Russia, Saint Petersburg
Popular Russian DJ from St. Petersburg.
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
4 +1
Russia, Moscow
DJ & sound producer from Moscow
16 March 2019, Ikra (Kostroma)
5 -1
6 +6
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Pskov
8 -2
Belarus, Minsk
9 -1
Russia, Georgievsk
Music - it is the mind, embodied in the beautiful sounds. it captures and pierces the whole body, and a reflection of my mixes dushu.Moi chuvst. Love and be loved. Thank you very much to all. Thanks for the top one hundred rebyat.Ochen appreciate.
10 -1
Russia, Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)
11 -1
Russia, Pyatigorsk
MUZHETSKY(MUZHETSKY)Top Russian DJ and MC is actively promoting in the country all that is connected with the Brazilian sound,as well as G-HOUSE and BASS HOUSE
12 -1
Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
Russia, Tyumen
14 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
15 -1
Russia, Kirov
17 +9
Russia, Orenburg
Dj and the musician specializing in styles Houe, Tech-house, Progressive-house, Future-house. Deep-house.
18 +2
Russia, Moscow
Rakurs is a musician, DJ with a great experience of a young DJing school. His style is a trend of development of modern music. His work is played in virtually every club in Russia and in the CIS countries. Also his material was in rotation on many radio stations such as Radio Record, DFM, Radio Energy, Kiss FM.
19 -1
Russia, Ekaterinburg
20 -1
Russia, Evpatoriya
Atmospheric club!!!!
21 +1
Russia, Moscow
22 -5
Russia, Moscow
23 -2
Russia, Irkutsk
DJ Feza - One of the best and popular DJ's in Irkutsk and the region.
24 -1
Ukraine, Kiev
25 -1
Russia, Moscow
26 +1
Russia, Moscow
God Is A DJ
27 -2
Russia, Moscow
Uzbekistan, Samarkand
Good music needs to be developed and evaluated. But some do not have the opportunity to develop it, but there is a talent and a desire!
FASHIXNKILLA (Vladislav Stukan) - DJ and the author of remixes. Actively gaining popularity is an artist born in Ukraine, who for his career was able to achieve significant success and perform in many clubs in the countries of the European Union and Ukraine. He is the author of the top radio show "GODDAMN". At the moment, the total number of listeners and subscribers on the Internet is more than one hundred thousand. Member of the creative association - Dirty Station Records (Kiev, Ukraine)
Russia, Norilsk
Russia, Langepas
I can't get enough! No, no, no, no!
Russia, Izhevsk
I am very glad that I heard the world! I wish everyone only good, I consider myself an abnormal person, but everyone who knows me personally ... they think that I'm an intelligent person through a chur!
United States, Los Angeles
DJ, producer based in Los Angeles.
All colours of house music
Russia, Moscow
Russia, CHaikovskii
37 +1
Russia, Belgorod
38 -1
Russia, Novosibirsk
39 +1
Russia, YAroslavl
40 -1
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii
43 +1
Ukraine, Konotop
44 -1
BOOKING – kiwelidi@ya.ru REMIX REQUEST – kiwelidi@ya.ru
45 +2
46 -1
Russia, Pereslavl-Zalesskii
47 +2
Russia, Kurgan
DJ / MC / REMIXER / SOUND MAKER / SOUND PRODUCER - Many years of experience on the stage. Each performance is something unusual. Submission of material and interaction with the public will not leave anyone indifferent. P.S. It's not advertising if that)
Russia, Vladivostok
49 +8
Ukraine, Kremenchug
My name is Moon Shot! And this is My House!
50 +3
Russia, Tuapse
51 +7
Russia, Moscow
52 +2
Russia, Moscow
53 -3
Producing his own distinctive Power House Genre, Styline is taking on an innovative role in the electronic music scene, aligning his characteristic sound right in-between the mainstream and the underground.
54 -2
Russia, Astrahan
55 -4
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
Rumania, Bucuresti
57 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Tim Gorgeous - Sound-Producer, Photo Model and DJ. St-Petersburg, Russia. Clubmasters Records Artist. Primary Music Genres: House, Deep, Nu-disco, Indie Dance. Secondary Genres: Electro, Future, Big Room, Progressive House.
58 +3
59 +3
Russia, Pskov
60 -5
Russia, Moscow
You are listening to FRED & MYKOS in the mix!
61 -1
Russia, Moscow
62 +2
Belarus, Mosty
63 -17
Russia, Saint Petersburg
64 +7
Russia, Moscow
65 +2
Russia, Kirov
DJ, musician and artist. His subtle flair and passion for the mixing of styles makes special every new track, a remix and mix.
66 -3
Russia, Moscow
67 +5
Russia, Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)
68 -3
69 -1
Russia, Petrozavodsk
70 -1
Russia, Moscow
71 -1
A young, talented musician and sound producer from Belarus under the name of Alexander House. With two thousand and ten got interested in electronic music. Since December two thousand and thirteen started to test himself in the role of a musician, and to take the first steps in creativity. Currently makes from original tracks hits.
72 +4
Russia, Nahodka (Primorskii krai)
73 +7
Ukraine, Kiev
74 -1
Russia, Vorkuta
Just love music and I try to apply it as I can.Not judge strictly I'm just an amateur. Thanks to all who are interested in my work!
75 -1
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
76 +6
Russia, Irkutsk
Krasilnikov SK, DJ, producer. Podcast L-Music. Bass House, UK House, Jackin'.
77 +2
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
78 +17
Russia, Moscow
79 +4
80 -5
Dj and Sound Producer, known as the D 'Luxe. Actively engaged in writing of his tracks and remixes, collaborating c many foreign labels such as: ZULU RECORDS (UK) BROOKLIN FIRE (USA) PRISON ENTERTAINMENT (LONDON) DROP LOW RECORDS (MEXICO)
81 new
Russia, Tolyatti
Writing a pleasure : )
82 +2
Russia, Rybinsk
G-house, Bass House!!!
83 -5
Russia, Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)
84 +2
Russia, Krasnokamensk
85 +2
Lithuania, Mazeikiai
86 +2
Russia, Tolyatti
87 -2
Russia, Naberezhnye CHelny
88 +1
Russia, Miass
I love to configure the positive mood of his audience=)
89 -12
Russia, Moscow
90 +1
Belarus, Minsk
DJ with good commercial taste that Umet shake even the most demanding music lovers and keep them up all night in the same breath, bathing in the sea of ​​positive emotions of their music! It Jenia Smile prefers Deep House, House, Club House, Trap, R'N'B and Moombahton, using the mixes only the freshest, colorful and positive tracks!
91 -1
Russia, Moscow
92 +5
Russia, Irkutsk
93 +5
Russia, Buzuluk
94 -1
Russia, Moscow
95 +4
Russia, Nahodka (Primorskii krai)
Music dont lie!
96 -2
Russia, Moscow
97 -5
Russia, Moscow
DMC Mikael (Vasilyev Mikhail) – the DJ, the musician, MC. "Quite young, but quickly growing" Plays in popular and demanded Mash Up style." Throughout all set works with a microphone that gives to public even more drive and positive emotions. More than a half of the music-set plays only the author's tracks and remixes. Resident of a musical label of "Fresh Records"
98 -2
Russia, Angarsk
99 new
Russia, Berezniki
100 new
Russia, Dzerzhinsk
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