Russia, Moscow
SVET is a successful dj and a sound producer with more than seventeen years of experience. An official DJ during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. The winner of the best track BURN DJ. The winner of a dj battle, organized by “DJMAG” journal....
Ukraine, Odessa
Russia, Moscow
One of the first electronic music artists who has been successfully pulling in big crowds all over Russia and Eastern Europe. As a famous DJ & live act he shared stage with many leading artists such as The Prodigy, Underworld, Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto. Currently, Ed hosts a weekly radio show MegaBeat. Well known by his top quality sound production / recent releases on Intricate, Baroque and Stellar Fountain. Cosmonaut is also known as a progressive/techno hero of Goa.
4 +2
Russia, Moscow
The professional multiformat DJ with already more twenty-year experience. I have changed in many clubs of Moscow, Russia and abroad with huge number of the famous actors and DJs and proved as the professional. Also the eventakh participated in many large actions.
5 +4
Russia, Saint Petersburg
6 -2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
8 +7
DJ, which tend merely the author's approach to the selection of music and the creation of an atmosphere on the dance floor. Creator of Sweet House radio show on Pure Fm and Megapolis Fm.
9 +4
Russia, YUzhno-Sahalinsk
DJ, producer, promotions manager ¦ Russia, Sakhalin ¦ HOUSE/G-HOUSE/DEEP HOUSE/CLUB HOUSE
Russia, Saint Petersburg
DJ MISHA KLEIN - Author of numerous compilations for portal bananastreet.ru, as well as numerous remixes for the singles world and local stars.
11 -6
Russia, Moscow
12 -4
Russia, Moscow
13 +3
Turkmenistan, Mary
14 -3
Russia, Moscow
Dj / Sound Producer from |Moscow,Russia| Label: (Perfecto, Prison Entertainment, Love Style Records, Go Deeva, Keller Music, Maniana Records, KIEZ BEATS, RUNDELL BEATZ RECORDINGS, No Smoking Records).
15 -3
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
16 +3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
17 +3
Russia, Ekaterinburg
Russia, Moscow
Always try to do my best for listeners, share my current mood and take great care about chosing right music. Thank you for listening to my mixes :)
19 -5
20 -3
Russia, Moscow
DJ, more than ten years cooperating with club sites in Moscow and other cities of Russia. Time passes and musical styles change, but we also change with them. Music-love for life!
21 +15
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Ekaterinburg
23 +9
Russia, Saint Petersburg
24 -3
Kazakhstan, Astana
deep house soul...
25 -1
Russia, Moscow
26 -3
Russia, Moscow
DJ Denis Rublev - resident of the first music publishing, booking agency NBA and FAMOUS DJs. The main headline of the brightest parties of Moscow, Russia, a regular guest at the German club. DJ, musician, soundproducer more than ten years of experience.
27 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
28 -1
Russia, Moscow
29 -1
Russia, Lipeck
30 +4
Russia, Saint Petersburg
31 -6
Russia, Moscow
32 +5
33 -3
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
34 -3
Russia, Moscow
35 -2
Russia, Tver
36 new
Russia, Arhangelsk
37 +6
38 +1
Thailand, Koh Samui
I work that my music to sound non-stop in the people's souls, even after they get off the dance floor.
39 +42
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Marat House - is music of emotions, music of a condition of soul, music of excellent mood!
40 -5
Russia, Zelenograd
41 new
Russia, Murmansk
42 +14
Russia, Moscow
DJ. Dandy - promising and talented DJ. Each of his pack - is a surge of emotion and positive sea! His performances, he likes to entertain, amaze and otherwise develop musical public. Dandy has a unique sense of the dance floor and is able to work with almost any audience. With his work he is intriguing, plant, and sometimes provokes.
43 +23
Russia, Pyatigorsk
44 new
Ukraine, Ternopol
45 +6
Russia, Moscow
46 -8
Russia, Moscow
47 -7
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
Gotta love music, all serdtsem.Tolko music can cheer up anyone, situatsii.I only genre of music can be determined that the person is experiencing at the moment of his life!
Russia, Kazan
49 +1
Russia, Novosibirsk
50 -24
All colours of house music
51 new
Russia, Moscow
52 +8
Russia, Moscow
53 new
Ukraine, Uman
54 -13
Russia, Moscow
Strict following the ideology of good musical taste in such styles as Techno, Deep, Progressive and Tech House made Dj Sergey Jax one of the most vivid disc jockeys of Moscow. This is possibly one of really interesting underground manifestation of club culture presently. Sergey's musical taste was carefully and consciously formed during the years. Harmoniously mixed dj-sets of Dj Sergey Jax is pleasant, full of emotions and unforgettable enjoyment even for the most sophisticated listener.
55 new
Estonia, Narva
56 +18
57 +18
Russia, Moscow
58 -11
Russia, Saint Petersburg
59 -7
Russia, Moscow
60 +10
61 new
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
62 +2
Ukraine, Nezhin
63 +4
Russia, Volgodonsk
Alexander Popov aka Negrol, Volgodonsk . I Prefer Deep House, Tech House. I write not commercial music , I call it ideological - dance . I like to experiment ( for example to use the voice of his wife ) . I see how my work appear in the play sheets Djs and it makes me happy . My goal : even more ideological - dance works for those who appreciate my work and not only with the subsequent tour . straight ahead Success )
64 -3
Kazakhstan, SHymkent (CHimkent)
Dj Nardin - DJ, producer, remixer, musician from Kazakhstan. Young, Talented, Ambitious - He plays very stylish and business music. His main style: House, Favorite styles: Deep House, Club House, Moombahton, R & B, Trap.
65 -21
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Music lives in all people in our planet! For someone it is Chanson, Rap, Dub Step, Trance, Jazz or any other music stile. I propose to live one hour or two under the music that lives in me!
66 -8
Russia, Moscow
67 -4
Russia, Moscow
Always makes a quality sound!
68 new
Russia, Sochi
Music for me is part of life, the energy of the soul. I have been doing music for a long time, but until recently I did not present my works to a mass listener. Now I am writing for publications and evaluation, in the near future I plan to speak in institutions and record a radio show. In stylistics is not limited, but the basis of musical taste is Deep House.
69 -10
Russia, Vladivostok
70 new
The musician from Belarus, the main direction in which creativity is progressive house.
71 +1
Russia, Moscow
30 August 2018, Гараж (Moscow)
72 +23
Vietnam, Nha Trang
Art Director, creator of club projects, sound producer, DJ. Follower of the classical school of DJing, vinyl sound and live performances. Participant of a huge number of music festivals. Owner of the "Own Atmosphere" project. Lives and works in Vietnam, where he works on the Story Beach Club project, touring as a live DJ, and creating music in acid, techno and lounge formats at Story Beach Records studio.
73 -5
Ukraine, Kiev
74 +9
Russia, Moscow
75 -18
Russia, Moscow
For the last years, Bobina (aka Moscow-based DJ & producer Dmitry Almazov) has been at the forefront of Russia’s electronic dance breakout.
76 +17
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Dj O’Neill Sax - a Dj playing sax! He is always at his best and trying to reach the perfection. Following the musical fashion, yet he keeps to his impeccable taste and balances skillfully between the requirement of time and the sense of beauty.
77 +15
Russia, Kamensk-Uralskii
78 -7
Russia, Dolgoprudnyi
The Lord gives me the opportunity to do things you love and my gratitude to him - has no boundaries! At the console I'm happy, them happy, and share with joy!
79 -2
Russia, Moscow
80 new
Belarus, Gomel
81 -1
82 -17
Russia, Ulyanovsk
83 +16
FRIDRIKH famous russian DJ & Producer from Siberia. FRIDRIKH (Sound 'H' should be pronounced). Promoter and radio presenter. It has its own Party & Radio Show DJ FRIDRIKH IN THE HOUSE.
84 -35
Poland, Warszawa
United Kingdom, London
86 new
Russia, Moscow
87 -18
Uzbekistan, Navoi
88 -12
89 new
90 new
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Music changes the consciousness-the consciousness changes reality
91 -49
Russia, Moscow
92 -46
Russia, Moscow
Syntheticsax a project Moscow composer, arranger and saxophonist Mikhail Morozov. It has added a living soul in the electronic club music.
93 new
Russia, Moscow
94 -49
Russia, Bataisk
95 new
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
96 new
Russia, Petrozavodsk
97 -13
Russia, Moscow
98 -36
Russia, Moscow
DJ & Showman. "DiFM" (New York), "PureFM" (Berlin), "Clubvibez" (London), "Cuebase" (Frankfurt), etc.
99 new
Russia, Syktyvkar
100 -27
Russia, Moscow
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