Yura Just
Main style: Tech House
Favorite styles: Chicago House, Deep House, Deep Techno, House, Minimal Electronica, Minimal House, Minimal Techno, Progressive House, Techno, Tribal House, Tribal Techno
DJ, producer, promoter, listener since 2000
Performance: 2 hours
Location: Russia, Moscow
Resident: Маки кафе (Moscow), Панорама (Odincovo)
Guest: Justo Баня Душ (Moscow), Глав Beach (Moscow), Gazgolder (Moscow), My Bar (Moscow), Минибар (Moscow), St.Art (Moscow), Glina Bar (Moscow), Vision (Moscow), FM Cafe Centr (Moscow), Индус (Moscow), Пропоганда (Moscow), Мини Бар (Moscow), Apriori (Moscow), Дягилев прожект (Moscow), Panamera (Stavropol), кофе-клуб Бессонница (Nizhnii Novgorod), Чаша (Ufa), Пятница (Saint Petersburg), Гараж club (Kirovo-CHepeck), Ночной Охотник (Tula), Justo Bain Dushe (Moscow), Пирамида (Krasnoarmeisk (Moskovskaya obl.)), Токио (Tula), Cafe - Club Ell - Эль (Moscow), Атол (Korolev), Сигма (Tula), Танцпол (Mytischi), Пирамида (Korolev), Визави (Korolev), Северное Депо (Ivanteevka (Moskovskaya obl.))
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Марсель, Moscow, 21:00 // 25 June 2011
Маки кафе, Moscow, 22:00 // 24 June 2011
Deep House
Б2, Moscow, 02:00 // 19 June 2011
Марсель, Moscow, 21:00 // 18 June 2011
Маки кафе, Moscow, 22:00 // 17 June 2011
Deep House
ES Passion 2016 !!! 

Remixes by YURA JUST

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Tech House, Deep Techno
1 066 6:28 6  283 PR23,4 ▲
Minimal Electronica, Lo-Fi

Original tracks by YURA JUST

307 5:21 3  48 PR13,7 ▲
Minimal Electronica, Ambient Breaks
Юра Джаст / Yura Just


BIO. Old version.



As well as many people’s careers, the Yura’s one has begun with school discos, approximately in 1999. With the school time termination his activity has smoothly transferred to university parties and the first night club in his life – ‘the Resonator’ (Moscow, 2001-2002). The pseudonym ‘Yura Just’ has appeared there and also the further professional development of Yura progressed in this club too. From this place (‘the Resonator’) Yura has been for the first time invited to various private actions. After closing of the club he contented with these private actions. After a year Yura went on festival ‘the Russian Ibiza’ (Anapa, 2003). Having played some sets at coast of the Black Sea, he has received his first invitation to tours – to the ‘Chasha’ (‘the Basin’) night club (Ufa, 2003). After that Yura himself has conceived a liking for the organization of parties and as a result, in 2004 in Moscow occurred a dj-café ‘Drugoe Mesto’ (‘the Another Place’, 2004-2005) which night life was totally in Yura’s hands. At the same time he has started to try himself out in sphere of designing, developing breadboard models of visiting cards and invitations for cafes. Activity of Yura Just hasn’t remained without attention. He has been invited to play in other cafes and clubs of capital of Russia. Among many places in which he played, there was a small and cosy café – ‘the MAKI café, 2005-2009’ in which he plays actually from its most opening on the present time. In 2005 Yura became the dj-resident in «ОPEN CAFE» (Moscow, 2005-2007) quite fashionable hot spot in centre of Moscow, and after one year he has held a post of the art director in the given place and has worked there up to its most closing. The number of invitations and admirers grew, and soon Yura Just has played at first time in «Propaganda» (Moscow, 2006-2007) – one of the best Moscow clubs with more than 10-year-old history of existence. «Propaganda» has made a huge impact on Yura as a dj. He has visited performances of more than hundred guest djs and musicians from America, Canada and Europe. As a result of this the especial vision and perception of a dancefloor were born. The european sight at culture of electronic music as a whole, acquaintance and the further communication with many foreign djs and musicians have given rise to a new stage in his life. Now it was insufficient for self-realization simply to play another's plates, compiling them in sets, it would be desirable to develop himself further. The new project which activity has been directed on creation and playing its own music has from this moment started to prepare. So was born JUST4YOU band – a squad which head was directly Yura Just, and its participants were various musicians, djs and are simply those people who anyhow brought the contribution to tracks JUST4YOU band. For two years Yura has collected small and cosy studio at home and has reached successes in objects in view. In March, 2009 on label «Connection Digital» releases his first track – ‘Train to the south’. The album prepares now for release.


Продаю миди-клавиатуру M-Audio Oxygen 61 в отличном состоянии

Продаю миди-клавиатуру M-Audio Oxygen 61 (61 клавиша).

Клавиатура в отличном состоянии, ей почти не поьзовались, пылилась дома около трех лет.

Пыль разумеется вытер :)

Нет коробки, столько времени я их не храню.

Причина продажи - она мне не нужна и занимает место :)


Фотографии и технические характеристики по ссылке:…


Все желающие пишите, обсудим условия.

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22 January 2011 15:03

Серия новых миксов What is!

Совсем скоро серия новых миксов What is! будет доступна для скачивания! Каждый микс будет посвящен отдельному направлению актуальной электронной музыки 2010-2011 года)*

Вся музыка собранная в моих миксах носит исключительно некоммерческий характер и подобрана на мое личное усмотрение, не ориентируясь на какие либо ТОПы и сборники.


What is HOUSE уже доступен для скачивания!


Приятного прослушивания!


Юра Джаст


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6 November 2010 17:37
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Вышел в свет дебютный релиз проекта JUST4YOU band

Наконец свершилась для меня давняя мечта. Вышел в свет первый официальный релиз моего проекта JUST4YOU band. Релиз включает в себя два трека оригинала - Oriental Dream и Arctic Sunrise, и ремикс Makin'а на последний из них. Стилистических рамок как таковых у треков нет, как и у самого проекта JUST4YOU band. Музыка наполнена тонкими эмоциями и вашими мечтами, слушать ее приятнее всего перед сном, с закрытыми глазами)))

Для бесплатного скачивания релиз, увы, разместить не могу.

Но послушать его с моей странички можно в любое время суток и в хорошем качестве.

Буду рад комментариям и отзывам.


Треки размещены в разделе GREEN SNAKE RECORDS…

just4you band - oriental dream
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14 June 2010 17:15
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DJ Romanov & Agent Smith - Senses (YURA JUST remix) в продаже на

10 апреля 2010 года на лейбле Connection Digital Recordings вышел мой официальный ремикс на трек DJ Romanov & Agent Smith - Senses.

Ремикс можно купить во многих магазинах интернет пространства, в том числе и на

Послушать полную версию ремикса в хорошем качестве можно здесь:…

Приятного прослушивания.)

DJ Romanov Agent Smith Senses YURA JUST remix
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29 April 2010 16:57
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