Gena Vasiliev
Main style: Acoustic
Favorite styles: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Electro, Indie rock, Neo-Soul, Soul, Space Disco
Producer, vocalist, poet since 2012
Location: Russia, Monino
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Brooklyn In The House

36 2:42 1  6 PR1 ▲
Dance Pop


Gays,Mothers and Ex Lovers

74 5:06    4 PR0,1 ▲
Art Rock, Ambient

The Lands of Gale

181 3:46    17 PR0,4 ▲
Soul, Blues
59 4:31    13 PR0,3 ▲
Psychedelic breakbeat
114 3:46 3  PR1 ▲
Ambient, Neo-Soul


245 4:03    16 PR1,1 ▲
Vocal Trance, Psybient
135 2:13    11 PR0,8 ▲
Ambient, Neo-Soul
275 2:02    17 PR0,7 ▲
Soul, Blues
183 4:08    10 PR1 ▲
Neo-Soul, Psychedelic rock
259 5:16 1  15 PR5 ▲
Teen Pop, Blues


79 3:31    9 PR0,3 ▲
Ambient, Neo-Soul
The Soul and The Diamonds

Hello! My name is Gena Vasiliev ,but I am also known as The Soul and The Diamonds,a songwriter and an artist.I began writting songs since my childhood and all songs describe the periods of my life.I want to help people by telling the solutions of problems in my songs.So if you really like my songs,for me it's the greatest victory of my life!!!

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The Soul and The Diamonds  15 April 2017 12:10
Hello my beautiful Lililcs) I wanna thank everyone for listening to my songs and my music, it really amazing to watch the growth of the listeners and to tell the truth I never thought that my music will be listened to and it is all because of you , guys) I really love you and thank you one more time for beeing a part of my music journey) I made up my mind to realease the fourth album on the 8th April as I really was under pressure of my own visions. Each album is a par of my life and that part was over ) See you soon Xo Love you XO
Hello, my darlings) This is my channel, where you can see the news about me
Hello my beautiful Lilics) Tomorrow there will be the realese of the first part of my album and in a week the second part will be out) I am so excited about it
I also wanna thank everyone who listens to my music,this means a lot to me
Love you XO
Hello my beautiful Lilics) Thank you for being with me the whole time of my music journey, without you I think I would not be as an artist!
So now I am working on my next album and there will be a film about the whole album, soon you will see it
Love you!XO
Hello my beautiful Lililcs) I wanna thank everyone for listening to my songs and my music, it really amazing to watch the growth of the listeners and to tell the truth I never thought that my music will be listened to and it is all because of you , guys) I really love you and thank you one more time for beeing a part of my music journey) I made up my mind to realease the fourth album on the 8th April as I really was under pressure of my own visions. Each album is a par of my life and that part was over ) See you soon Xo Love you XO
Hello my beautiful Lilics) It has been a long time left since I wrote any news, but I really was too busy. A lot of things happened and a lot of them changed my life so deeply, but I never stopped writing songs for the album. For now, I can not tell you the exact date of release, as I wanna this album to be perfect and it is hard . I wrote about 60 songs for these album and I am still in search of the perfection. But I can tell you that this album will be visual , so each song will have its own video story . I can not wait to show you what I have , but I need more time for this. The album will be realesed in the fourth decade of the 2017 or in the 2018, but I swear it is worth waiting. Thank you for beening with me, for listening to my songs and to the support and kind words . It makes me feel needed and I am happy with this fact.

Love you my beautiful Lilics!!!
P.S : Music in my veins will never die
Love you guys!Some big news soon!Xo
Thank you for being with me!
На земле есть, как минимум, 2 человека, за которых ты готов отдать свою жизнь.
Как минимум, 13 человек по-своему тебя любят.
Единственная причина, по которой, возможно, кто-то ненавидит тебя - это потому, что он/она просто хочет быть на тебя похожим.
Твоя улыбка может осчастливить даже тех, кому ты не нравишься.
Каждую ночь кто-нибудь подумает о тебе перед тем, как лечь спать.
Для кого-то ты значишь всё.
Даже когда ты совершаешь самую большую ошибку в жизни, с этим тоже приходит что-то хорошее.
Когда ты думаешь, что жизнь отвернулась от тебя, посмотри на нее с другого ракурса.
Всегда помни, когда жизнь дает еще один шанс, то у тебя все получится!
Жизнь слишком коротка, чтобы просыпаться утром с сожалениями.
Так что люби людей, которые относятся к тебе правильно, забудь о тех, кто этого не делает, и верь, что всё случается по причине.
Если у тебя появляется шанс - бери его! Если этот шанс меняет всю твою жизнь, позволь этому случиться.
Никто не говорил, что это будет легко. Они просто пообещали, что оно того стоит)
Спасибо огромное за теплые слова поддержки,мне очень приятно слышать такие слова)
Весьма своеобразные и самобытные творения. +, PR значит
Hello my beautiful Lilies) Here there is the new single, and I hope you will like it)XO
Gabriel and Ursula

Just because you love me, it doesn’t mean that you mean this

It was a warm May night, when all the people are about to finish their job or school , and all the teens are gathering together to hang out or to drink alcohol. The sky was very clean and full of gorgeously bright stars. And if you will look the night sky more carefully, you can see them falling down form the home of God.
So at that night Gabriel was walking along the surroundings and didn’t admit the fact he was near the lake. He used to spend all his time studying literature or preparing the reports, but this day was so awesome to sit inside the house, so he made up his mind to ankle a little bit. Besides, his mother was very obsessed with him, that sometimes she was overlooking for him instead of the fact he was nineteen years old.
The pale moon was brightening the lake , and the birds can be listened in the deep forest ,which was not so far from the lake. Gabriel laid down and started counting the stars. When he was tired of doing this, he shut down his eyes and began dreaming of the things he wanted the most in his life.
Suddenly Gabriel heard some whispers not fat from the place he was. As he was very interested in such mysterious things, he began moving forward to the place of non-peace. And then he saw a nice girl who was sitting on her knees and trying not to cry.

- Hey, what’s wrong with you hon.?
She was surprised to see anyone here , but she was also so tired that no one can scare her at that moment.
- I am just picking up the worms for the fishing.
And Gabriel said smiling:
- In the dry ground at night?
- Yap
- Then let me help you to do this faster
- Oh, thank you , but I think I am already done with it
- Then tell me your name, beauty
- Ursula
- Gabriel
- Nice to meet you, Ursula. Lets walk a little. The night is fabulous tonight.
- I don’t mind actually.
And they went to the place Gabriel was lying. They talked about 2 hours and then Gabriel walked her home. That was the begging of their love story.

Two years passed quickly. Gabriel and Ursula were an amazing couple and spent all their free time together. But suddenly Ursula started behaving herself very strange. She was very nervous all the time, crying a lot at nights, had nightmares. The first thing Gabriel had thought of was the cheating on. But it wasn’t an option as she was always with him or at the college.
So one day Gabriel made up his mind to talk about her problems and if she had some of them then to deal with them for once and all. Ursula came home at eight o’clock and he met her at the door of living room.
- Honey, hey! How are you? How is your day ?
- Not bad , sweetie. And yours?
- The same. Well, I thought it would end some day, but right now I need to talk to you.
- About what my darling?
- About your behavior. Do you have someone ? You are always so nervous and crying a lot.
- No, are you crazy. I was always honest with and I would not lie to you. Never.
- Okay , then what’s happening with you? Can I help you?
And then Ursula began crying again, so Gabriel came up to her to cuddle.
- We need to break up
- What?
- I didn’t tell you but I really have some problems. When I was younger, I used to live with my father, who was always drunk. I didn’t say anything to him , as when he was drinking, he was like an animal. So once I came up to the kitchen, for a bottle of water, he began beating me and telling me what the bad daughter he had. I could do anything. And after all this fight he abused me . So after that I had problems with my health, the fears of unsafely life began to appear. And I still can trust the men. I am afraid of all the things which are connecting with sex.
- But I …. I didn’t know honey, if I did, I would never ….
- NO, please, no, just leave me alone
- But I love you, Ursula
- We have done. I am sorry , but I need to deal with myself problems.
And she left the house. Just left.

After two weeks of thinking about Gabriel and her problems at her aunt s house which was in the other town, she realized she loves him, and wants to spend all her life with him. So after college she made up her mind to go to him, to apologize and finally be happy with the man she loved more than her life.
When Ursula came up to his house, and knocked at his door, which she picked up herself, she was surprised the new livers opened it.
- Hey, can you call Gabriel?
- Hey, I am sorry , but I cant.
- Why?
- You don’t know?
- What should I know?
- He is dead, maybe already about eleven days. This house was sold to us, but we also found the letter with the words “To Ursula”. Its said , he was drown with the stone on his neck . and by the way, do you know this girl?
- Yes, I can give this letter to her.
- Thanks. Bye!
To tell the truth she was shocked and didn’t know what to do. She came to her house and opened the letter, and started to cry:

My dear love,

You were the world to me. I even do not know why I am writing this letter, as the word can not describe my love to you. But I will tell you the words of my soul: If I love you , that’s forever.

P.S Don’t forget about your fruit diet, or you will have allergic

She was sitting and crying all night long. And in the hand she was holding the blue right. It was a sigh of love, she missed. It was never-ending love. And this thoughts made her crying with the new power.
Hello guys)I have been missing you since the August, but now I am back, and I have surprise for you for tomorrow)
Guess what it will be)
Here is my new chapter guys)Love you))XO
Chapter Nine:
What are you hiding , The Lake Of Sorrow?

It was long time ago, when there was no lake a t all, and there was a beautiful and huge castle , where the king and the queen were living. Their every-day joys were their children, a son and a daughter . They were as beautiful as the white and red roses were in blooming stage. And near the castle there was a house of old woman , who was said to be wicked witch. But it was people’s thoughts and words, there was no fact or proof.
So one day the children made up their mind to visit that old lady and bring her flowers. But as they were too young and a little bit selfish and spoilt, they decided to pick the poison ivy up and put it at the bottom of the basket and on the top of it were white and red roses.
So they went to her house and knocked on her door. The old lady was surprised to see them , and there was no visits for a very long time. So she let them in. And of course she was so pleased to get a huge basket full of beautiful white and red roses. She laid the basket and went to the kitchen to make cups of teas for little children.
Children were very polite and kind to her , so she made up her mind to cook a pie for them. While it was cooking, the old lady wanted to water the present, and put them into the vase. But when she started put the flowers out, her fingers began covering with blisters , and then she saw a poison ivy in the basket.
She saw the children laughing at it, and it was the begging of disaster. She did not show her anger to them. But she went to the kitchen to finish cooking the pie.
When the old lady served it, children began eating it with the great taste. But then they felt themselves bad , and it was over.
The supper was gone. And the old lady had two roses on her chairs. White and red. She sent it to the castle, and everyone was surprised. It was kind of loss of roles.
The whole kingdom was searching for the kids, but they were never to come back. The witch made a spell on them , so they can be returned. But for some reasons. And after that the old lady ruined the castle with a huge thunderstorm, so the castle was drowned with all people in it, while they were sleeping. It was a massive spell of the powerful witch. So these roses are still in the castle .
Many people tried to find them, but they were eaten with a huge monster, who was defending the treasure of centuries in this lake.

Thank you for listening to my new single,and I am so happy to see that my music really adorable for someone)XO
Soon there will be news )XO
молодец!! Хорошее творчество. Держи от меня +
Спасибо огромное)Мне ваши песни тоже по душе!)
Here is the next chapter from my book)Enjoy it)XO

Chapter Eight:
All Will Pay For Their Sins

It was lovely sunny day, and nothing was about to cause the troubles.The birds were singing songs in the beautiful garden full of red and white roses.
And as usual, Markus sent his raven for the news from his father’s lands. While his servant was looking for some gloriuos news, Markus was walking along his adorable lake. His prehistoric monster liked to entertain his master. The monster was also a guardian of Markus’s secret, which was lying on the bottom of the lake in the grotto of ruined castle.It was hidden intelligently.
So it was about to grow dim, and the Cerberus was still out. And Markus worried about that fact.As his raven was his friend for a very time-consuming years.
There were exhaustive hours of waiting. Finally, Markus saw something was in the air .It was his friend.
As soon as raven landed on his master’s shoulder, he began talking about everything was seen.And Markus was shocked, that everyone forgot about him.But then he started laughing loudly and madly,that even his raven was scared to death.Markus found the way and the reason to pay back to his family for his delusive hopes.He found.
As his brother’s wife would have a baby.Sooner or later,he would vengeance.
This is the track list of my third album The P.L.I.M:

1) Born To Be Strong
2)Disconnected Paradise
3)Woebegone Ghost
4)Hurted Witch
5)Lions and Tigers
6)Violet Lavender
7)Pure Venus
8)Wasting My Young Years
9)Delusive Hopes
10)Mourned Crocodile
11)Aloof Cheshire
12)Whining Child

And there will the deluxe version,which will be consisted of 6 songs)
Here is the next chapter of my upcoming book)Enjoy )XO

Chapter Seven:
Time To Do Some Evil
The time Markus spent in the castle were very productive. He created the house of his own vision. Every thing was lying on the place, where it belonged. And Markus found the room, where his mother was used to do magic. He found her old book with different spells,which were full of black magic. The way he was about to choose was dangerous. But he had nothing to lose.
As he was very lonely, he made up his mind to create a friend. Markus was in love with cats, but the raven could be his eyes and ears. So the raven was called Cerberus.And every day Markus sent Cerberus to fly to the lands of his father.Markus wanted to know the news,the events - everything.And in the midnight the raven came back and told everything he got from those lands.Markus found out that his father was getting better and better,his brother was dating with some girl and she was expecting a baby.And the kingdom looked like they were happy to get rid of Markus.And Markus was smiling.And when he did it, even his close slave Cerberus was afraid of its master,as his smile was like a aloof cheshire.
And day by day Markus became darker and darker.He was planing something horrible. The more he found out the good news from his childhood's lands, the more he spent time on the mother's black book of evil spells.
And it lasted about two years, until one event,which changed everything...
Chapter Six:
Those Days Are Gone
Since Greg began teaching a young Markus how to make a strong spells, two years had passed. For Greg, it was a pleasure to teach Markus, as he was all time alone, and he wanted to give the whole knowledge of magic to the youngster. Markus changed. After such a tragic of his life, he become aloofer and colder, he blamed his father. So it was easy for Greg to teach a boy , who was full of anger and wish of sweet revenge.
So after two years of hard work and studies, Markus left Greg, but promised to come as a guest. He closed the door of the house, and found himself in the middle of the huge forest. He had to find the place to live. And Markus went towards the ruined castle, as it was the only safety and well-known place for him.
He was watching the old castle, and a tear fell from his face. It was his mother’s favorite place. But for now it is a home for a dark wizard. He began spelling , and castle was surrounded with a huge wall of thorns. The lake was full of fish and different magical animals. The biggest one was a monster, who lived about two centuries.
But all the nights Markus heard the voice of a boy. He was crying . Markus made up his mind to find him. And he was surprised to see a whining child. Of course, it was a ghost. But it was his ghost. It was a ghost ,which showed him a picture of the past: a young Markus was playing near the lake, and then he saw a butterfly. A beautiful one. So he wanted to catch it . He watched how it was sitting on the flower, and jumped. But it flew away and his knee was bleeding. So he cried. But then Stefan appeared and cuddled Markus. And then……
The show of his past days were gone . And Markus was standing near the lake with the eyes full of sorrow and tears.
Hello , my beautiful Lilics!I have rather big news)First of all,the new song will be available tomorrow,the sixth single and later it will be a video of this song)Then in Saturday I will show you the track list of my third album)And also you will be sent the next chapter)Finally you will be able to watch a video,Track To Track,where I will be telling you about meanings of my songs)I love you all,thank you for listening to my music,and being a part of my journey)XO
And this is the fifth chapter of my story,where you can try to find my song.XO)
Chapter Five:
The Story of True Love
It was a long time ago.There was no kings or queens in the land,so people lived freely.There was an old school ,which taught to be the ruler of land.It was also a school of magic,whre people were teaching how to control their powers.In such school there was a beautiful blondie girl.Her name was Jolene.She was very kind and smart,had a lot of friends.She was only seventeen ,but she already had a big line of guys,who wanted to be her knight.And she also had a close friend Greg.He was very shy and very sensetive.So they kept in touch quickly.
And Greg was madly in love with her,but she chose the handsome guy Joshua.At first, Joshua liked Greg as her friend,but then he made up his mind to get rid of him.As Joshua knew, that Jolene and Greg were in magic school,he asked one of the Jolene's mates to humiliate Greg.And he did it. Jolene was about to choose between a friend and boyfriend.She never wanted to choose boyfriends,as the friendship is priceless,but Joshua made everything to change her mind.It was a fight of lions and tigers.
So after a few days,Joshua was expeled from the school of magic,and disapeared for a long time.At the same time,Joshua became a king,and she became a queen.The kingdom was on the edge of glory,the lands became one of the richest.But Jolene did not forget about Greg ,she found out later that Joshua was not right.In their big castle ,she created a private room for practising and improving her magic skills.And every time she did magic stuff,she remembered Greg.
But one day it was very windy and the storm was about to start.As it was unusual weather for this land ,everybody was afraid of it.So it happened that the lightning struck into the castle ,and it became ruining piece by piece.So th king decided to move to a new castle.
And it was a real miracle that everyone was safe, but the only one who knew the reason of it,was Jolene.
It were the doings of the person,she used to spend a lot of time with.Who was her friend,soul mate.He leaved in the house between two fallen trees.It was her friend.It was Greg.

Hello my darlings)Here the next chapter from my story)Chapter Four is here)XO

They were in the deep forest,it was getting darker,and the sun had already hidden behind the mountains.Markus went with the stranger until he saw a little house between two fallen big trees.They came in,and Markus found himself around the beautiful animals.A big cat smiled and a mourned crocodile was lying on the thing, this stranger called "zofa".Markus was about to ask the stranger's name,but he did not dare to do it.So he made up his mind to ask about the mourned crocodile.But it seemed like a stranger can read the mind ,and answered immediatly: the crocodile was witnessed to see his family was murdered by the humans.Since that time his eyes are wet ,and he always cries if sees the human.This is was hard for Markus to hear about the family.But he was a fighter.It was his first impression of this stranger.It was only the biggining.
So after this little conversation the stranger outed ,and Markus was left alone.No,he was with never-ending to cry crocodile and sickly smiling cat ,who was a mix of violet and black colors.But it did not matter for him at all.He felt like his emotions were leaving.
A stranger finally came back with the supper.It was a dear ,a young one.So after supper the stranger began talking:" I wanna help you to move on and to make you one of the greatest black wizards in our lands,as your mother was.But she was kind and pure,and she was a good one.By the way , my name is Greg." Markus was about to ask Greg about him more,but after these words, Greg went to bed ,and fell asleep.
For Markus , it seemed like he had already heard this name.And suddenly he remembered.
Hello, my beautiful Lilics!I would like to say thank you for being with me,as I really feel your support and thank for making me happy)And yes,I am not tired of telling you this,as it really makes me happy.Soon you will be able to read the Chapter Four ,whic is connected with my album,and there will be two songs in it:one is Mourned Crocodile and the other you should find.It will be the last single,until the summer ,as I need to deal with some issues.I also will have a perfomance day on the 1st of May in my town.It will be private,but I will represent this new single in the close company of mine.I hope there will be a video from this day)See you soon)XO
Here it is the third chapter of the book ,which is connected with album)Enjoy it)
Chapter Three:
Love Me or Leave Me
It was a huge chaos in the head of Markus.He was running towards the going-away sun,where the horizin ends.He wanted to know, that the lover of his life was alive,that he can hold his hands again,that their lips will be touching over and over again.For Markus, the hope was everything and even more.It dies at last.
Finally,Markus was near the bridge, which leads to the castle's gates.But it was dangerous to go straight ahead to the place, where it was killing. Suddenly he heard the gates were opening and Markus made up his mind to hide behind the big old oaks.And what he was witneesed made his dry eyes become an oasis full of salt water.It was him: the king's soldiers threw him to the poweful stream of the river, which goes to the lake ,near the old ruined castle,where The King Joshua used to live at fisrt.So Markus decided to go to the castle,which was beloved by his beautiful mother Jolene.Running through the forests, he was afraid of nothing: wild animals or solitaire dark wizards.He was obssesed with one thing:to see his lover for the last time.
It was getting darker and darker with every minute.But he was about to reach the point.Markus saw the edge of ruined castle's tower and the body of his dead lover.He came up,and the eyes of Stefan were opened.His blue eyes used to haunt Markus every day,after death did not lose its function.Markus fell on his knees and moved Stefan out of the water to the ground and just laid down on Stefan's chest.He was crying.No,he was blubbering , that the pack of wolves were watching him from the cliff of a high hill.Markus was on the edge of his emotions,which he seldomly showed to anyone else.He was repeating the apologies for being so stupied,and not being careful for him.And then,at last he said:" You used to be my everything,I was as close to you as we had one breath for two.I will never be happy again, as I lost the only thing I cared about.You will always be in my heart.I will be all right.Not for now.But soon.As you said:"The birds will fly again,even with the broken wings"".And with these words, Markus began crying again.
And suddenly someone he heard the phase,he rememberd forever:"The hurted witch - The powerful one".He turned his head and saw the man.With huge hock.With the raven on his shoulder.Markus was about to ask who he was,but the stanger answer: " I am the one, who will teach you how to be strong".And they went to the man's house,as Markus had no idea where to go.He was homeless.As the only place he felt like home was the Stefan's heart.
Hello, my beautiful Lilics) Here is the second chapter ,where you should find the song from my new album)Love you all)

Never Let Me Go
The disaster began about three years ago. After queen’s death the kingdom had the heaviest times ever. The King Joshua was almost in the castle, mostly in bed, as he refused to admit the solitude of his last days. He was ill, and day by day he was getting worse. So all he was supposed to do is teach his eldest son, Adam, how to deal with the kingdom’s duties. Adam grew up in a tall handsome man with huge arms full of strength and dexterity, big blue eyes could fascinate everyone in this world. He was only 20 years old, but he was smart and was keen on hunting. He had really amazing relationship with his father. Adam was beloved son. But it is hard to say the same about Markus.
Markus was 17 years old .The beauty of his face was out of the question. He was just a thin guy with the eyes ,which were darker than the deepest night. He like reading books, painting pictures of nature and animals, but the real gift of God he got from his mother was the voice. It was so high and pure, that when he was singing ,it had seemed all the blackbirds, nightingales and sweet robins were gathering together to listen to this god-blessed voice. Most of the time, Markus was with his friend Stefan, the son of the royal cooker, Lily. As the king Joshua forgot about his son, Lily took an important part in raising this poor boy. Since Markus was four, Lily always took him to her house and while she was cooking for the royal family, Markus and Stefan were playing together as the brothers. It was not easy for her at first, but Markus was like his mother, an innocent boy, so Lily found the way of getting well with him. So since that time Stefan and Markus were Lily’s chicks.
Adam was always busy with the doings , his father gave to him, so he had no free time even to see Markus, or to support him, or even just to say hello.
Firstly, Markus was really disappointed at this fact, but he found the support in Stefan’s face. So all his time Stefan helps Markus to heal his wounds. Stefan was muscled guy with pure heart. He found the lost soul and tried to fix it. Markus’s eyes were telling more than words. So it happened that they became more than just friends. The love comes when you are not expecting it, as you know. When the night was cruel, and it was hard to fall asleep, Markus was screaming while sleeping. And Stefan was his remedy, his pill from these panic attacks, from the constantly dropping tears.
Let’s go back to the tragic moment of their lives. It was sunny day with no-cloud sky. They were lying on the fresh green field full of beautiful cornflowers. Looking at the sky under the big oak, their hands were twisted like the bindweed do it on the abandoned house. It was their favorite place.
Suddenly the soldiers came up to them, and Stefan was caught. Markus was shocked and tried to help his love, but the massive arm of the royal soldier hit him and the weakness and shining stars made him fall. He found himself in the same field under the tree he used to love to be, bleeding and lost. It was early morning ,the sun was rising so slowly.Markus stood up and heard the sounds of tube. The tears were falling down from his face, but the first thoughts came to his mind: “I wasted my young years for nothing. I lost my mind. Where is my heart? “ He got everything . The tube said more than the anybody.
Ребята ! Необычайно тепло здесь !
Please support Kesha,she needs your help in her case#FreeKesha
Here it is a chapter from the book,which is connected to my new album,all you need to do is read and find the title of the song in it)Good luck ,my beautiful Lilics!XO
The Beginning of Disaster
This story happened many centuries ago. Once upon a time there was a land full of miracles. Every house was smoothed in bindweed and red roses. The trees were as high as the mountains. And in the middle of the forest there was a huge and beautiful castle with mysterious past. It was the castle, where The King Joshua The Third was ruling the kingdom. And the name of this kingdom was The Mossland. This land had fertile soil, so every year it was a rich crop. The summers here were the hottest ones and the winters were the coldest ones. People were very kind and bland, so if someone was in a trouble , everybody was ready to help. Every man and woman were in contact with nature and especially with the animals. Wolves, foxes, deers ,hares and other animals were not aggressive, as they have food everywhere. The castle was surrounded with high mountains and was connected with the villages and towns by the bridge ,as the deep and wide river separates it.
The royal family was not the huge one. The king Joshua The Third had a wife ,who was younger than him, but was very smart and beautiful. Her name was Jolene. She bore him the two sons. The first son was Adam . He was so pretty. And the second one was Markus. While the second bearing , Jolene wasted away, and it was the biggest loss for the king and for the whole kingdom. His love to her was the most powerful in the world, so he couldn’t get married for the second time.
Many years had passed since the death of the queen Jolene. It was the heaviest time for the King and his sons. The king’s behavior became stranger and his mind got weaker and weaker day by day. His elder son Adam grew up and now he was a handsome guy with huge arms and charming smile. He was only seventeen year old, but he looked like a grown up man. Most of the time he spent with the father who taught him a great number of things like hunting and playing cards. Adam was his heir. So Joshua started learning Adam how to deal with kingdom’s doings.
The Queen Jolene gave the birth to two beautiful flowers. They were born to bloom ,born to be strong and the king had to water and care of them. He did it with one flower , but he forgot about another one. So it began to fade ,but something helped it to survive and become more beautiful…
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