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Streaming services and MP3 files.

Mmmm when I scroll through my House mp3 files ... I am always surprised how many garbage is called "Deep House"!! I once counted how many MP3 files I keep after downloading them in big batches. Most of the time it is just between the 4 and 10 %. 

Before the digital time, it was different. But was it better? Some people really believe that it was better to buy CD's and Vinyls only. I have my doubts. Even though I must confess that I am a real CD and Vinyl collector ...

The digital time has it's negative sides. For example, when you release a track, you will earn almost nothing by streaming. Or you need to have over 1.000.000 plays. Beside the lack of income, there are so many artists / producers / dj's at the moment ... waaay tooo much!! This is bringing down the quality.

But these negative sides have positive sides as well. There are many ways to discover new music! In the past you could only get it by listening to the radio, recording on terrible tapes ... and so on. Now YOU can decide what to listen.  And you can discover great DJ's / Producers which you 

Even though the income is low for an artist, the way to get sooooooooo much attention is HUGE! There are so many ways to promote your tracks and reach your audience!

So what do you think? Was it better when we had no MP3 files and no streaming things like Spotify? Or do you think MP3 files & streaming services are the best thing which ever happened to the music industry?

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5 August 2015 0:50
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