Russia, Moscow
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
4 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
5 +1
Russia, Orenburg
Dj and the musician specializing in styles Houe, Tech-house, Progressive-house, Future-house. Deep-house.
6 -2
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Belarus, Minsk
According to the results of the outgoing year Dj RATEK occupies the first position in the styles: Electro-House, Future House, Dutch House, Electro Progressive, Progressive House for all countries, and is also the best DJs of the Belarusian version PromoDJ Every week program "VIP Electro" comes to FM and Internet radio stations.
Russia, Saint Petersburg
10 +4
Estonia, Tallinn
DJ Baloo (DJ, Show-man, Radio DJ, PR-manager, organizer, music producer, composer, singer, author texts, graphic designer (BALOO M.A.N. Studio) in its studio records music projects, are created copyright music work, remixes and processing Mush Up)
Russia, Moscow
13 +2
14 -4
DJ, musician and artist. His subtle flair and passion for the mixing of styles makes special every new track, a remix and mix.
15 -2
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
18 +2
Russia, Ust-Ilimsk
Perfect music is silence, and musicians are engaged in creating a beautiful framework around this perfection.
19 -1
Russia, Moscow
20 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Krasnoperekopsk
I write music for the pleasure of the audience, the music keeps our heart, because it is everywhere ;)
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
Russia, Velikie Luki
The power of the bass
25 +1
Ukraine, Odessa
26 -1
Russia, Pereslavl-Zalesskii
30 +1
Born and raised in New York City now residing in Greece. Dj/Producer/Club Owner Check out my latest project called Lost Tribes-Fauda
31 +1
Russia, Krasnodar
South Sound Only
32 -2
Ukraine, Kiev
33 +16
Ukraine, Nikolaev
34 -1
Russia, Moscow
35 -1
Russia, Moscow
36 new
37 -2
Belarus, Bobruisk
38 -2
Russia, Moscow
DJ Peretse - the best speedmixer and megamix-maker of Russia, resident of radio Record, the highest rated DJ according to the PromoDJ version, producer of the radio show Megamix and WakeUp Mix on Record radio and NRJ Megamix on radio Energy, resident of the biggest club in the world - Privilege (Ibiza), popular electronic producer official collaborations with top international and Russian artists (Deep Purple, Emin etc)
39 -2
Ukraine, Kiev
House Sound Producer, DJ and Remix Maker, KISS FM UKRAINE Resident
40 -1
Ukraine, Zaporozhe
41 -3
Russia, Rubcovsk
42 -2
Russia, CHeboksary
43 -1
Ukraine, Kirovograd
44 -3
Russia, Irkutsk
I love music! writing music!)
45 -2
Russia, Uhta
Love life began on earth! Music gave the soul! Music is all May her life I breathe, live and contemplate.
46 -2
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
47 -2
Germany, Hamburg
48 -1
Not seek to what the special, apparently so not very all here is this here is)). It so happens that if you do not sit in the fruit for a long time, then I can create something good:)
49 -3
Russia, Uiskoe
Musician & remixer. I'm creating music for myself and for my fans. Music is my life, and I'm trying to put my own feelings into every composition I create. I prefer melodic and positive music at the same time, but I also like experiments.
50 -2
Russia, YUzhno-Sahalinsk
Ukraine, Zaporozhe
52 -2
Russia, Magnitogorsk
Dima Isay is an experienced DJ who has taken a great interest in club music since the zero years. Every time he works on a project he invests a part of himself. Actively participates in parties. Dmitry perfectly feels the music of completely different styles, from NU-Disco to Tech, Commercial House to EDM and all this allows him during his set to create an absolutely insane house cocktail, leaving no one indifferent.
53 -1
Russia, Astrahan
54 -1
Russia, CHulman
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
56 +21
Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Dj-Onion is a musician, dmc, creator of many quality music tracks and a positive mood engine on any party. He is a resident of many famous clubs and bars in Tashkent, and a constant guest of еvents in the CIS countries. A professional DJ and a talented soundproducer, who dedicated music to most of his life.
57 -1
Sweden, Stockholm
58 -4
Russia, Ulyanovsk
59 +3
Russia, Kogalym (Tyumenskaya obl.)
60 +4
Ukraine, Kremenchug
My name is Moon Shot! And this is My House!
61 -4
Russia, Saint Petersburg
62 -4
63 -2
Ukraine, Luck
64 +4
It’s a new wave of sound!
65 -6
Record Future House
66 -1
67 -1
Russia, Omsk
68 -8
Russia, Moscow
DJ & sound producer from Moscow
today, Pioneer DJ Studio (Moscow)
69 +3
Russia, Vladimir
Russia, Lyubercy
72 +1
Ukraine, Odessa
73 -10
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Anton Liss – successful and talented musician, а producer and а dj from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. His tracks and remixes are issued on records-labels, such as: Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound. Successfully combining creativity with tour activity, Anton Liss has visited many cities of Russia and Europe with performances.
74 +2
Russia, Holmsk
Estonia, Tallinn
Talented DJ and the musician from Estonia. I play music seven years
76 -7
Ukraine, Mariupol
77 +1
Croatia, Dubrava
78 +2
JONVS - TOP DJ, remix maker and producer of numerous tracks and remixes that are taking over the dancefloors and radio stations all over the world!
79 -5
Russia, Nizhnii Tagil
Instrumental and experimental tracks. Dubstep. Chillout. Trance. House.
80 -1
Russia, Moscow
81 +1
82 +1
Russia, Moscow
83 -2
Ukraine, Ivano-Frankovsk
Italy, Positano
85 +1
86 -1
Try myself in different directions of electronic music.
87 new
United Kingdom, London
Music is like a sixth sense and i just really love music and find it inspirational. Maybe I want to convey that same kind of feeling.
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Popular Russian DJ from St. Petersburg.
89 -2
Russia, Barnaul
My music is sweet happiness
90 +2
Russia, Moscow
91 +2
92 +3
Russia, Vladimir
93 +3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
94 +4
Ukraine, Doneck
95 +4
96 +1
Ukraine, Harkov
A guy who tries to make music. Now I make modern EDM sound, highly influenced by trap/dubstep, electro and pop, complementing bigbeat and old-school vibes and experimenting with different electronic styles in search of my own sound.
97 +3
Russia, Moscow
98 -8
Russia, Birobidzhan
99 -5
Russia, Nyandoma
In total that I write, in respect of tracks and remixes, becomes only for the sake of my listeners, and my country
100 new
Moldova, Kishinev
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