Russia, Moscow
SVET is a successful dj and a sound producer with more than nineteen years of experience. An official DJ during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. The winner of the best track BURN DJ. The winner of a dj battle, organized by “DJMAG” journal....
Russia, Moscow
Dj/Sound Producer from |Moscow,Russia| Label: (Perfecto Records, Enormous Tunes, No Definiton, Sirup Music, Which Bottle?) Official booking World / Europe: personalbooking@bk.ru AJME Management info@ajmemanagement.com
Russia, Saint Petersburg
MISHA KLEIN - Author of numerous compilations for portal bananastreet.ru, as well as numerous remixes for the singles world and local stars.
Russia, Zelenograd
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Krasnogorsk
Russia, Moscow
Syntheticsax a project Moscow composer, arranger and saxophonist Mikhail Morozov. It has added a living soul in the electronic club music.
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Dolgoprudnyi
The Lord gives me the opportunity to do things you love and my gratitude to him - has no boundaries! At the console I'm happy, them happy, and share with joy!
All colours of house music
Russia, Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)
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Russia, Moscow
DJ, more than ten years cooperating with club sites in Moscow and other cities of Russia. Time passes and musical styles change, but we also change with them. Music-love for life!
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Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Ekaterinburg
House Music Energy Mix Show - This dance, energetic house music in all its varieties. These are the best hits, trends, quality remixes on them and on hot favorite old songs.
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
Colin Rouge: Producer, DJ, Sound-Producer. Clubmasters Records «Music Label, Producing Centre, Booking Agency» Owner. Music Genres: House, Deep, Tech, Progressive, Indie Dance, Nu Disco.
Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
22 -5
Russia, Moscow
Music by Dj Rosenberg - a tranquil sound, without the unwanted impurities, which can be based on many different styles, but the main criterion is the atmosphere and low BPM, giving a relaxed and tranquil environment
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Russia, Sochi
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Tver
DJ, Sound Producer, Author and Leading SOULMATES RADIO SHOW PILOT RADIO !!!
Russia, Saint Petersburg
individual approach to each statement and set's.. based on rich experience and vast music library - brings high-quality sound and emotions for each listener..
today, Villa Zималеto (Saint Petersburg)
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
Nick Wowk - this is just WOW. Диджей классической школы игры, радиоведущий международного сетевого радиошоу "Прогноз погоды", участник эпического синтезаторного проекта Clouds Testers, редактор лейбла Clouds Testers The Legendaries.
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Russia, Tyumen
Top Russian DJ
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Russia, Moscow
33 -2
Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
35 -1
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Saint Petersburg
psychedelic space funk
Russia, Moscow
38 +2
Russia, Moscow
I such what there is) love music ! and it made me whole) my work will say for me more vividly than I will be able describe their here listen)
Russia, Samara
40 -2
Russia, Pyatigorsk
41 +3
Russia, Pyatigorsk
the thinking music for thinking people
42 -1
Russia, Moscow
44 -2
Russia, Moscow
Russia, SCHelkovo
46 +4
Russia, Moscow
music non stop
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Russia, Tolyatti
49 -3
Russia, Sevastopol
Dj as the host of his music program for fans of progress in several directions is a melodic and technical progress, the desire to break through to many listeners, to listen to their opinions about my materials and just to please the ears of his progression
50 -3
Russia, Moscow
28 September 2019, Roy Castle Pub (Moscow)
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Russia, Irkutsk
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Omsk
56 -5
Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
Unity in music through an infinite variety of its forms
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Russia, Tver
60 -1
FRIDRIKH famous russian DJ & Producer from Siberia. FRIDRIKH (Sound 'H' should be pronounced). Promoter and radio presenter. It has its own Party & Radio Show DJ FRIDRIKH IN THE HOUSE.
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Russia, Podolsk
Without music life would be a mistake ... Friedrich Nietzsche
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Russia, Moscow
DJ. Dandy - promising and talented DJ. Each of his pack - is a surge of emotion and positive sea! His performances, he likes to entertain, amaze and otherwise develop musical public. Dandy has a unique sense of the dance floor and is able to work with almost any audience. With his work he is intriguing, plant, and sometimes provokes.
Russia, Voronezh
Dj Andy By aka Bychenko - DJ , giving people only positive emotions and good mood! ! ! Each of his works imbued with positive emotional feelings and original approach and an unforgettable experience, remaining after every heard of this DJ! ! My motto - This music is always revolutionary, it brings people together, disturbs them calling ahead. (Dmitri Shostakovich)
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Omsk
Only best music
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Russia, Ekaterinburg
Deep, Tech & Progressive House. Discography: over one hundred singles and remixes, two albums. Over seven hundred DJ appearances all across Russia. National radio- and club project «Russian Cybernetics». FlipCube Records. «Flip The Cube!» podcast.
68 -4
69 -3
Russia, Moscow
70 +1
Russia, Moscow
DJ AlexMINI - this is one of the few DJs in Moscow who is able to create a positive mood in the circle itself. Officially participated in the creation of the music library for the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. LUXURY demanded Published
71 -1
Russia, Moscow
Only high-quality sound from the best labels sounds in my work. combined with my view of the trends in the world of electronic music scene, reflected in my sets. Welcome to the world of the high-quality electronic music!
72 +3
Russia, Moscow
DJ and aspiring producer from Russia (Moscow). In their speeches, sets try to penetrate into the soul of man, that sounded all over the body. Because the body can be controlled, only you need to find the rhythm. Therefore specialize in specific atmospheric sound with a deep dark sounds with notes pierce the space under the oriental motifs. That transmit feelings, emotions and state of mind! - To understand the music, you have to feel it - (с) Deepline
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Russia, Ruza
74 -5
Russia, Novosibirsk
75 +3
Russia, Irkutsk
Music is a rhythm, and rhythm is the life !!! Do not mix it is important to record or play live, I dedicate myself to the people who are willing to work with meфантазировать,путешествовать,радоваться,улыбаться,сходить mad, to think, to love, admire, ....... simply live and dance !!! His speech I make vivid and memorable, no matter what the style and direction :) You can talk endlessly about music, but it's best to enjoy it:) !!!
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Saratov
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Russia, Vladivostok
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
we are from the eighties
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
Multifaceted DJ. Music is a common language for communication.
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Krasnodar
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, CHelyabinsk
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Russia, Tambov
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Russia, Moscow
Successful multi-DJ and sound producer
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Russia, Kirov
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Russia, Kazan
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Russia, Moscow
Strict following the ideology of good musical taste in such styles as Techno, Deep, Progressive and Tech House made Dj Sergey Jax one of the most vivid disc jockeys of Moscow. This is possibly one of really interesting underground manifestation of club culture presently. Sergey's musical taste was carefully and consciously formed during the years. Harmoniously mixed dj-sets of Dj Sergey Jax is pleasant, full of emotions and unforgettable enjoyment even for the most sophisticated listener.
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
DJ from St. Petersburg, Russia
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