Marko Andersen
Main style: Trance
Favorite styles: Acid House, Acid Trance, Bassline, Club House, Complextro, Dark Progressive, Dark Psy Trance, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Dutch House, Electro, Electro House, Electro Progressive, Euro Trance, Hard House, Hard Rock, Hard Trance, Hardcore, Hardstyle, Heavy metal, House, IDM, Industrial Techno, Instrumental, Jazz, Melodic Trance, Neotrance, Nu metal, Progressive rock, Progressive Trance, Psy Trance, Psychedelic rock, Rock, Rock'n'roll, Tech House, Tech Trance, Techno, Uplifting Trance, Vocal House, Vocal Trance
DJ, producer, radioshow, listener, collaborations since 2009
Performance: from €50 / 1.5 hours
Location: Serbia, Novi Sad
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Marko Annder

Marko Annder, the young performer of trance music, lives in Novi Sad. Graduated from High School of Electronics in 2012, attended Bussines Faculty for one year. Great lover of music. He devoted much of his life-time and being to create a special energy that manifests rhythms in multiple musical genres. A great role model and an inspiration to him are Armin Van Buuren, Linkin Park and his best friend Alexx MJ who showed him the way of electronic music. Marko Annder “plays” guitar and keyboards, he’s a songwriter, a book writer, screenwriter, a graphic designer and a little bit of a gamer. He entered the world of music in 2005. Since then, his music became an obsession. Since 2009. his obsessive love for music, got serious dimension ,as he began to create his own music beats and transforms them into powerful musical projects. In his music Wworld, special pleasure makes trance music, in which he found himself. With trance music he sends a personal message to the World.

In the beginning he used to make mixes with his bud Alexx, just for the two of them, so they could enjoy some quality music when they go out. Then he stoped making mixes and started making his first tracks, meanwhile Alexx devoted himself to making mixes. Soon enough, Marko Annder started making some serious noise through his first show called Annder on Air. There were some short projects like Annd3r's Crazy Mix and mini series of Annder on Air. Then, out of the bloom, a new and aspiring show was born known as the Infinity Show. Then followed Infinity Mini Series, Infinity Special Edition and then an experemental show called Escapade. Marko Annder made a ton of tracks, including drum & bass, trance, progressive house, electro, dubstep, progressive electro and many more. He is also a mashup entusiast. Mashuping tracks started in his 5th season of Infinity Show, but he decided to make official mashups when he started the Infinity Show's 7th season.

I like: Comic books such as Marvel and DC Comics; Naruto, Bleach, Shaman King; TV shows such as The Mentalist, Psych, Castle, Continuum, Burn Notice, Seinfeld, The Flash, Etc. Basically anything that involved detectives of some kind. Video Games such as Elder Scrolls, Sega games, racing games, Crysis 2, Tomb Raider, Deadpool, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, Mortal Kombat, etc. Anything that involves 3rd person view is mostly what I play. When it comes to music, there are less genres I don't listen than there are that I do listen to. Here are some names for you : Linkin Park, The Prodigy, Armin Van Buuren, Dimmu Borgir, Modestep, Amberian Dawn, Epica, Leave's Eyes, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Xandria, Arch Enemy, The Agonist and many many more.

I hate: Absolutely nothing, hate is overrated. I can be annoyed by something, but I am not a hateful person.

I recommend: To enjoy the company of yourself more, than the company of others. Do what you like, like what you do. If it's bothering you, change it. But don't change it if it's bothering just the others.

I am interested in: Writing a book of my own. Being a songwriter for a band. Being a screenwriter. Playing videos games for money but mostly for fun. Which I do on YouTube. And being a graphic designer.

I know: Graphic design is my specialty, as it is producing tracks of my own, writing songs, as well screenplays and novels. My greatest achievement (artistically speaking), would be Infinity Show, which has 7 seasons so far.

I can: I can cook plenty of dishes, I can write, draw sometimes like a pro, but mostly as a amateur, I used to rap, play guitar, but since I left the band I created, I haven't been active singer or a guitarist.


This Week's Repertoar [09.01.-15.01]

Wednesday - INFINITY SPECIAL EDITION {2.0} Episode #6 [Some Smashing D&B] -… 

Friday - Alexx MJ - Shit Happens [2011] - Sensation White Mix -…

Sunday - Dowla King - Sound Foliage - S2E4 - HOT Spot -…

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16 January 2017 1:03
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This Week's Repertoar [26.12.2016 - 01.01.2017]

Friday - Alexx MJ – Listen or Die! [2011] – Episode #5 –… 

Saturday - INFINITY SPECIAL EDITION {2.0} Episode #5 - [Ring In The New Year By Kicking It Old School] -… 

Sunday - Dowla King - Sound Foliage - S2E3 - Couch Party -…    

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1 January 2017 18:09
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This Week's Repertoar [19.12. - 25.12.]

Thurday - Infinity's 8th Season – Episode #096 [The Christmastide] -…

Friday - Alexx MJ – Listen or Die! [2011] – Episode #4 – NN MIX -…

Sunday - Dowla King & Alexx MJ - Cave Clubbing -…

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25 December 2016 11:34
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Listen Up Fellow DJ's, Artists & Listeners

Infinity's 100th episode, the numeric 100th episode has an official date and it's 16.02.2017

You can get featured in the 100th episode, all you have to do is submit your track by

sending it to me here, through messages or on my social media sites.

The rules are simple.

Tracks need to be trance, progressive trance, etc related.

Tracks can be mashuped, remixed, your own tracks or something you heard or like and would like to share it with me.

I'll pick the tracks that suit the mix the most and those will be featured in the 100th episode of Infinity Show's 8th Season.

Good luck!  


Infinity #100  epizoda, numeroloski #100 epizoda ima zvanicni datum, a to je 16.02.2017. 

Mozete biti deo 100 epizode, sve sto treba je da mi predlozite svoju pesmu tako sto cete mi je poslati putem poruke ovde ili putem mojih stranica. 

Pravila su jednostavna. 

Pesma treba da bude trance, progressive trance, itd, bazirana. 

Pesma moze biti mashupovana, remixovana, vasa pesma ili neka pesma koju ste culi na radiju ili nesto vam se posebno dopada sto bi ste zeleli da podelite samnom. 

Izabracu pesme koje se slazu sa mixom najbolje i te ce biti izabrane za 100 epizodu Infinity Show 8 sezone. 


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14 December 2016 21:53

Infinity Show's 8th Season starts this Christmas!

Buckle up, because Season 8 of Infinity Show is surely coming,

Christmas is early this year! 
On Thursday 22nd of December experience the new and exciting start of Infinity Show,

with your favorite host - Marko Annder! 
After that Infinity Show Season 8 will continue on January 26th of 2017

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12 December 2016 1:21
    Formatic  15 June 2017 19:46 #
    Креативной фантазии и успехов! +)
    Max Vacances  6 March 2017 2:12 #
    Отличные работы. PR+++ и жду в друзья.
      Marko Annder  6 March 2017 5:29 #
      Thank you, Let's be friends! x)
    Demadj  21 February 2017 0:19 #
    Достойные работы 5 +жду в друзьях и гостях )
    Dj BACHEE  9 February 2017 4:35 #
      Marko Annder  9 February 2017 8:09 #
      Thank you very much! x)
    Dj BACHEE  3 February 2017 3:06 #
    ElitaDjs  9 December 2016 9:36 #
    Ainzoalgoun Dj  11 November 2016 12:08 #
    Отличные работы, +++,
      Marko Annder  13 November 2016 2:55 #
      Thanks! x)
      I like your mix!
    Proxx & Elegant  1 November 2016 21:25 #
    DJ LADY BLACK  24 October 2016 15:38 #
    Крутые работы,лови +, ЖДУ ВЗАИМНОСТИ)
    Спасибо за те положительные эмоции,за тот драйв и за хороший положительный саунд!!!
    Заходите ко мне,оценивайте, добавляйтесь в друзья)
      Marko Annder  24 October 2016 16:22 #
      Thank you very much for your feedback!
      I try, I try. The key is to enjoy it yourself first.
      I'd be glad to! x)
    Direction of Silence  5 October 2016 18:45 #
    + от нас ждем в друзья
      Marko Annder  5 October 2016 18:59 #
      Thank you very much! x)
    DJ AndRey Mal  14 July 2016 13:13 #
    BANANAFOX  3 May 2016 15:08 #
    Здоровья, достатка, в делах лишь успеха!
    Night Phoenix  18 April 2016 7:46 #
    St. Acid  4 April 2016 19:21 #
    Aleksej Getman  30 March 2016 7:12 #
    Привет!!! Поддержка от меня))) Творческих успехов))) Счастья и здоровья))) заходи в гости)))
      Marko Annder  2 April 2016 10:01 #
      Thank you! x) Maybe I visit!
  • (user was blacklisted)
    Mark Bonk  28 March 2016 20:37 #
    +++ PR от меня! :)
    DJ SHEVA  13 February 2016 12:11 #
    Хорошие работы!))
    Успехов тебе!))
    Жду в гостях, и в друзьях!)
    DJ ZOS  30 January 2016 19:27 #
    Super!!!+)PR Добар посао !
    Syncbat  27 January 2016 9:58 #
    PR+ За отличную работу!
    Ren Portman  14 January 2016 21:09 #
    +++привет.заходи.послушай мои два трека.дай оценку.заранее спасибо
    Ren Portman  14 January 2016 21:09 #
    +++привет.заходи.послушай мои два трека.дай оценку.заранее спасибо
    TOMI OWEN  27 September 2015 22:33 #
    от меня ++
    DJ NaTTaN FReY (Vladimir V. Barakovskiy)  19 September 2015 22:51 #
    PR +++
    SweetsDreams  26 August 2015 20:08 #
    +1 и во френды, послушай мои работы:
      Marko Annder  28 August 2015 4:33 #
      Thank you! x)
      I'll check it out!
    Alexandr Marinichev  24 August 2015 15:26 #
    +1 к твоему Promo!
    Adds Friend
  • (user was blacklisted)
    YAN VETER  16 August 2015 23:56 #
    Приветствую!) моя поддержка! заходи в гости, зацени мои новинки;)
    DJ MEIRAMBEK  7 August 2015 21:53 #
    Моя поддержка+++ успехов, жду в друзья))
    DJ Maximan  6 August 2015 23:58 #
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