Ed Safinn
Favorite styles: Breaks, Chillout, Downtempo, Drum & Bass, Drumfunk, Dub, Dubstep, Electro, Future Jazz, Hardstep, Indie, Industrial, Jazz, Lo-Fi, Minimal Techno, Smooth Jazz, Trip-Hop, UK Garage
DJ, producer, MC, listener, group / joint project since 2000
Location: Norway
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Beijing, Beijing, 21:45 // 29 November 2008
Beijing, Beijing, 21:01 // 28 November 2008
Shanghai, Shanghai, 21:47 // 23 October 2008
OEC, Nice, 19:49 // 26 September 2008
OEC, Paris, 00:00 // 20 September 2008
2011 LP " The Confidences" (Arctic Art Promo/ UkSuS records)

Life. Love. Death.

There are three basic pillars of the general concept of our music we called ..Project Ed og Lys...
(Ed Safinn - voice, synth, programming, guitar, mixing, sax, design, photo, lyrics and Lys S. - voice, guitar, synth, piano, mixing, photo, design, lyrics) ..Project Ed og Lys.. it not only music, but also design and photo, as well as video, and literary tests and painting...
They supplement each other.

Having tried to achieve harmony we .. the members of the project and former inhabitants of megapolises - have left the noise of greater cities behind and moved to the small settlement on the Far North of Norway to be closer to the nature and disengagement.

March of 2006 could be called the date of a birth of the Project as it was the first time we have tried to create something together. Before that Ed has already had an experience of working with various groups, with actors of the most styles but only sketchy and casually.

In 2000 Ed using various games hookups, cassette tape recorders, mobile phones and to that similar techniques has created his solo album of synthesized sounds "Kald Juni ". In 2001 there was a second album "Tann" where sounds of techno music were getting mixed up with classics.

Coming back to the general concept of our music we would like to say it is an alloy of sounds surrounding any person in contemporary world, the medley of the big cities rhythms and internal human nature. That..s why we use man-caused sounds along with those of nature, shaman tambourine and various folklore instruments.

It doesn..t matter where a man lives now. Nevertheless he is snared by rhythm, by movement his phones, computers, news channels and work create... On the other hand, the human values, nature make their way from the depths and butt into this rhythm. Therefore there is no change of rhythm in our music practically; everything is moving as a clock, but we impose other rhythm, our internal one on the work of this clock driving the rhythm to chaos. There are chaos, bugs, ..imposing of non-imposed.., artificial overloads in the sounding, specially created ..crimps.. reminding a sudden knoll on a perfect motorway, a voice from radio, rustle of rain, well-educated Protestant pastor..s speech... Even a human voice itself we are trying to present as a component of the general sounding, as a certain sound from our everyday surroundings.

Now ..Project Ed og Lys.. is actively collaborating with other actors working in different styles of music all around the world.

Here we are, ED[OG]LYS

Ed Safinn:

2000 "Kald Juni" (FossenRec. Norway)

2001 "Tann" (FossenRec. Norway)

2004 "Ops!" 2005 "Paris" (SERER)

2006 EP "Communication" (UkSuS records)


Ed[og]Lys :

2006 "Communication" (UkSuS records)

2007 EP"Radio? Chaos!" (Arctic Art Promo)

2008 EP"Tango på Karl Johan" (Arctic Art Promo)

2009 EP “Radio? Chaos! - II” (Arctic Art Promo/ UkSuS records)

2010 EP "Hermanas" (Arctic Art Promo/ UkSuS records)

2011 LP  " The Confidences" (Arctic Art Promo/ UkSuS records)



Varangerradio "Rusisskkanal"

Radio: NRK1 Urort



Ed Safinn - voice, synth, programming, guitar, mixing, sax, design, photo, lyrics
Lys S. - voice, guitar, synth, piano, mixing, photo, design, lyrics
Einar H. - piano (from 2008)

Anna Blum - violin (Iceland);
Arne Lindbach (Ursus Maritimus, Norway)
Spesial THX:
Torbjørn Christiansen (N),
Halvard Mikal Sæbø (Daap, Norway) ,
Arne Lindbach (Ursus Maritimus,N) ,
Blanka Pesja (CR/ND) ,
Einstuerzende Neubauten (D),
siniy-chulok (RF)
Hanne Haugsand (Norway)
Anatol Chunin (RF)
Sonja Siltala (Norway/ Suomi)
Kenji Siratori (Japan)
Sara Noxx (Germany)
Arctic Sounds Promo & Uksus Records (Norway/Russland)
Synth Radio (Russland)
ChinaShowCast (China)
Beijing Astral Group (China/S.Korea/Japan)
Robert Smith(the Cure,GB)
RRE Video Group (Norway/Russland/EU)


Ed[og]Lys - The Confidences

Ed[og]Lys - The Confidences (2011)…


Special Thanks: Torbjørn Weien (Vintage Computer), Chantal Cano Le Clerc (Vintage Computer), Einar Holsbø, Yngve Berg (Bergs Inferno), Blanka Pesja (Erato's Choice), Arne Linbach (Ursus Maritimus), Halvard Mikal Sæbø (DAAP), Geir Jørgensen (DAAP), Zotora, Hanna Haugsand (Tundra), Enya Safin (Enya's Theory), Kenji Siratori,

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21 January 2011 14:51
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-1 @ Ed[og]Lys

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13 September 2009 16:13
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Ну всё...

Почти 8 месяцев тут не был... Но зато оттрубили м Амстердам и Дюссельдорф и Мастрихт и хрен знает что ещё.
Теперь можно спокойно работать, тем более что уже поступили предложения о совместных проектах...

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30 July 2009 14:53
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Kenji Sirator's "Blood Electric"

"A fatal collusion of drag embryos and DNA angels in Cadaver City ignites the circuitry of the ADAM doll... dogs of zero waging gene war in Placenta World, chaos unleashed by the digital vampires of Sato Corporation, nano-junk virus pandemic. On the pink ash planet EVOL, DAM and ANTI=ADAM clash in terminal zodiac burn... enter robo-succubus Super-Cherry 666, hunting for the grotesque nova skulls of Sato Corporation napalm torture victims"

ИМХО весьма влиятельная книга, для развития кибер-панка и электро-хаоса. Информационное сопротивление нового звучания

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9 October 2008 18:40
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Фото для Oracle

Несколько фото от Richard "Riccolo" к интервью для Северо-Американской версии журнала Oracle

Можно посмотреть ЗДЕСЬ

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9 October 2008 13:01
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    Arti Markov  21 April 2010 11:12 #
    Sky-Woker  28 January 2009 0:39 #
    присоеденяюсь к ваше сказаным комплиментам на счёт музычки ) хорошая ! +
      Ed[og]Lys  30 July 2009 14:43 #
      Спасибо большущее...
      Давненько здесь не бывал:)
    Arti Markov  9 October 2008 17:52 #
    у вас хорошая музыка. + от меня
      Ed[og]Lys  9 October 2008 17:59 #
      Спасибо Артур!
    Volgodonsk DeeJay  9 October 2008 14:14 #
    Спасибо)))Кстати хорошие треки)) большой + те
      Ed[og]Lys  9 October 2008 15:41 #
      Спасибище Большущее
    Maria-MyDj  9 October 2008 14:13 #
      Ed[og]Lys  9 October 2008 15:41 #
      ВахЪ Как приятно
    Розо4ка  28 September 2008 17:12 #
    класс.... BEST КАЙФ
      Ed[og]Lys  6 October 2008 22:22 #
      Спасибо ОГРОМНОЕ!
    Pacifica Project  14 September 2008 19:26 #
    Почему же такой неоптимистичный смайлик?
      Ed[og]Lys  14 September 2008 21:52 #
      Это я стрелкой промазал
    Pacifica Project  13 September 2008 0:16 #
    Хорошая Музыка, уважаю WOW WOW КАЙФ
      Ed[og]Lys  13 September 2008 16:03 #
      Вот СПАСИБО
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