Russia, Moscow
Music is beautiful! Lyrics-wise. Dancing - funny! Style is eclectic!
Russia, Moscow
Atmosphere, distant worlds, earth, dreams and dreams, implicitly, fantasy. Good and Evil, neighbors nearby. All this - in my music. Exceptional live recordings, without patterns and patterned rhythms. Space opens its arms to join as soon!
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
Russia, Kogalym (Tyumenskaya obl.)
Russia, Penza
Russia, Moscow
Syberian Beast - a Russian musical project which exists since two thousand twelve year due to Svyat Rozhkov
Russia, Syktyvkar
8 +1
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
9 -1
Russia, Aprelevka
Russia, Nizhnii Tagil
Instrumental and experimental tracks.
11 +1
Russia, Simferopol
12 -1
Russia, Vyborg
Russia, Staryi Oskol
A mixture of styles, the use of instruments not specific to certain areas. Extension of boundaries.
Russia, Moscow
Hello everyone !!! This is a group of "Naked Hans". We mix all styles of music, are not in place and thoroughly engaged in the quality of the recording. Retrieved from tools interesting and unique sounds . Our texts are characterized by perversion and directness, combined with real life. Listen to the band "Naked Hans" and we will continue to delight you with its unusual music!
Russia, Krasnodar
The Art Of Sampling
Russia, Astrahan
Creative solutions & original performance.
Russia, Komsomolsk-na-Amure
20 +1
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
21 -1
Russia, Sevastopol
22 +2
Russia, Hanty-Mansiisk
23 -1
Russia, Rylsk
kach - simple Russian guy who went into the world of music , fascinated complex bass sounds and broken rhythms he choose drum & bass and a lot of experimenting!
24 +1
25 +1
Russia, Bryansk
26 +3
Russia, Elektrostal
27 -4
Russia, Ekaterinburg
Russia, Moscow
29 +3
Russia, Novosibirsk
WereWOLF in the town is a musician, an artist and modest writer with really original and unique style. All facets of his creative nature found the place in different arts. One of the sides of wereWOLF's creative personality is creating truly unusual experimental music. Welcome to the world, filled of unstoppable fun and some kind of madness!
30 +1
Russia, Moscow
Mood, emotions, sounds!
31 -1
Russia, Ekaterinburg
Deep, Tech & Progressive House. Discography: over one hundred singles and remixes, two albums. Over seven hundred DJ appearances all across Russia. National radio- and club project «Russian Cybernetics». FlipCube Records. «Flip The Cube!» podcast.
30 June 2017, Maccheroni (Ekaterinburg)
32 +1
Russia, Petrozavodsk
Music of different styles and trends.
33 +1
Russia, Norilsk
34 new
35 +8
Russia, Tolyatti
36 -1
Russia, Simferopol
37 -1
Russia, Moscow
38 -11
Russia, Ivanovo
My musical preferences are concentrated mainly at the crossroads of electronic and rock music with a definite influence of "broken" rhythms,bright drum parts and original guitar riffs,and interesting,memorable melodies and charismatic vocals.
39 -1
Russia, Moscow
40 -3
Russia, Volgograd
Russia, Komsomolsk-na-Amure
42 -3
Russia, Moscow
Musical experiments - this is my everything! I like to combine incompatible. I like contrasts, honesty, nature. Use of concurrent international texts in their songs in German, Chinese, Spanish and Russian languages.
43 -3
Russia, Volgograd
44 +5
Russia, Voronezh
45 -1
Russia, Saratov
I would want that my tracks were not just a copy of similar tracks and what interesting,unusual and something new.)
46 -4
Russia, Habarovsk
47 -2
Russia, Volgograd
48 -2
Russia, Novosibirsk
You are what you listen to!
49 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
50 -3
Russia, Pervouralsk
Have a nice day and charged overnight !
51 -1
Russia, Sochi
52 -1
Russia, Moscow
53 +3
Russia, Moscow
54 -2
Russia, Moscow
Musician, composer of experimental music. His new direction Experemental drum which includes elements of drum&bass,dubstep,neurofunk and drumstep. All his works are successfully included in the directory MixBANK Atlantic Records (Warner Music)
55 -1
56 -3
Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
Since childhood, fascinated by synthesizers. The real ones - with wood frames and handles) Therefore, becoming an adults engaged in collecting them. As a musician, started under the name of "Industry Instability" - then I worked daunting electronic machines, however, a few decent songs then I"ve managed to create.. Now I try to weave sound of old and new musical devices into a modern sound, along with virtual tools and libraries of sounds. Recording our own hip-hop tracks with the young guys.
57 -2
Russia, CHeremshan
Russia, CHelyabinsk
Hello! I present to you my musical project EgregorSSound. I create electronic instrumental music and would love to share it with you. Immerse yourself in the EgregorSSound, feel new emotions and get your piece of inspiration. Thank you, always glad to see you!
59 -2
60 +7
Russia, Krasnodar
Russia, Neryungri
Alone in the Dark...
Russia, Samara
i`m Yakovlev Alexander aka Amazingly ! I consider that in any music \style there are class melodies \tracks. Studied at music school on a class "piano". Spent weddings earlier and institute discos.потом was fond of a software - FL, Reason, Ableton. I plan to write down an experimental album in the near future. Now very much I love qualitative breaks and, certainly, a beautiful trance!!!
63 +1
Russia, Novyi Oskol
All what I like!
64 -4
Russia, Moscow
Simple people all over in the world get pleasure from the music. The music can be create in any style and songs can be execute on any language anyway we are united by the harmony of twelve notes. Probably the sentence is not correctly, - «The beauty will save the world». «The beautiful music will save the world» - sounds more actually convincingly. Let's save our world! We wish to live and love and feel music and enjoy by songs finding in it pleasure and consolation and wisdom!
65 +6
Russia, Ekaterinburg
Russia, Kantemirovka
67 +1
Russia, Mineralnye Vody
68 +2
Russia, Saratov
Aspiring musician in FL Studio, I write (or rather trying to) to write more tracks, remixes, remastered known songs from children's tales, cartoons, games consoles SEGA and DENDY-style House.
69 -6
Russia, Tver
It is many-sided and rhythmic it is unpredictable, music of feelings, emotions, the chaotic movement.....
70 -1
Russia, Pskov
71 -6
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Excellent giving and congenital charm, interesting sense of taste and independent way of thinking, do the part. Each performance is the event filled with creative approach to compilation and work with public.
72 +2
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
74 -15
Russia, Moscow
75 -3
Russia, Astrahan
Garage on sale.
Russia, Zlatoust
This work seeks to ensure that would distinguish himself even than that, and that we'll do something diverse, unusual, interesting .... and most importantly that I could surprise!
77 -2
Russia, Ulyanovsk
78 -1
Russia, Beloyarskii (Tyumenskaya obl.)
79 -1
Russia, Ufa
Music - is a higher revelation than all wisdom and all philosophy ... Mozart.
Russia, Uhta
81 -2
Russia, Moscow
Welcome to my dark and mysterious world ))) Feel Blackside
82 -1
83 +15
Russia, Kaluga
84 -2
85 -1
Russia, Makarov
86 -3
Russia, Moscow
Young and ambitious musician from Moscow, which spend all off-time on music. Don't limit himself at something definite genre, allowing to progress melodies in all styles. Most of compositions opens autor's inner world.
Russia, Nizhnekamsk
88 +1
Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
89 -1
Russia, Suhoi Log
Saint Law of Death.
90 +6
Russia, Novosibirsk
Frame Divergence
91 +2
Russia, Prokopevsk
92 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
93 new
Russia, Zelenogorsk (Leningradskaya obl.)
I invite you to travel to the stars ... Only together we can discover the beauty of the World and remember how beautiful it is and diverse ! All Space!
94 -2
Russia, Omsk
Experiment , and the music begins to unfold from a different angle , and it is very interesting!))))
95 -9
Russia, Pervouralsk
96 -5
97 -7
Russia, Omsk
98 new
Russia, Saint Petersburg
99 new
Russia, Habarovsk
100 new
Russia, Maikop (Adygeya)
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