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Create legends about himself. The gods started with this.

Mental illness is not - just a fool. I dreamed about having to change their normal life, but my life was never ordinary. I just didn't notice how it's unusual. Loneliness always seemed to me the most appropriate place. Though it was not a condition, space, room into which I could retire and be the one who actually is. Every time something good happens, every time I think life is getting better, something terrible happens. Here I sit and talk about myself. They say good and bad, but all conversations are reduced to one: I am proud of who I am. Proud to have achieved something. Proud that I was asked to tell us about yourself. But how can I not be proud? I never considered myself handsome. Damn good - Yes. Inside of me - the same young guy. I love my age. Of course, I know who I am, but I also know its drawbacks, and I never thought of that have exceptional mental abilities. Let's just say I have everything I need. Don't make jokes. I love to laugh, but not at all, I forgive the banality, but not vulgar, like to learn new things, meet new people, but what I love most is to surprise yourself more than others. I do not own diplomacy and education, because both are tainted with lies. I'm attracted to extremes. Patience is not my virtue. Sometimes I have a bad mood all day and I don't speak. Don't take my frown to your account. If I did not touch, it will soon pass. I think that with school friends need to be able to say goodbye along with the school. College friends it's time to forget the year after graduation. Buddies from the Internet should stay on the Internet, and God forbid to dig them out. Everything has its time, its place and its expiry date. Love it like the first pants: reviled, rejoiced, raised and dumped. To store them years later with the hope of ever again having to cram them in your ass, naive and stupid. Throw boldly, come new. I like to sleep! And I feel good and the world is safe! Never show compassion, if the person is not asked to take part in his life. I am especially thankful to be able to keep your own style for decades, despite the many changes that have occurred in the fashion world. I always felt a little insecure and believed that in this lies the reason for my anguish. I had difficult moments, but I always saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I have no philosophy, no principles, no convictions. I have only nerves. I'm just not able to elaborate on their views - I can only react. It's nothing personal. I generally don't like anyone. Even if everything will change I will still remain the same...

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