but circumstances developed, life developed. This composition is deep, philosophical and makes you wonder who we are in general in life. I definitely support! Good luck, Katie, in your difficult work!)+++++
Total Vacuum  7 September 2022 23:22
:) I don't know why, but sometimes i think that "Esu is Nightwish in Trance". It seems to me that Your music is goth-influenced, epic and symphonic. And I liked it, of course
Excellent track, my friend!
FS wolf  7 September 2022 9:14
Beautiful passages on the Piano, enigmatic and Melodically, as always within the style, from the first Sounds I would recognize your music Kate, choresmatically And conceptually, as if you are reading an interesting book. Respect and support from me) +++
DIMA [PLAN]  4 September 2022 1:29
It is incredible how many emotions can be conveyed in one composition! Not forgotten otmosphere and indescribable feelings! PR +
DJ Ξgorsky  3 September 2022 18:19
A very interesting and atmospheric thing Kat. A peculiar approach, and a deep thought about the need to change something again in life. Well done! I liked it +!
Alex Chaklin-76  3 September 2022 12:04
Beautiful music! And the voice is cool +++++
Kety Kes  2 September 2022 23:23
Я кайфанула от звучания. Вокал как всегда ПРЕКРАСЕН :)
ExclUsive™  2 September 2022 14:03
One of your coolest jobs, Katie!!! From the heart!!!+++++
Pitilim  2 September 2022 17:46
(под)Текст песни, как и музыка, очень глубокий...+)
Beautiful Track!!! keep up the good work!!
Thank you!♥︎♥︎♥︎
Original and mystical, beautiful work, my support!!! +)
интересная работа++
Thank you!=)
Amazing composition! +++ :)
Very beautiful tune! Respect!!!+++
Weird and original as I like ))) ++++
Вкуснный трек
Отличная работа Katie!!!
От души поддерживаю +++
Thank you!♥︎♥︎♥︎
Minor slow dance ! +)))
С огромным удовольствием поддерживаю работу!Красота и Трагизм, всё в одном!!! ❤️
I like you music!!! You are awesome!!!
Просто супер, что ещё сказать! Молодец!!!
Завораживающая тема!
Обалденная гармония звуков. Очень приятно слушать. Меня чётко вставило в 07:20 прям жесть как цепляет. Блин я просто в восторге. От души поддерживаю. однозначно в топ.
I'm glad you appreciated it! Thank you!♥︎♥︎♥︎
Cool. Good work. Support
interesting gothic mysterious sad electro-romance !!!
Thank you!♥︎
серьезная продуманная работа+++
Thank you!♥︎♥︎♥︎
Amazing composition! My support!) +++
Very beautiful, emotional song!;)
Thank you!♥︎♥︎♥︎
Esu, супер музыка!!! :))) Умничка!!! :)))
Магическая работа! Интересный стиль, узнаваемый почерк) Моя поддержка! +++
Thank you, Vassiliy!♥︎♥︎♥︎
Прекрасная работа )) Мне понравилось +++
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