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Авторское Шоу с Романом МельмонТ Говори Музыкой на TF6 Radio Polaris - Behind a Closed Door (Hospital Records) (Январь #5) #5  PR 0,8 ▲      
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Styles: Drum & Bass, Intelligent
Duration: 84:59
BPM: 85 – 100
Size: 584.6Mb
Source: CDJ
Recording: 8 January 2021
Publication: 10 January 2021 17:37

Was recorded in TF6 Radio Station Jerusalem.
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Музыкальный очерк от Polaris — За закрытой дверью (Hospital Records)
На TF6 Radio Station

В то время как Торонто уже давно известен более жесткой стороной драм-н-бэйс музыки, родившийся в Румынии, получивший классическое образование Polaris выдвигает на первый план совершенно иное звучание. В то же время меланхоличный и обнадеживающий, ликующий и задумчивый, он создал музыкальную идентичность, которая возвышает драм-н-бейс в кинематографическом масштабе. После того, как он поднялся в рядах DnB сцены Торонто, в 2016 году он вышел на мировую арену. Его плодотворное творческое партнерство с торонтским другом, Schematic, привело к выпуску «NBD» на Inner City Dance и «Please Don’t» и «Bring the Heat» на Technique Recordings, который также выпустил совместную работу со Stranjah, « Водолей». Компания Hospital Records также сыграла важную роль, поставив два трека Polaris на свой EP «Future Sound of Canada», вызывающий мурашки по коже шторм с Schematic, «Conduit» и его авторский трек «The Light In Your Eyes», который войдет в десятку лучших Hospital треков 2016 года. В завершение года Med School включила его «Found You» в свой «New Blood 2016 LP». Он снова присоединится к «Schematic» на пластинке Technique «Summer 2017» LP с «So Long», а также к паре трэков 2018 года, «City Life» на Inner City Dance, и «Sculpture» на пластинке Hospital «Sick Music 2018». Лейбл также выпустил величественную мелодию Polaris «Blue Sky Thinking» на LP «Hospitality in the Park 2018»,а также две мелодии для их саундтрека к видео игре Forza Horizon, «Lessons Learned» и «Empire». Сейчас, усердно работая над сольным EP, поклонникам сочных, вызывающих восторг от drum-n-bass есть что предвкушать в следующем году и в дальнейшем.
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Musical Essay from Polaris - Behind a Closed Door (Hospital Records)
On TF6 Radio Station

While Toronto has long been known for the grittier side of drum-n-bass music, the Romanian-born, classically trained Polaris brings an altogether different sound to the fore. At once melancholy and hopeful, jubilant and wistful, he has forged a musical identity that elevates drum-n-bass on a cinematic scale. After rising in the ranks of the Toronto DnB scene, he entered the global awareness in 2016 in grand fashion. His fruitful creative partnership with fellow Torontonian, Schematic, would see the release of their “NBD” on Inner City Dance, and “Please Don’t” and “Bring the Heat” on Technique Recordings, which also released his collaboration with Stranjah, “Aquarius”. Hospital Records came knocking as well, putting two Polaris tracks on their “Future Sound of Canada” EP, his goose bump-inducing stormer with Schematic, “Conduit”, and his own “The Light In Your Eyes”, which would go on to be voted one of the top ten Hospital tracks of 2016. To cap off the year, Med School included his “Found You” on their “New Blood 2016 LP”. He would link up with Schematic again on the Technique “Summer 2017” LP with “So Long”, as well as a pair of tracks in 2018, “City Life” on Inner City Dance, and “Sculpture” on Hospital’s “Sick Music 2018” LP. The label also released the majestic Polaris tune, “Blue Sky Thinking” on the “Hospitality in the Park 2018” LP, as well as two tunes for their soundtrack to the video game Forza Horizon, “Lessons Learned”, and “Empire”. Now hard at work on a solo EP, fans of lush, evocative drum-n-bass have much to anticipate in the next year and beyond.
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Where did the name Polaris come from:

The story is not that great to be honest. Many years ago one of my good friends was thinking of creating a band and calling it Polaris. Then she ended up doing other things and starting a family so I ended up taking the name over instead.

The light in your eyes was written about a girl I was seeing a few years ago. She had incredibly bright beautiful eyes and I guess it inspired me to write that song. No we are not together.

Where do you get inspiration?:
All around me things are constantly changing and shifting. I usually do a lot of motorcycle riding during the summer months and the places I discover boost my creativity a lot. Also when things happen in my life I tend to have a spurt of creativity and sometimes write music everyday for weeks at a time. Sometimes full songs, sometimes just bits and pieces.

DJs and producers I admire:
Seba is probably my number 1 drum and bass producer.. Naibu, Alaska is another big one, Calibre, Nelver, Keeno and Makoto are probably among my top favorite producers. I listen to a lot of ambient music as well.. Fading Language, Synkro etc. I could go on and on.

Are you working on a solo album:
I can't say too much but there are talks between myself and a certain label for an album yes. But right now they're just talks. Nothing solid yet.

Lessons Learned:
This song was quite frankly about dealing with loving someone that was dealing with addiction issues. It was a very exhausting process and probably one of the most difficult times in my life. I am a very compassionate and caring person so its difficult for me to ignore people in pain and in need of help but the lesson to learn here fortunately enough was that you can't let yourself drown with the people around you if they don't want to help themselves, because at that point you're exhausting all of your resources on someone who is never going to try to get better and be okay. You have to draw the line somewhere and writing that song for me was drawing the line.
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