Main style: Psy Trance
Favorite styles: 8-bit, Acid, Acid Breaks, Acid Techno, Acid Trance, Ambient, Ambient Breaks, Ambient Dub, Atmospheric Breaks, Breaks, Chillout, Dark Ambient, Dark Progressive, Deep House, Deep Techno, Detroit Techno, Downtempo, Dub, Dub Techno, Easy Listening, Electro, Experimental, Full-On, Funky Techno, Goa Trance, Minimal psytrance, Minimal Techno, Progressive Trance, Psy Chill, Psybient, Psychedelic breakbeat, Tech House, Tech Trance, Techno, Techstep, Trance, Tribal House, Turntablism
DJ, producer, radioshow, Listener since 1992
Performance: from €500 / 2.5 hours
Location: Germany, Lübeck
Guest: Hamburg - St.Pauli - Reeperbahn (Hamburg), Open Channel BalticSea (Lübeck), Lübeck K-Eck (Lübeck), Cross & Country 2013 (Bremen), Various Stations (Hamburg), is played in Various Stations (Hamburg), (Sourcefile is recorded at my home) it is played (not live) in Various Stations (Hamburg), OK (Hamburg), various stations (Hamburg)
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2012/2013 >>> Psinetic's Psygressive Trance Mixes


Russian Trance Radio >>> 23h <<< 1 Hour Radio Guestmix

Russian Trance Radio >>> 23h <<< 1 Hour Radio Guestmix

Album 1 @ Psinetic

1290708901 ixpirio 650x117 @ Psinetic

Big thanks to...
Scarabee aka DJ Roma Amper( Russian Trance Radio / ZDS Promo
It's his Radioshow and it is called "Trance Port"  41th Division

After my Mixhour @ 24h (Midnight) the Mix from M.D.A. will continous the Show.

Much fun all listeners. Best regards

Progressive Psytrance
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26 January 2013 2:20
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New Progressive Psytrance Promomix Today

Today I will upload a new "Progressive Psytrance Promomix" in the early evening.

The Mix includes 2 hours music and is recorded with a speed of 138 beats per minute.

20 mixed progressive trance tracks reloaded.

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Progressive Psytrance
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30 November 2012 12:25
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PSYGRESSIVE TRANCE TOP-20 -(October)- mixed by PSINETIC (2012-10-10)

Just in this moment I am uploading the newest "TOP-20-Psy-Trance-Mix-Charts". I think that the Progressive Top20 Mix of October 2012 will be avaiable in 60 minutes latest.

PSYGRESSIVE TRANCE TOP-20 -(October)- mixed by PSINETIC (2012-10-10) 002 cover @ Psinetic

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11 October 2012 0:54
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Perception of Aurora (2012-10-07) mixed by Psinetic

Tonight or today morning I have uploaded a new Progressive Psytrance Mix, it is called "Perception of Aurora". This Mix was recorded at the last Sunday. Today I have mastered and tracked this audiofile. I hope you like it. Greetings from Psinetic & have a nice day all.... :)

18 Tracks mixed with constantly 140 Bpm with a duration of 79minutes & 13 seconds.

Perception of Aurora (2012-10-07) mixed by Psinetic (cover) @ Psinetic

Progressive Psytrance, Psytrance, 2012, tracked titles, Lübeck, mixed by Psinetic
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9 October 2012 5:58

PsyTech Force Vol.01 (2012-09-26) mixed by DJ Psinetic

PsyTechForce Vol.01 (2012-09-26) mixed by Psinetic cover web @ Psinetic

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27 September 2012 8:54
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I started with mixing music in 1990/91 at schoolparties, my favorite music was Dancefloor & HipHop.
1992 Ravemusic and Hardtrance, 2 years later I was very interested in Goamusic & Deep Progressive Trance.
The first Psytrance Tracks from Matsuri Records (London/Uk), the label from DJ Tsuyoshi Suzuki, in 1993/1994
have infected me. Labels like T.I.P from the Infinity Project, Spirit Zone (Hamburg) the Label from DJ Antaro,
where Etnica has released most of their music in the past, I bought these records and were loving this new
kind of trancemusic...
Today I prefer the more progressive as psychedelic Psytrance Sound. But also I like the experimental,
mixing of different electronic genres.

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Dr.Dizzy (Wicked)  28 March 2015 19:14
Last summer was in Berlin. It is a pity that did not meet
Dj Vladimir  29 December 2014 11:47
Guys ! I think You're a professional in the business ! Congratulations Your kamado merry Christmas ! We in Russia happy New year ! I wish You health, happiness,good tracks and mixes..I really like Your band and Your music ! I will say more, I am Your fan ! Thank You that You are ! Friends continue to give Us joy ! I LOVE YOU ! With Novium by 2015 thoda YOU ! ..
TechSpace  6 June 2014 9:49
Dj Vladimir  19 November 2013 12:59
Ich Wünsche Ihnen viel Erfolg ! Immer mit Euch, Jungs ! Geben Sie uns eine positive und schöne Musik ! Gut gemacht
N Beaver  12 August 2013 18:41
Die Musik ist super, schön! Du bist der Meister! Vielen Dank an Sie, ich die Art und Weise erinnert, ich liebe diese Musik! Danke!
  PS Ich spreche kein Deutsch - Google it :)
LADY ICE CREAM  18 June 2013 16:27
your music made me dream! this is cool! +++++
DJ.SANMiX  9 April 2013 8:22
__>>>Symphonix vs. Fabio & Moon - Time To Punk vs. Based On True Stories (mixed by Psinetic)
DJ.SANMiX  9 April 2013 8:18
Alёna Nice  27 January 2013 23:21
Andrey Zhuravlev  27 January 2013 15:08

HB2U!!! Kreative Siegen! Und das Meer von Fans! ;)
Psinetic  31 December 2012 21:56
Anastasia  29 December 2012 1:05
May the New Year bring you
With snow - laughter,
With frost - courage,
In cases of success
And in the spirit - hardness.
Let everything be done cherished
And, overcoming distance road
Hope the door to knock you
And quietly set foot on the threshold.
And after her success will
With a glass of celebratory in his hand,
Vbegut, childish and playing,
Surprise and fun light.
I sincerely wish you
Love and joyful trouble.
Let you no upsets
2013th year!
Andy S  18 November 2012 20:15
Огромный плюс за творчество!!! Продолжай в том же духе;) Успехов в процветании!
DJ COREA  25 December 2012 18:00
I wish you a happy Christmas and all the best for the new year! :)
ALEKSANDR MARCONI  20 September 2012 16:54
Hello man)) my support! it's real music ;) good job man ))
PaPPy  16 November 2012 8:24
I also like your music )))I listen to and I am glad )))
PaPPy  15 November 2012 15:39
Hi Psinetic,I'm fine!)))You a good DJ!)))

+ )))
Всего хорошего )
PR+++++! Желаю успеха!
отличные работы! PR+
заходи в гости!)
+in general, and to friends)))
крутятские работы))+++супер
My support, PR+++))
!!!___ Слушай и качай! Не забывай оставить комментарий и поднять рейтинг ___!!! …
I wish success) my support ++++ from Ukraine
Моя поддержка:) PR + :)успехов в дальнейшем творчестве :) Буду рад дружбе и заходи в гости ;-)
Immeasurable as space successes and new ideas in the works!
thanks for spirits and fine cosmic vibrations!
modest support from me +++ pr and karma dude (;
Oт меня PR+++++++++!творческих успехов!!! надеюсь на ответочку!!!
Счастья пусть будет полная чаша!
Let the Upcoming New Year you have all the things, that you can not buy: Love, Health, Happiness and Friends!:)
I wish you an incredible success, peace and goodness!

thx I visted you , too. greetings n1ce
ANDY !!! hold My MENTAL SUPPORT !!! RESPECT TO YOU !!! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++ ;-))
PR ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++ ;-))
Thank you Planbeer
Greetings :-)
+++++ ! PR+ ! +++++ :)
Thxxx Aledo Greetings
+ лови, надеюсь на взаимность)
Thanks very much Tony
Thank you liloo & many greetings
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