Друзья вышел в свет мой сборник-альбом под названием Flashbacks,эти треки были написаны в период с 2006 по 2012 год.

Краткое описание альбома,предзаказ по ссылке ниже.


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17 October 2016 16:48
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spectrum vision - metrohm (free version)


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9 December 2015 0:57
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All times best(s) psybient.org

i actually composed this last Sunday all morning. It is my first reply here and I recognize a lot of people's name here for a quite while and I have a lot respect so I will make my first a bit formal. :mellow:

My favorite 3 all time albums

No.3: Phutureprimitive - Sub Conscious 2004 Waveform Records
         Spectrum Vision - Lost Space Device 2008 Sentimony Records

I am a little proud that I am the first to mention Mr.Spectrum Vision here. And I haven't heard people quote his music often enough. The materials he put into this album can make 10 fairly good quality albums. I would exclude Track.8 to make it even better and more integral as one piece. Mr.SpectrumVision's strength and the best feature of this album is how he process the natural voice samples.... The voice samples are very exotic, and so everywhere, they are not just supporting actors, actresses in this music drama, they are the show.... and they have this very rare raw, wildness energy... I don't know if this is a good comparison, Entheogenic's music is groundbreaking in merging all natural sounds in one, Spectrum Vision is groundbreaking in make these wild voices more human-like.... And I must mention how he create and change his beats. They are very very beautifully designed, crystal clearly executed and always ever-changing! It is really a perfect combination, match up for all that ancient, raw voices. This is not just talent, it is a huge amount of meticulous labor to make this album. Thank you!
All right, I am done with my long reasoning of my 3 favorites. I can't just give a short list without my full considerations.... like you must vent out your long pent up admirations! Now, I feel much relieved, chilled out.... :)   thank you again...   :lol:

chill out psych ill
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9 December 2015 0:51
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Spectrum Vision - Different Worlds EP // Blue Tunes Chillout [BTCDR006]

Spectrum Vision - Different Worlds EP // Blue Tunes Chillout [BTCDR006]
Beatport: https://pro.beatport.com/release/diff...
Genre: Ambient
Release Date: 2015-11-19
Label: Blue Tunes Chillout

01. Spectrum Vision - Quatro Life
02. Spectrum Vision - Astrobot
03. Spectrum Vision - Inner Space (BM edit)
04. Spectrum Vision - Inner Space (Ujo remix)

»Blue Tunes Chillout
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bluetuneschillout
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bluetuneschi...
beatport: https://pro.beatport.com/label/blue-t...

»Spectrum Vision
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/spectrum-vision
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/spectrum.vision
beatport: https://pro.beatport.com/artist/spect...
myspace: http://myspace.com/spectrum-vision
twitter: https://twitter.com/IvanUjo
lastfm: http://www.lastfm.ru/music/spectrum+v...

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dzppsy
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcEW...

No copyright infringement intended. The purpose of creating this channel is only for music and 
promotion! I think that everybody has an ear for music, but he/she searches the kind of music 
that matches to him/her!! Please enjoy and let the music play!

All the uploads on this channel are for the promotional purposes only, and are uploaded after 
release! The mp3 is converted to 128kbps.... if you are label manager or artist and you don't 
want your material featured on the channel please contact me it will be removed inside 24h!

For any problem please contact me on ( musicdzp@gmail.com ) or find me on Facebook 
("https://www.facebook.com/dzppsy")!! Thank you for supporting my channel!

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30 November 2015 1:29
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Various - Chilling Dragon

Coming soon http://www.ektoplazm.com

V/A - Chilling Dragon

track:spectrum vision - sea soon

director: Darko Kolevsk

Pay original track:http://spectrumvisionoffical.bandcamp.com/track/sea-soon

spectrum vision
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11 May 2015 12:48
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Astropilot - The Mist Remix EP [24Bits]

Dmitriy is back and he has brought his friends along to remix and give their own interpretation of his new melodic ambient track entitled "The Mist". 
This 6-tracks EP is available in digital format only and in 24 Bits quality for maximum enjoyment. 
For those who want to down-sample easily and for free in 16 bits we recommend r8brain : www.voxengo.com/product/r8brain


releases 28 December 2014 

The Mist EP written, produced and mastered by AstroPilot in 24 bits quality. 

Track #2 remixed by George Deligiannis, Greece: www.facebook.com/cydelix.geedel 

Track #3 remixed by Anton Morozov, Russia: www.facebook.com/cloowerwoomamusic 

Track #4 remixed by Ivan Uzdyaev, Russia: www.facebook.com/spectrum.vision 

Track #5 remixed by Nándor Horváth, Ferenc Majercsik, Hungary: www.facebook.com/YarnSounds 

Track #6 remixed by Andrey Rugaroo, Ukraine: www.facebook.com/rroo.idm 
lirics chill out
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21 December 2014 7:10
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ambient psychedelic techno
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22 January 2013 2:04
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Latest tracks by spectrum vision

ambient psychedelic
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22 January 2013 1:35
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plusquam-records.net spectrum-vision instant infinity EP

beatport instant-infinity


Исполнитель: Spectrum Vision

Диск: Instant Infinity EP

Дата релиза: 2012-09-07

Лейбл: Plusquam Chillout

Стиль: Ambient, Downtempo 

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22 September 2012 1:07
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Martian Chronicles - Various Artists

TRIMURTI RECORDS and MUDRA RECORDS proudly present a soundtrack for Ray Bradbury’s short story collection “Martian Chronicles” which is the first album from the “EXOBOOKS” series. This project, inspired by and dedicated to a great book, unites Russian chill-out musicians and British actors. The album does not adhere to one particular style of music. Smooth ambient comes from well-known artists Chronos, and Astropilot as well as new kid in town Sonlieto. Psy-dub from the expertly crafted project Spectrum Vision, progressive trance from Psyfactor, psychill from Garuda, Berlin electronics from C.J.Catalizer, innovatory psyprog from Trollwood and a taste of avant-garde chill-out from Taff are all combined into fragments of original, visually-rich, all embracing dimensions of Russian chill-out music. This eclectic mix gives listeners a chance to imagine and visualize many different episodes and scenes from the book. This album was conceived by Russian DJ Alex Coda as a gift for the 93rd birthday of a great writer, whose creativity still inspires him in his mission up to this day. Dedicated to all true space dreamers!


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10 August 2012 14:43
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