Main style: Trance
Favorite styles: 8-bit, Acid, Acid House, Acid Trance, Dark Progressive, Dark Psy Trance, Deep House, Deep Techno, Euro Trance, Experimental, Full-On, Goa Trance, Hard House, Hard Trance, Hardcore, House, Industrial, Left-field House, Melodic Trance, Minimal psytrance, Minimal Techno, Neotrance, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Psy Trance, Spacesynth, Tech Trance, Techno, Uplifting Trance, Vocal Trance
DJ, radioshow
Location: Denmark, Copenhagen
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so many awesome amazing cool tracks here. but i also see many not named with artist-title(remix)[Label] and i do not read Russian. i really would like to support alot of people here but i cant if tracks is not named correct. im sorry. for those i do download.that does not mean i play it.but you can always check on my mixcloud tracklists if i played any tracks from promodj. … (feel free to listen favorite and repost aswell) Spasibo russia and promodj. Magical Greetings from Denmark .
Get ready. im going to spam mixcloud. got a cool track you like me to listen too? then throw me a link.and i might even play it in my show.
labels can get a promotion mail by pm me on soundcloud. peace n love. wiz
THE WIZARD DK Presents Tempo Giusto Special (Energy Reflect Euphoria)

Aired By :
Jingle By :
Zefora …

Tempo Giusto : …

01 Patrick White-Reason(Original Mix)[Wake Your Mind Records]
02 Alex Di Stefano-Elevator(Original Mix)[VII]
03 Tempo Giusto-Past x Future(Original Mix)[My House Is Your House]
04 Stoneface & Terminal-So What(Greg Downey Remix)[FSOE Clandestine]
05 Tempo Giusto-Automatika(Original Mix)[Outburst Twilight]
06 Chris Schweizer-The Wolf(Original Mix)[Armada Music Bundles]
07 Tempo Giusto-Raindance(Original Mix)[Black Hole Recordings]
08 Serjan-Raiju(Original Mix)[405 Recordings]
09 Tempo Giusto-Burn(Original Mix)[LW Recordings]
10 Reaky & Hi Profile vs. Lock’n’Load-Blow Your Railroad(Tempo Giusto Hybrid)
11 Warrior-Warrior(Mark Sherry Remix)[Armada Music Bundles]
12 The Thrillseekers-Halcyon(Ferry Tayle Remix)[FSOE]
13 Alex M.O.R.P.H.-Summer Love Story(Original Mix)[VANDIT Records]
14 Alan Morris & Adrian Morton-Keep Coming Back(Original Mix)[Black Hole Recordings]

THE WIZARD DK - (Energy Reflect Euphoria)

01 Passion for Hypnosis-Euphoria(Original Mix)[Gert Sound Records]
02 Independent Art-Daybreak(Original Mix)[Gert Records]
03 Christian Stalker & Lead-Energy Reflect(TrancEye Remix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
04 Kevin Vergauwen & Chatry van Hove-Glimmer Of Hope(Tycoos Remix)[Entrancing Music]
05 Marc Airway-Somewhere In The Clouds(Original Mix)[Appointed Recordings]
06 Sierra-S3X(Original Mix)[Arkham Digital]
07 Darkmind-Tavau(Original Mix)[Azure Recordings]
08 Karl K Otik-Vortex(Original Mix)[D.MAX Deep]
09 Bruno Progress Ft. Titia-You See Me(Original Mix)[AlYf Recordings]
10 Josh Dirschka & Gravitega-Trinity(Bilal El Aly Remix)[Liberty Music Records]
11 Checho Suarez-True Love(Original Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
12 Coda-Understand(Original Mix)[Bad Music]
13 Nord Horizon-Tale Of The Kingdom(Jedmar Remix)[Sundance Recordings]
14 S Cosmos-Space Adventure(Original Mix)[promodj]
15 Saif Alatrash-Pursue(Thornmail Remix)[Mysterious Station]
16 French Skies & Stephane Badey-Predator(Original Mix)[Edge One]
17 Tektatone-Tears(Original Mix)[NO ID]
18 Alex Gray Ft. Stephanie-The Night(Original Mix)[Watts Rec]
19 Mazza-Pacific Harmony(Ashmere Cosmique Rmx)[Neurals Records]
20 Dmitri Klepko ft. Greta Flux-Night Dreams(Original Mix)[Entrancing Music]
21 Adele-Skyfall(Tempo Giusto Reloaded)[Free DL Soundcloud]
22 Y VEK-Location Based(Original Mix)[AlYf Recordings]
23 Adam Morris-Different Direction(Original Mix)[Trance Element Records]
24 District Solaris-Amulet(Original Mix)[TRANCEfonic Records]
25 Vince Schuld-Dark Hearts(2018 Rework)[Appointed Recordings]
26 STEEM SL-Endless Drive(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
27 Attens ft. Martina Kay-If You Find A Way(Playme Remix)[Abora Recordings]
28 Alcyone Project ft. Dora Foldvary-Elements(Journey Into The Trance Mix)[VERSE Recordings(Equinox)]
29 Audiomajix & FreQshow-Homeless(Fugees Bootleg)[Free DL Soundcloud]

Tempo Giusto Story:
Reason,Elevator,Past x Future,So What.
Automatika,The Wolf,Raindance,Raiju,Burn.
Blow Your Railroad,Warrior,Halcyon,Summe r Love Story,Keep Coming Back.

Euphoria,Daybreak,Energy Reflect,Glimmer Of Hope,Somewhere In The Clouds.
S3X,Tavau,Vortex,You See Me,Trinity,True Love,Understand,Tale Of The Kingdom.
Space Adventure,Pursue,Predator,Tear s,The Night,Pacific Harmony.
Night Dreams,Skyfall,Location Based,Different Direction,Amulet,Dark Hearts.
Endless Drive,If You Find A Way,Elements,Homeless.

Thank you so much for being my guest :)


Mixcloud: … …
THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 60 (Feel Alright Fantasy)

Aired by :
on facebook: …
Jingle by:
Zefora …

DTOD 60 Story:
Pluviam,Overmoon,Aurae Thadal,Reflect,Pacific Harmony,Hydra.
Hands On Thorns,Dreadnought,Feel Alright,Fantasy.
Vivet,Path of Life,Expectation,Double-Edged Sword,Awakening The Light.
You Were My Sunlight,Love It Like That.
SunLight Juice,Get Ready And Dance.
Singing The Ocean,Trinity,Winter,Key To Heaven.
La Invitacion,Xpander,Vypions Destruction,One Evening.
Never Forget You,Lux Aeterna.
There's No Turning Back,Sellers of the insanity.

01 Kiyoi & Eky-Pluviam(Akku Remix)[Sundance Recordings]
02 David Carlton-Overmoon(Original Mix)[Transire Recordings]
03 MarioMos & Z8phyR-Aurae Thadal(Original Mix)[Sunstate Records]
04 Three N One-Reflect(Original Mix)[Fire Recordings]
05 Mazza-Pacific Harmony(Original Mix)[Neurals Records]
06 DJ Geri-Hydra(Original Mix)[Mondo Records]
07 Rheligie ft. Rachael Chapman-Hands On Thorns(Original Mix)[Evolve Records]
08 Adnane Touzani & Andres Selada-Dreadnought(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
09 MACY-Feel Alright(Original Mix)[99 WAVES]
10 Lux Shande-Fantasy(Original Mix)[AlYf Recordings]
11 ArcAnum-Vivet(Original Mix)[Gert Records]
12 Alternate High-Path of Life(Original Mix)[Abora Recordings]
13 Sierra-Expectation(Original Mix)[Arkham Digital]
14 MHX-Double Edged Sword(Original Mix)[D.MAX Dark]
15 Omniks & FAWZY-Awakening The Light(Original Mix)[Digital Euphoria Recordings]
16 4Joann-You Were My Sunlight(Original Mix)[Soundport Recordings]
17 Pink Panda Ft. Nyanda-Love It Like That(Extended Mix)[Spinnin Records]
18 S-Cosmos-SunLight Juice[promodj]
19 Jam Da Bass & DJ T.H.-Get Ready And Dance(We Love Trance 2018 Anthem)(Miss Cortex Remix)[Entrancing Music]
20 MR MAX DJ-Singing The Ocean(Original Mix)[SoundCloud]
21 Josh Dirschka & Gravitega-Trinity(Gayax Remix)[Liberty Music Records]
22 Kometillo-Winter(Original Mix)[Pegasus Music]
23 Grande Piano-Key To Heaven(Original Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
24 Eminor9 & Ithur-La Invitacion(Original Mix)[Liberty Dark]
25 Ciro Parcheri-Xpander(Original Mix)[Neurals Records]
26 Vypion Droids-Vypions Destruction(Extended Mix)[Vibrate Audio]
27 Mousai Sound-One Evening(Original Mix)[AlYf Recordings]
28 Katylyst-Never Forget You(Classic Mix)[Mysterious Station]
29 Braulio Stefield-Lux Aeterna(Sergey Lagutin Remix)[Abora Recordings]
30 Karl K Otik-There's No Turning Back(Original Mix)[D.MAX Deep]
31 Passion for Hypnosis-Sellers of the insanity(Original Mix)[Gert Sound Records] …
Mixcloud: …
i like to say thank you to all followers for the massive support to my mixcloud! Thank you everyone from around the world ~wiz Peace N
THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 59 (Escape The Abuse Journey)

Aired By :
Jingle By : Zefora

01 Moreno J Ft.Magdalen Silvestra-Connected(Original Mix)[VERSE Recordings(Equinox)]
02 Marfel-Posh(Original Mix)[DB Records]
03 Andrea Matteu-Break The Cage(Original Mix)[Syncopate Afterhours]
04 Mike More-Syndrum(Original Mix)[Judi Records Deep]
05 Rui Da Silva & Sugar Jesus Feat Leda-You Dont Wanna Be Loved(Extended Mix)[Kismet Records]
06 Anger-Mystery Trackers(Epic Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
07 David Gate-Battle Of My Soul 2.0(Original Mix)[Pegasus Music]
08 Votchik-Alive(Myni8hte Extended Mix)[Melodios Music]
09 Fisical Project & Ryan K-Escape The Abuse(Original Mix)[Abora Recordings]
10 Katylyst-Never Forget You(Original Mix)[Mysterious Station]
11 Man En Trance-Armin Effect(Original Mix)[Azure Recordings]
12 Martin Cape-Nebula(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
13 S Cosmos-Space People(Original Mix)[promodj]
14 Nicholas Antony-Secret Garden(Original Mix)[Universal Feel]
15 District Solaris-Reverie(Original Mix)[TRANCEfonic Records]
16 Lisaya-Sunday(Extended Mix)[Vibrate Audio]
17 Babayaga & Josh Blackwell-Journey(Original Mix)[Syncopate Afterhours]
18 Alternate High-Path of Life(Braulio Stefield Remix)[Abora Recordings]
19 Moreno J-One Life In The Universe(Original Mix)[VERSE Recordings(Equinox)]
20 Volmax-Im Still Here(MarioMoS Remix)[Sensual Bliss Recordings]
21 Fredge-Calvarase(Extended Mix)[Mashbuk Recordings]
22 L.O.K.I-Years of Silence(Original Mix)[Appointed Recordings]
23 Gexver-Elvina(Original Mix)[promodj]
24 T.O.M.-Hanami(Diego Morrill Remix)[Melodios Music]
25 Dan Smooth & Elena T-Kapa(Original Mix)[Gert Records]
26 Liam Van Hoven-All Of Me(Neil Redden Remix)[Sundance Recordings]
27 Zoeen & DoubleV ft.Krysta Youngs-Heavy Heart(DoubleV Extended Mix)[IHU MUSIC GROUP]
28 Safri Duo-Played-A-Live(Bobina Remix)[Selfreleased]
29 Apollo 420-Alien Instrument(Original Mix)[Unique Sound Records]
30 Welshly Arms-Legendary(DJ Uneasy Remix)[promodj]
31 Josh Dirschka-Potential Unknown(Original Mix)[Liberty Dark]
32 Phantom-Pegasus(Original Mix)[promodj]
33 Khairy Ahmed-Journey(Original Mix)[AlYf Recordings]
34 Last Dream-Still Running(Original Mix)[D.MAX Recordings]
35 InnerSync-Beyond Distance(Original Mix)[Abora Chillout]

DTOD 59 Story:
Connected,Posh,Break The Cage,Syndrum,You Dont Wanna Be Loved.
Mystery Trackers,Battle Of My Soul 2.0,Alive,Escape The Abuse.
Never Forget You,Armin Effect,Nebula,Space People,Reverie,Sunday,Journey, Path of Life.
One Life In The Universe,Im Still Here,Calvarase.
Years of Silence,Elvina,Hanami,Kapa.
All Of Me,Heavy Heart,Played-A-Live,Alien Instrument.
Legendary,Potential Unknown,Pegasus,Journey,Still Running,Beyond Distance. …
Very interesting magical concept, and I like a lot your sense of humor ))) Good luck in your creation!
PR ++
Thank you :) i was named by the crowd because they always said i am a wizard in the booth. dk is for denmark :)
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