Nadezhda Mitrophanova
Main style: Hip-hop/Rap
Favorite styles: Indietronica, Pop, Pop Rap, R&B, Reggaeton, Trance
Producer, promoter, Singer, Poet, Listener, group / joint project since 2013
Performance: from 10 000 rubles / 30 min
Location: Russia, Moscow
Frequent visitor: MegaGalaxy (CHeboksary), Тройка (CHeboksary), Neon Club (CHeboksary), Первая Площадка (CHeboksary), уютное место, в компании друзей (Moscow), уютное место, в компании друзей (CHeboksary)
Was just once: клуб Рублёв (м. Чистые пруды, Чистопрудный бульвар, 25) (Moscow), ZONA (Moscow), Space (Moscow), Grand Luidor (CHeboksary), Космос (CHeboksary)
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8 July 2011 12:47
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С чего начинается Родина..

Всем известно, что все гениальное просто.. Поэтому начните путь к мечте с самого элементарного..
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1 July 2011 11:25
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Вперед и только вперед!

Не останавливайтесь на достигнутом, всегда есть то, к чему стоит стремиться..

There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose
Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what waitin on the other side
It's the climb

Miley Cyrus - The Climb
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1 July 2011 9:35
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I stray from love
'Couse I've had enough
I stray from the pain
That you'll give me today
I stray from your words
I stray from my thoughts
Stray from the tears
Stray from the fears
Maybe I am wrong
I just must be strong
But the words you've had to say
Made me lost my better way
Your words got me sad
My mind's going mad
It's disturb my heart and soul
All this my dear you must to know
It's not the way
I want to feel
The other day
The other fear
I want to live like in my dreams
Where you can forget 'bout all your fears
Where you can be happy
Where everything is pretty

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18 September 2010 19:27
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Made it..

we gon' run this town
be careful 'cause we'll get it down
all my girls, are you with me?
all the boys, do you hear me?


I can say I madу it
Now you know I did
Everything I wanted
Everything I need..


Everything you wanted
Burning  with blue low flame
Everything you flouted
Made you, like they all, same


You wanted to own me
That's why you hold me 
What i am read on your face:
You can not win, you only miss


You can change it if you want
But easy to see that you don't
Our lives and our minds
It is all in our hands


Don't waste your time if you fom the west
Try to find the way to the best
Don't waste your time if you from the east
Try to change your life: learn to dance the Twist


It is all that you can
And you can all this
You better man
And you know this


Do not forget that
We all that we did
Do not act like that
If I'm not what you need

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18 September 2010 19:21
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+PR ;)Заходи в гости ;)Дружим ?
Спасибо )
слушай коментируй цени спс зарание!!!
Ловите плюсик ;)
цени трек плз)
привет. мне понравились твои работы.. предлагаю поработать над совместным треком.. если есть желание.. если есть тема, постараюсь подхватить. демку могу прислать..
я выложил))
Аааа.. Когда не знаем, что сказать... Мы улыбаемся и машем!!! WAZZAA!
привет ) держи +
привет. спасибо за плюс.. правда не знаю за что он.. ))
Блин(( Я уже забыл за что поставил =D
Ха-ха.. ))) Бывает ))
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