27 октября 2011г. 
Виталий Кочетков

July 20 is an International Day of Chess. Mankind made up a lot of different games, some of them are gambling, but more often they are intellectual. But only chess has got the real recognition, credibility and huge popularity. In the second half of the twentieth century, the world leaders of this game - Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov, were more popular as media persons than the presidents of many European countries. Chess is not just a game, it is a unique fusion of science, philosophy, the arts and sport. Chess develops a large number of intellectual abilities; they are included in the school curriculum in many developed countries. Vitaliy Kochetkoff - singer-songwriter in the genre of melodic chanson, he devoted more then twenty years of his life to chess. Master of Sports, Vice-champion of Belarus, and Vice-champion of the world among non-professionals in Hastings (2000) - he knows about chess a lot. Now he has a new passion - music, chanson, but he does not forget chess! “For me chess is above all, first of all, it is the fight, the philosophy of combat with the opponent and myself. Chess helped me to train specific and useful in real life “the muscles of the mind”. However, as a creative and vulnerable human being - I felt “imbalance” in my understanding of the world... and at the certain stage of life, I stopped enjoy the winning (to hurt people, opponents)... I wanted to give more “bright and positive”, that is why I give my musical poetry. I “buried the hatchet” - professional sports in chess, and stayed true to the game, as to the good intellectual hobby. On this festive day, I will come to the chess club, my friends and I will open a bottle of good whiskey, recall the past victories... and draw a small friendly “Triad” tournament. By the way, it is a unique combined intellectual events, invented and patented by our club. Each game participant during the total time of ten minutes (with the help of special chess clock) plays by turns the following games: 1. Chess, 2. Checkers, 3. Giveaway checkers. A kind of mini-game. Feelings are indescribable. Good whiskey is welcomed but not mandatory.” Now Vitaliy Kochetkoff completed the work on his new, second in a row, album “Thank you, my heart!” - it will be released this fall at the same time in Belarus and Russia, but with different “features”. It is the fusion of chanson, jazz, reggae, pop songs, but in the final analysis, it is positive and romantic musical world-view of Vitaliy. Michael Dyukov Vitaliy Kochetkoff website: YouTube channel:

Vitaliy Kochetkoff: «Chess - Harmony and Music of Fight...»
Favorite styles: Chillout, Instrumental, Jazz, Psybient, Synth-Pop
Producer, vocalist, Listener, group / joint project since 2011
Location: Belarus, Minsk
Resident: свой дом (Molodechno)
Was just once: NAMM (Moscow)
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