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BER003 Deepfunk - Lunar Modulation EP feedback and support list

Bermudos - this is totally new,rising label, covering the unique sounds of different musical styles.Bright and incomparably fresh sound with unusual rhythms and effects, floating on the border of dark & deep progressive sound to a diverse and exciting techno, as well as an extraordinary display of electronica - this is the main focus of the Bermudos music.

The third release delivered from Malta's superstar - Deepfunk.

Released his first EP in mid 2007 and it's follow up three months later already gaining support from some major Dj's. Joined Stripped Recordings (Stated as label of the year by Sasha) in April ’09 and released another two EP’s and a number of remixes.

Early 2010, Deepfunk was requested to join a new label, Silence Through Music to release a number of original tracks and remixes alongside artists like Way Out West, Charlie May / Spooky, Guy J, Luis Junior, Robert Babicz and more. His tracks are constantly being played and supported by artists like John Digweed, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Sasha and Henry Saiz just to name a few.Deepfunk has played alongside James Holden, Guy J, Charlie May, John Digweed, Dave Seaman, Henry Saiz, Fairmont and Sasha amongst others and has toured Argentina and had other gigs in Netherland and Greece.

Already releasing music on various big labels like Bedrock, Sudbeat, Silence Through Music, Subtract, Mesmeric, Flow and also collaborating with other artists including Kasey Voorn, D-Pen and Marcelo Vasami.

Malcolm keeps himself constantly emerged in the world of electronic music, in the studio, DJing and listening to a wide variety of music to better his sound. Not only impressing the crowd with his productions, he also delivers mind blowing live performances and DJ sets making it sound unique every time.With an ever-expanding career and zest for pushing electronic music forward, Deepfunk is definitely one to watch.

More info:

Managed by De Wachtkamer

Distributed by Proton Soundsystem



(Way Out West, Hope)

Another two crackers from Malc :)

Hernan Cattaneo



Guy J


Coloured circles is my pick , great one by Malcccccc , thnx good luck !

Derek Howell  

(Master Lux Co., microCastle)

great tunes. Really dig Coloured Circles. Thanks!

Eelke Kleijn

 (Outside The Box / GU / Armada / AnjunaDeep |Proton/Frisky radios)

Coloured Circles is the one for me

Cid Inc  

(Bedrock / GU / Proton / Mashtronic / microCastle | Proton Radio)

Coloured Circles is greeat, awesome stuff like always from Malcom.

Luis Junior

(Bedrock, mooseekaa)

very nice!thanks.

Darin Epsilon

(Perspectives, Armada, microCastle, friskyRadio, Perfecto, Black )

I prefer Coloured Circles.  Nice driving energy in this one.

Kassey Voorn

(Bedrock, Cocoon, Sudbeat)

Both great as usual, Coloured Circles my fav! support 


(Tronic, Sino, Soundfate)

Coloured Circles is fantastic

Andrew K

(Vise Versa, GU Music, Anjunadeep, Pure Substance, Babylon)

both are extremely playable, thanks!

Dark Soul Project 

(Sudbeat, Subtract, Baires; FLOW, STM)

coloured circles is really good!! great tune!!!

Progress Inn

(Obstacles Recordings)

We like Coloured Circles :)

Mehmet Akar




Lunar Modulation for me, there's a tormented soul behind that track ;)

Baunder (Soundexile)

(Renaissance - Sudbeat)

Both good, thanks!

Cactus Twisters  


Great release! amazing, thanks.

Sasha Le Monnier  

(Proton,DI.FM,Stripped Digital)

Couloured Circles is lovely and my fav of the two! Thanks :)


(Baroque, BCo, Future Lovers)

Malcolm always bringing up new energy, it's great release! Thanks!

Summer (Brendon Collins)

(Tulipa / Orion / Manual / Konsequenz / Eevonext)

Nice ones

 Sonic Union

(Lowbit, Replug, Anjunadeep)

Hude 3rd release! Malcolm can do nothing wrong it seems! Will guaranted play!

Kosmas Epsilon  

(Epsilon Trax)

very nice e.p., digging coloured circles a lot.


deeepfunk.... always massive :) thanks a lot

Arthur Deep

(Unreleased Digital / Proton / Silk / Toes / Spring Tube | PureFM)

Nice EP, rockin' stuff! Thanks! 

Monaque (serge)

(Get Physical, microCastle)

Love both tunes!



Brilliant EP from Deepfunk, his ideas are magical and productions are quite outstanding. Thanks!

Martin Garcia

Full support. Thanks

Nomad In The Dark

(Hope, Stripped Recordings, Audiotherapy )

Full support. Malcolm makes bombs!

Marcelo Vasami

(Replug-Afterglow-Lowbit-Whose Hause?)

very good ep.malcolm rocks!thanks.

Igor Cold

lunar modulation sounds amazing, thanks Paolo! :) 

David Granha

(Sudbeat, Natura Sonoris, Parquet)

Cograts for the label guys, good release  by Deepfunk!!!


amazing one! fantastic sound, thnx 


(DAR\Stereo Paradise)

Full support!


Support! Great Sound!



Lunar Modulation reminded me some of Moonbeam's works - the bassline, the build-up, the vibe, etc... Sorry, LOL! Coloured Circles grooving our souls! ;-)


(PHW, Media)

Malcolm scores once again, loving the cosmic touch of Lunar Modulation!

Luis Bondio


Coloured Circles is great!Malcom is always amazing! thanks!

Ezequiel Marotte

Coloured circles for me! Great Stuff. thx

Guy Mantzur

(Definitive /Plattenbank/Flow)

The man with the magic is here again

Tech D

(DAR, Manual Music)

awesome, will support. thx a lot



support and chart for Coloured Circles!!!

Yamil Colucci

(Balance Series / Hope Recordings)

Sound really good Malc! thanks!

Kevin Di Serna

(DAR/Subtract/Per-vurt )

Nice sounds, thanks for sharing 

Tim Benjamin

(friskyradio (encore))

great new release , 100% Deepfunk sounds, full support


(Whose Haus, Plattenbank, Lowbit))

great ep, luna modulation is killer thanks :)

Stas Karpenkov

fantastic ep!  nice onethanks :)

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