k kro
Main style: Jazz
Favorite styles: Acid Jazz, Breaks, Chillout, Club House, Drum & Bass, Funk, Future Jazz, Jazzstep, Nu Jazz, Trip-Hop
Producer since 2001
Performance: 1 hour
Location: United States, New York
Frequent visitor: Propaganda (Moscow), Battery Park (New York)
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utica music and arts fest, Utica, 21:00 // 15 September 2012
TRASH BAR, Brooklyn, 19:00 // 9 January 2012
Andrew New Yorker
Schooled in classical composition, focusing on late, highly developed tonal styles of Prokofiev and Shostakovich. 
Played jazz gigs with best cats in town.
Grooved hot chicks on the dance floor on bass with a DJ.
Earned Master of Music in New York on 100% scholarship.
Won Downbeat award.

That's nothing. 

Music is my way of existence. I invest all my life in it.
I make it as melodic, accessible yet perfectly written as I can.

Guys like Mike Pope (played with Chick in the Elektric Band) and Jean Caze (played with Herbie and Al Jarreau) have their touring schedule tightly packed months ahead. There's no way of getting them on your track if they don't like the material. They play on my record. I'm proud of it. 
Enjoy the music. Some of it require time be digested. Listen again. There's a lot going on, but every bit is in place. It is full of melodies and emotions, it is masterfully harmonized and arranged.

I don't know how I did it, but this is GOOD MUSIC, believe it or not. 

Jazz Bass. I practiced on the train to Manhattan - was totally out of shape.

Anyway. Again. What music?? Fun!!

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15 June 2012 8:15
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Jazz )) A bit too jazzy though )) Fun.

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15 June 2012 8:11
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weird, huh?

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2 June 2012 18:04
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some fun stuff on more to come ))

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17 May 2012 12:48
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West 42nd

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17 May 2012 0:47
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Круто!)почему раньше не видел)))?

помогаем с PR
и в друзья
заранее благодарен
Я что то не врубаюсь,к чему ты мне портянки такие пишешь???))) смысла не улавливаю)))
вроде все по делу. или тебе само дело не интересно более? про фаберже тоже далеко не праздный вопрос - мне оно дорогого стоило.
Я не поняла,причем фаберже?что ты имеешь имеешь ввиду?Мой фаберже-это мой проект с моим диджеем,и мы гастролируем под этим названием.
У тебя там,по ходу,другой Фаберже,о котором мне ничего не известно.
))) ржалЪ )) сорри ))) Дела идут, кстати))
Я рада,что дела идут!!)))Надеюсь,все будет зашибись))
Ну,привет на промо!! ++))
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