Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
John Matrix - DJ started to play with vinyl records, back in the two thousand first. Currently uses a digital format using a controller. On his page, only quality compile, in almost all directions of electronic music. Positive sets and romantic mixes easily convey the mood of your listeners !!!
Russia, Moscow
7 +1
Russia, Moscow
8 -1
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
I DJ with reasonable unquenchable energy, and with a solid supply of ideas, which will be enough for me for the rest of my life.The delight of creativity, which I have been doing all my life is so great, how great is the music of the world
9 +1
Russia, Sergiev Posad
Future House Dancing Liquid funk Semantic Mixes
10 -1
Russia, Moscow
11 +1
Russia, Moscow
Music for a positive mood.
12 -1
Russia, Tyumen
His playing is subtle flair to the style of music, the mood and desires of bestowal of the dance floor. He knows how to "light", to give the mood and atmosphere of fun. This man truly in love with what he did and always ready to share it with You. If you have determined where to find a professional DJ and for a reasonable fee - you hit the target !
Russia, CHelyabinsk
My activity is essential for a unified musical fields of our country and its integration into the world cultural space
Russia, Saint Petersburg
GASA & Deep Sunset long found their sound, which is the maximum resolution is presented in progressive & atmospheric breaks - compilations Pacification. Seasoned with the style of melodic, soulful, deep and dramatic breaks broken rhythms, these works may be standard and unique archive of contemporary breaks-sound.
Russia, Moscow
Roman impulse - Musician, Sound producer, DJ......
17 +1
Russia, Moscow
The representative of the group of musical sound optimistic connections that lead a person into a state space euphoria with a stereo penetration into the ear holes, sometimes called hormone music-joy. Sergey Forbes
18 +3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
20 -3
Russia, Moscow
World of Bionic Buddha involves you in unforgettable travel which lasts during all set. Deep basslines, magis stories, psychedelic overtones and beautiful melodies - that`s what you can find in my mixes... :)
21 -1
Russia, Moscow
Audiomoovies. Soundtrack to life.
Russia, Moscow
BARVINSKI сreates a special atmosphere for all who are always, and in everything, looking for something new and looking at the world with wide open eyes.
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
26 new
Russia, Saint Petersburg
27 +2
28 +2
29 -3
Russia, Moscow
30 +1
31 +2
Russia, Moscow
32 -5
Russia, Ulyanovsk
33 -1
Russia, Kirov
Russia, Moscow
35 -7
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Liquid Funk, Chillout, Lounge, Lo-Fi, Downtempo, AtmBreaks, Deep House are all mine. "My Paradise." I am not a servant of the listener and not his mentor - I am his guide to the world of beautiful music. And my advice to you at all times: listen to only high-quality music, and your mood will always be positive!
36 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Saint Petersburg
38 -2
Russia, Arhangelsk
Music is My Passion
Russia, Ryazan
40 -2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
41 -1
Russia, Arhangelsk
42 -1
Russia, Moscow
Music for the sake of Music.
43 +2
44 +2
dj Dan (aka Barbitura). Moscow
45 -1
Russia, Moscow
46 +3
Russia, Krasnogorsk
47 -4
Russia, Saint Petersburg
6 December 2019, HELSINKI UG (Helsinki)
48 -1
Russia, Moscow
Im trying to create a new type and sound of drum and bass music. I called it as “Acid drum and bass “. Cold and tough metal, cruel iron, a lot of burning acid, screech, there is no so soft and thick bass line as in other drum and bass music. It is more about drums and combination of different and strange sounds. I m still experimenting with all this trying to find a new wave and totally different dimension.
49 -1
Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
Russia, Tosno
51 -9
Russia, Sochi
Music for me is a part of life, the energy of the soul. I am engaged in musical creativity throughout my life, now I am writing for publications and evaluations, participating in various projects, playing in institutions of Murmansk and Sochi, recording radio shows, in the rotation of the cable music channel "VIVA RUSSIA". The style is not limited, but the basis of musical taste is Deep House.
52 -1
Russia, Moscow
53 +2
Russia, Kazan
dnb music collector and dj from Kazan [Russia]
54 -1
Russia, Moscow
55 -1
Russia, Nizhnevartovsk
56 -4
Russia, Moscow
57 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Sci-fi, retrofuturism, surrealism, psychedelic and cyberpunk.
58 +1
Russia, YAroslavl
Artist (DJ) whose sets and tracks for years blow up the dancefloors and delight lovers of broken rhythms in different parts of Russia and abroad. The author and inspirer of the project JUNGLISTICA and THE BEST OF THE BREAKS, a frequent participant of the festival Kazantip, the representative of the specialty of the Underground KLEM Residents, now FREE PROMO.
59 -3
Russia, Moscow
60 -3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
61 -1
Russia, Voronezh
Russia, Moscow
Founder and Chief executive at DF Promo, DJ and promoter from Moscow. Works with a variety of music genres, focusing on (but not limited to) drum'n'bass, neurofunk, UK funky and ragga jungle/dubwise. Ira's main goal on stage is to uncover the dancefloor energy and share unconditional love for broken beats with the audience.
Russia, Tver
Russia, Kursk
promotion of the UNDERGROUND to the masses.
65 -4
Russia, Krasnodar
Music often inspires me with deep thoughts. Listening to her, I feel a great desire to create. But music can not exist without rhythm. There is something magical about him that makes us believe. And even if the rhythm is broken, it does not get worse - it becomes bright and clear ... You recognize it, at the first blows, no matter what. It accelerates and slows down, forcing you to move in time, to move only forward. Drum & Bass is music of broken rhythms, music of movement, music of life ...
66 -1
Russia, Ekaterinburg
67 -1
Russia, ZHukovskii
68 -1
69 -1
The first Russian Drum and Bass female DJ, owner of WOW Signal Records, promoter, designer, producer, member of Provansal' Female DJs...
70 -1
Russia, Moscow
71 -1
Russia, Tver
72 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
73 -1
Russia, Ryazan
74 -1
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Saint Petersburg
She is a dark queen – IGLA. He is a talented promoter, dj and musician whose music differs uncompromising sounding of an absolute drum’n’bass – mistahG. And together they are founders and ideological inspirers of the project Hell Kitchen and also leaders of the radioshow with the same name on DirtLabAudio.com. WELCOME TO HELL KITCHEN! http://hellkitchen.ru
Russia, CHeboksary
Music - that's life. Rhythm starts, invigorates, lifts, adds strength, gives a dose of adrenaline or makes sad, think sneaks up chills. I can not imagine my day without music. Choose its own rhythm and forth!
78 +3
79 -5
Russia, Saint Petersburg
80 -2
Russia, Moscow
81 +1
Russia, Moscow
82 +13
Russia, Moscow
83 -3
Russia, Moscow
84 -1
Russia, Moscow
85 -1
Russia, Sevastopol
ZAP (Dmitrii Tikhomirov) - Sevastopol (Crimea, Russia) Guru drum and bass culture in the Сrimea. Released one vinyl and dozen digital releases. Actively cooperates with many producers and DJs of the CIS and abroad.
86 -1
Russia, Himki
87 -1
Russia, Moscow
Music is a lifestyle! I wish you pleasant listening!
88 -1
Russia, Moscow
Became interested in music from an early age. Music for me - it all: this is my life, my drug, this is that without which I can not live. Without it - as without air, wherever and with whomever I was not, I'm always with music. I'm excellent feel the audience just because I come from the public. I prefer to make music, under which i'm ready to come off, on one hundred percent.
89 +3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
A variety of styles and manipulations of information options will make you move to the tired, and mixing all your favorite hits with a powerful modern sound will not leave you indifferent! VICTOR L - Real Dirty Bass Sound.
90 +4
Russia, Sochi
I am speaking to the public, I am immersed in music, I'm not looking for rhythms, I create them, I select the key to the hearts, and I rock them to the fullest. Palpitation. Here is the most voluminous barrel for percussion, that's the most live rhythm for any motive. I do not create anything material. I create emotions.
91 -3
Russia, Moscow
92 -3
Russia, Novouralsk
Energy with sense, drama and euphoria, melody and broken bits, quality and style.
93 new
Russia, Moscow
94 -3
Russia, Serpuhov
95 -2
Russia, Bashmakovo
Russia, Moscow
DJ, composer, producer and just a good person DJ Uneasy, In their live performances can be used as a laptop and full-fledged multi-format stations with external input devices. Stylistics is diverse: from the lightning-fast Neurofank to the easy Funky House.
97 -7
98 -1
Russia, Tula
100 -2
Russia, Moscow
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