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About the project

The goals of PROMODJ are:

  • give DJs, producers, club photographers, VJs, singers and poets the opportunity to publish their work;
  • give clubbers and normal listeners the opportunity to find, listen to, watch and review new stuff;
  • give promoters the opportunity to attract more people to their parties.

In other words PROMODJ's goal is to provide a list of services that allow electronic music fans to unite and share the love to the music.

Please watch PROMODJ press-kit if you think there is too much text here ;)

PROMODJ was created in October 2005 by Sergey Korovkin and Sergey Keplin (company Ateve Commercial).

Originally, PROMODJ was planned as a page, where DJs could upload their mixes, and the visitors can download them.

Over the years the page «grew» with users. Visits and views were getting higher, that is why we added the possiblity to upload tracks, remixes, samples and a cappellas.

Space on the harddrives in the very first server was running out (today this server is still on but is not used so much ;) , and after this we moved a lot from server to server. Finally PROMODJ equipment found home in the premises of hosting company NTHOST.

PROMODJ takes first place at traffic and amount of registered users among the EDM websites in russian speaking countries.

Project development and all current activities of the PROMODJ team are managed via Teamer.