Samed Orudzhev
Main style: G-House
Favorite styles: Big Room House, Chillout, Club House, Dance Pop, Deep House, Disco, Disco House, Drum & Bass, Dutch House, Electro, Electro House, Eurodance, Funky House, Future House, Hard House, Hardcore, Hip-hop/Rap, House, Indie Dance, Italo Disco, JumpStyle, Latin House, Melbourne Bounce, Nu Disco, Pop, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Pumping House, Russian Pop, Tech House, Trance, Trap, Vocal House, Разговорный
DJ, producer, MC, promoter, clubber, listener since 2005
Performance: from $250 / 5 hours
Location: Russia, Irkutsk
Guest: турбаза "Хайта" Open Air (Usole-Sibirskoe (Irkutskaya obl.)), Club "JACK" (Usole-Sibirskoe (Irkutskaya obl.)), CHICKEAST (Irkutsk), Кафе-Бар "Калина" (Irkutsk), HANS' Brewery (Irkutsk), Кафе "Кристалл" (Irkutsk), Ресторан "Marco polo" (Irkutsk), Аура (Nizhneudinsk), ресторан "Неаполь" (Irkutsk), Кемпинг-отель «Ёлочка» Open Air (Irkutsk), Река "Иркут" Open Air (Irkutsk), Camelot (Nizhneudinsk), Club-Restaurant "Good Beer" (Irkutsk), клуб-ресторан "СССР" (Irkutsk), клуб-ресторан «Урагшаа» (Irkutsk), Kafe Club "ШалаШ" (Angarsk), клуб-ресторан Дикая лошадь, ТЕЛЕГА. (Irkutsk), о.Ольхон клуб "Робинзон" (Irkutsk), НК Воздух (Irkutsk), кафе "Принцесса" (Irkutsk), кафе "Неолит" (Irkutsk), кафе "Рустам" (Irkutsk), НК Акула (Irkutsk), клуб ресторан "Winkel" (Irkutsk), Бар-Ресторан "Nirvana" (Irkutsk), Юность (SHelehov)
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турбазе "ХАЙТА", Usole-Sibirskoe (Irkutskaya obl.), 14:00 // 23 June
Club House
турбазе "ХАЙТА", Usole-Sibirskoe (Irkutskaya obl.), 14:00 // 22 June
Club House
Заказать DJ Feza +7902-54-54-224
DJ Feza (DJ Феза)

DJ Feza was born in March 1987. Grew up in a simple, good family. Interested in music began in 2005, then he simply played in schools and not big events. He first tried his hand at writing music in 2007, experimented connecting the same melody with another, got acquainted with the programmes (VirtualDJ, Impulse Tracker, Fruity Loops, and so on) and equipment (Pioneer). A year later, he formed his own collection of his own remixes and began performing in cafes, restaurants, clubs... forcing people dancing to the energetic rhythms Club House, Disco House, Electro, Electro Progressive, Trance, etc..

Results of operations was not forced to wait long. Since 2009 DJ Feza began to act and outside the capital of Eastern Siberia, sets and mixes DJ Feza familiar in Irkutsk, Angarsk, in Шелехово, Arshan, acting on Olkhon and other cities. It is easy to make any dance floor, finding a common language with a wide variety of audiences.

DJ is the engine of the dance floor!

Для фанатов

1 908 11 347 PR 28 ▲ 320 Russian Pop, Dance Pop
Для фанатов группы Руки Вверх!!! Слушаем, качаем и делимся с друзьями! Спасибо... 


562 71 PR 1,8 ▲ 320 Club House, Russian Pop
Татьяна Буланова - Яcный мой свет 
715 4 115 PR 5,5 ▲ 320 Electro House, Club House
Crew 7 Feat. Mike Davis - La Bomba 
494 51 PR 2,6 ▲ 320 Club House
El Chombo feat. Cutty Ranks - Dame tu cosita 
383 2 76 PR 3,4 ▲ 320 Future House, Russian Pop
Николай Носков - Паранойя 
853 157 PR 5,1 ▲ 320 Club House, Russian Pop
Серёга - Чёрный бумер 
399 2 117 PR 9,2 ▲ 320 Electro House
Groove Gangsters - Funky Beat 
409 89 PR 2,2 ▲ 320 Club House, Eurodance
Ray Charles - Hit the road Jack 
1 157 1 289 PR 8,1 ▲ 320 Deep House, Eurodance
Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer 
382 1 070 PR 28,5 ▲ 320 Progressive House, House
Martin Garrix - Animals (Original Mix) 
527 955 PR 23,9 ▲ 320 Dutch House
Usher - YEAH 
733 7 204 PR 8,7 ▲ 320 Deep House, Club House
Никакого плагиата! Просто понравились два ремикса ди-джея Ivan Spell и Daniel Magre,... 
1 423 6 445 PR 20,3 ▲ 320 Latin House, Russian Pop
Афродита - Валера 
1 192 5 549 PR 25,8 ▲ 320 Club House, Eurodance
Sak Noel - Loca people 
164 52 PR 3,2 ▲ Disco House
Мне друг отправил кусочек вечеринки, моё выступление.