I became interested in music in the 93-94th year. First favorite group: "Комбинация". Next, I switched to techno-dance, a la 2 Unlimited. In the 95th I heard DJ Sukhov’s programs on the Europa Plus radio: "Dance Show" and "Marlboro Music Dancing Club". The characteristic sound of these programs at that time was as follows:

house: Mister Monday - Future (See Da Future Mix)
trance: Crossbreed - The 7th L
hardcore: DJ Sim - Straight Of The Dancefloor

At first, I found this sound simply strange and funny. But, after several programs, I was absolutely imbued with this music. From that moment, music became the meaning of my life. There was no Internet in those years, it was possible to buy interesting music in a store, but not enough. Therefore, the main source of information for me was radio programs. Such as the "Garage" on Europe Plus radio, as well as "Luna-44", "Music without words" and "Exotica" on Radio of Russia. Thanks to the last three, my musical interests went beyond dance-oriented music:

IDM: Species Of Fishes - [Esc]
ambient: X-Dee - Delta Modulation

In the 95th, 96th years, I constantly discovered something new. It seemed that further would be even more interesting. I was mistaken, it didn’t become more interesting. In the 97th I did not hear a good trance and hardcore, the techno went in the direction of simplification to loop several banal samples. Yes, a new thing has appeared in house music: deep and jazzy house, speed garage. But, this new, in my opinion, did not compensate for the lost.

In subsequent years, degradation continued. Then I was not completely sure of this. I thought that I simply do not have access to good music, because I get information mainly on the radio, and if I lived anywhere in Europe or the United States, I would go to any music store and go out with a full bag of great records. No, I would go out with nothing or almost nothing. Now, this is obvious to me.

The current state of music is deplorable. Where there was a healthy living body, small-caliber worms are now operating. Of course, sometimes masterpieces are still born, but this does not change the overall picture.

I see two causes of degradation:

A particular reason (technical) is the transition from analog sound synthesis to digital imitation.
The global reason is the submission of the general laws of nature. Аll phenomena in this world (celestial bodies, living organisms, cultural phenomena) go through all stages of development: occurrence, flowering and destruction.


24 111:55    17 PR0,4 ▲
Psy Trance, House
13 114:43    16 PR0,4 ▲
Trance, House
10 104:25    7 PR0,6 ▲
House, Downtempo
6 119:03    10 PR0,3 ▲
Trance, House
17 110:18    5 PR0,1 ▲
Techno, Pop
15 87:45    9 PR0,2 ▲
House, Funk
2 104:23    6 PR0,2 ▲
House, Experimental
7 91:57    7 PR0,2 ▲
House, Hardcore
12 101:49    8 PR0,2 ▲
House, Drum & Bass
37 101:53    18 PR0,9 ▲
Techno, Ambient
26 105:48    2 PR0,1 ▲
House, Experimental
10 112:30    1 PR0 ▲
House, Intelligent
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