SBCDDIGITAL019 Art Alien - Equilibrium EP

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01 Sosciety Preassure          8:19

02 The Breath Of Goa           8:10

All tracks composed by ArtAlien

Mastered by Studio ONE (Zymosis)

Art Work by ShivaOmArt 






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The universe and any of the worlds obey the laws of equilibrium where the act of creation can not exist without destruction, 

where the powers of evil struggle with the light forces and the day succeeds the night. 

There is no white without black and vice versa - this is what we call BALANCE. 

My debut EP is about eternity - about the maintenance of equilibrium and universal balance on our planet. 

The mixture of pumping bass and kick drum, floaty goa leads carrying you away into space, a new look and master hand in every track - all this is music by ART ALIEN.


Вселенная и любой из миров подчиняются законам равновесия, где созидание не может существовать без разрушения, 

темные силы всегда противоборствуют светлым, а день сменяет ночь. Без черного не может быть белого, как и наоборот - все есть БАЛАНС. 

Мой первый дебютный EP говорит о вечном - о поддержание равновесия и вселенского баланса на нашей планете. 

Смесь плотного баса и бочки, атмосферные гоа лиды уносящие в космос, 

свежий взгляд и свой особенный почерк в каждой композиции - все это музыка проекта АРТ АЛИЕН 


Art Alien- A young and perspective producing musical ( art, DJ,) project .

Till 2015 had been playing as a DJ around Ukraine . Now Sasha had started to produce her own music. 

Her music is developing into more complex, interesting and clean sound. Sasha is a very creative person who has a very 

dynamic positive position on life for who Music is one of the integral part of her life .

She has her own unique style which helped her to become a musician member of " Misterika Family" in 2016.

When she is playing nobody is sitting..., her set will satisfy even the most peaky listener , 

leaving him filled with energy .

Space Baby Records 





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