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Russia, Moscow
Music is beautiful! Lyrics-wise. Dancing - funny! Style is eclectic!
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
Russia, CHeboksary
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Russia, Moscow
Sub Orchestra Production
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The Union Of Friends And Creative People
Russia, Moscow
Drummer & sound engineer at the Baptist church in Moscow. Like many of us started in E-jay, then Cool Edit Pro, Adobe Audition, but settled on Reaper.Previously posted their work as a DJ Елей (DJ Eley Unction).
Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Nizhnii Tagil
Instrumental and experimental tracks.
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Russia, Moscow
I'm a rich bitch (c)
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Russia, Moscow
Hello! I write mostly Chillout and Ambient! I want people to see my music as I would like it so that people can learn to close)) listen and understand everything))Come, rate, upload))
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Russia, Novosibirsk
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Russia, Kasimov
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Russia, Moscow
Melodic and atmospheric music project LastEDEN penetrates into the depths of the soul and gives you complete harmony with itself.
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Russia, Morshansk
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Russia, Barnaul
Russia, Holmsk
Music is life and I'm living...
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Tomsk
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
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The main music styles of project - Downtempo, Chillout, Intellegent. You are welcom to PDJ page & to Official site:
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Russia, Zvenigorod
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Russia, Novosibirsk
Record producer from NSK. Experimental use of texture and wonky, off-kilter beats.
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Joint project Vanilla Potatoyes & Anton Seim
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Russia, Ekaterinburg
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Russia, Moscow
Alfida is a really unique artist. Being a vocal diva, producer, hit-maker, DJ, owner and general manager of AlmeZZo Records, vocal teacher is her distinctive feature. She uses exclusively only those tracks which produces herself or in collaboration with other musicians in her live perfomances not limiting herself to one style.
Russia, Bashmakovo
Russia, Pskov
Russia, Kuvshinovo
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Russia, Moscow
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
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Russia, Moscow
SOLONINA - an exotic project of two independent musicians! SOLONINA - is Sol Shadda and Nina Chenda! SOLONINA - is SOL & NINA! SOLONINA - this is music for people with a spicy musical taste! SOLONINA! Resistance is futile - stop by and taste it!
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Russia, Tambov
41 -11
Russia, Fryazino
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Russia, Lipeck
Music - The universal language of mankind!
Russia, Moscow
Atmosphere, distant worlds, earth, dreams and dreams, implicitly, fantasy. Good and Evil, neighbors nearby. All this - in my music. Exceptional live recordings, without patterns and patterned rhythms. Space opens its arms to join as soon!
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Russia, Krasnoyarsk
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Russia, Moscow
"The atmosphere is embodied in the beautiful sounds."
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Russia, Novosibirsk
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Russia, Zelenodolsk
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
Sound Producer, Remixer, DJ.
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Russia, Salsk
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Moscow
The music is all around us. All you have to do is listen.
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Russia, Ayan
Musician Main styles: Dubstep, Instrumental Today is a resident of labels: · PATRICIJA RECORDINGS (Latvia) · TRANSORICA RECORDS (Ulysse Records Group) (Russia)
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
Music from my heart
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
In live in the rhythm of the music!
Russia, Kizlyar
Russia, Novosibirsk
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Samara
61 -1
Russia, Kaluga
Valefim planet-chillout project created last year . Music should be beautiful and melodic, atmospheric and not intrusive, memorable and peaceful! Welcome to Planet Valefim!
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Russia, Moscow
Hello everyone. My name is Roman. I like to write music. Like when the music has a lot of emotions when it is rich in all senses. It inspires and helps to contemplate
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Russia, Moscow
64 -1
Russia, Moscow
Singer, songwriter, composer, arranger. She graduated from the College of pop-jazz vocal class (GMUEDI). A few years ago I mastered sequencer and start to learn to write the arrangements and instrumental compositions. I want to thank the people who support me in my work. I am very grateful to you! Music- that's my sense of life !!
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Russia, Ryazan
66 +2
Russia, Moscow
I write songs in different directions, mostly quiet and melodic soundtracks. Thank you all for your support!
67 -8
Russia, Novorossiisk
68 +10
Russia, Simferopol
69 +3
Russia, Moscow
70 +3
Russia, Meleuz
Music is everything to me.
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Russia, Ryazan
Tectus is solo project from Ryazan, Russia. Tectus tracks are influenced by psychodelic and dark scene music.
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73 -7
Russia, Saratov
74 -3
Russia, Moscow
75 +13
Russia, Nizhnevartovsk
Russia, Adygeisk
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Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
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Russia, Ioshkar-Ola
79 +3
Russia, CHehov
80 +3
Russia, Zlatoust
This work seeks to ensure that would distinguish himself even than that, and that we'll do something diverse, unusual, interesting .... and most importantly that I could surprise!
81 -11
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Excellent giving and congenital charm, interesting sense of taste and independent way of thinking, do the part. Each performance is the event filled with creative approach to compilation and work with public.
82 -5
Russia, Moscow
Music producer, write music in many genres - Freestyle, Electro, Hip-Hop, Trap, Metal, Synth-Pop, New Age, Trailer music, Advertisement music. Sound Factory participant
83 -2
Russia, YAroslavl
84 -4
Russia, Novokuzneck
85 +5
86 +3
Russia, Arhangelsk
87 -3
Russia, Tashtagol
You love and study great art of music. It will open to you the whole world of high feelings, passions, thoughts. It will make you spiritually richer. Thanks to music you will find in yourselves new unknown to you before forces. You will see life in new tones and paints.
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Russia, Stavropol
90 -5
91 +4
funk soul brotha :)
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Russia, Volgograd
93 -1
Russia, Ramenskoe
Just writing music for myself.
Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Dzhankoi
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Open your heart to the new world!
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Russia, Moscow
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100 new
Russia, Kogalym (Tyumenskaya obl.)
Do something new without forgetting the old
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