Petrof Djs
Main style: Big Room House
Favorite styles: Breaks, Electro House, Electro Progressive, House, Minimal Techno, Progressive House, Tech House, Techno
DJ, VJ, producer, promoter since 1993
Location: Russia, Izhevsk
Resident: (Izhevsk), Кристалл (Izhevsk), Light Zone (Izhevsk)
Guest: клуб Авиатор (Izhevsk), Опера Хаус (Izhevsk), ГАРАЖ (Izhevsk), U-Dance (Izhevsk), КЛУБ ПАРОХОД!!! (Votkinsk), Chikago (CHaikovskii), club ''INDIGO'' (CHaikovskii), клуб Спички (Glazov), Айсберг (Glazov), Звезда (Glazov), nighn club Сорока (Glazov), клуб GLOBASS (Perm), Black & White (Perm), Третий Рим (Perm), Клуб Панорамма (Perm), Клуб Микс, Пермская область (CHusovoi), Club Gorod (Solikamsk), Al'katraz (Solikamsk), club Бездна (Berezniki), La Manche (Berezniki), B3 Sound System (Berezniki), Клуб Snow Project (Клуб Снег) (Ekaterinburg), Пушкин (Ekaterinburg), Матрица (Nizhnii Novgorod), Клуб Людовик (Neftekamsk), клуб «Арсенал» (Neftekamsk), София (Serpuhov), Пилот (Orenburg), ☆_☆_☆_☆_☆_☆_☆_☆_Ночной клуб МАМА - ночной клуб №1 в Перми!_☆_☆_☆_☆_☆_☆_☆_☆_☆_☆_☆ (Perm), Звездный (Balezino)
Frequent visitor: СОВА (Mozhga)
Was just once: Районный Дом культуры (Alnashi), Laluna (Perm), Ночной клуб "A-zone" (Arzamas), Манеж ВКИУ Моностырская, 12/1, Пермь (Perm)
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ВМЯСО, Izhevsk, 17:00 // 14 January 2017
Electro House
ВМЯСО, Izhevsk, 21:00 // 13 January 2017
Electro House
Сальвадор, Izhevsk, 21:00 // 24 November 2016
Tech House
Metro, CHaikovskii, 21:00 // 14 May 2016
Electro House
Сальвадор, Izhevsk, 21:00 // 13 May 2016
Electro House

Видео Миксы

Live-миксы были записаны с использованием видео клипов и динамичных футажей на оборудовании Pioneer DDJ SX & Avermedia HD. Записаны в Full HD 1080.

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20 January 2014 17:28

Remix & Mashup

Промо Миксы

996 72:08 12  459 PR17,9 ▲
Electro Progressive, Electro House
302 76:33 5  201 PR10,9 ▲
Tech House, Techno
307 51:31 9  210 PR11,3 ▲
Electro House
219 60:04 2  137 PR9,2 ▲
Tech House
425 62:46 6  317 PR18,5 ▲
Disco House, Disco Funk


843 54:09 8  472 PR16,7 ▲
Electro, Electro Progressive
832 65:59 5  587 PR15,4 ▲
Progressive House

Хорошо забытое старое))


703 5:44 3  177 PR12,3 ▲
Techno, Tech House
1 481 5:09 11  300 PR31,6 ▲
Electro Progressive
Petrof DJs/VJs

Working in pairs DJ thing on a show and well, if both members of this duo complement each other and work for maximum impact. Today there are quite a few projects. This is crazy-blonde twins Nervo, not relatives, but as brothers, AN21 & MaxVangeli and many others. While they, foreign talents, due to small children tried to get to the core of all these "buttons-krutilok" to the mixing console, in Russia we have acted in all similar project. About these guys know anyone who is interested in any way the club life. They are waiting in every town and every club in the expanses of Russia and CIS countries. They are called - PETROF Djs.
A bit of history
Back in 1995, when the country began to emerge Japanese cars and VCRs, the concept of dance music, the Russians were very concerning. In general, this trend was attributed to anything that makes you move, and this Snap and Scooter, a wide variety of songs and some talented Russian groups. The variety was more than obvious, and this time was the beginning of the birth of modern clubbing. That is when you create a project called «PETROF Djs» party to make brighter and the musical accompaniment of the whole event more catchy and memorable. Its organizers are becoming ever more in the dance schools, gain success, but remember they are not only due to his talent and musical tastes.
Who is who
Hi Paul, Hi Igor, and one of them, Paul, and who is Igor Petrov, the first (and also the fifth) time is difficult to determine. It looks like at least unusual. Yes, PETROF Djs - twins and they work together, but the similarities do not end there. The impression is that the concept of "bad mood" is simply unknown to either of them. Both have to communicate and returns to the stage. Boredom is not necessary, because PETROF Djs picks tracks like dishes in Japanese cuisine every next better than the last, and so on to infinity. In this work a couple makes an impromptu track list so dynamic that it just blows up the dance floor. For this they are like the audience, for that they are appreciated by fans, and that's why they are incredibly busy schedule of performances.
Two dozen as instant
Experience - 20 years on stage is impressive, really impressive. Today PETROF Djs are the real guru in the world of dance music, and with a half-turn determine the mood of the public. The work of Paul and Igor Petrov is based on the compilation of studio tracks top European club charts miksovok own, distinctive technique and broad musical palette. In the speech PETROF Djs you are lucky enough to dance to different styles, consolidated into a single picture. Currently Petrov base their creativity and sets in areas such as Electro (driving style in the project), Progressive House, House and classical compilation of "popular" tracks with solid and exciting elements of Techno Breaks. It's a show, a place in which scatter over the last month before the performance. PETROF Djs project for those who want a real vacation and feel the energy of the best dance music.
With experience, you can not argue
Of course, PETROF Djs two decades have found not only the sea of ​​knowledge, capabilities, and skated on a shuttle or a thousand tracks, they also found a lot of friends. Over the history of the creativity they have worked with such DJs as Balearic Soul (Bora Bora-Privelege) and Sean ONeal (Tuning Spork, FoundSound, 611, Fuzzy Boh Found Sound, Spenser Parker (Ibiza, Bora Bora), DJ Ozy (Thule musik) and DJ Juan Sunshine (Pasha, Ibiza), Jools Palmer & Khoom (Bubl Lab / Spin NYC) and Chris Purtell, Chris Johan (Sound Ranger production) and Chris Chord & Jojo Hofmockel, Dj Showrell, The Beginerz and many others.
PETROF Djs project continues to make more and more interesting miksovkami and tours to Russia. Since 2013 his old guys embody the idea of ​​working with video material, so that they mix with the visualization you will remember for a long time. If possible, do not miss the ticket, such a sight is not forgotten!


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Инновационная разработка последних лет - уникальная жидкость для генераторов дыма «FOGGER». Основными потребителями данной продукции являются клубы и театры, дискотеки и развлекательные центры. Особый интерес она вызывает в сфере киноиндустрии и престижных направлений искусства. Жидкость для дым-машин «FOGGER» 99 % состоит из воды. В ее составе отсутствует глицерин и его производные, благодаря чему применение данного состава не приводит к образованию накипи на нагревательных элементах. С помощью жидкости «FOGGER» образуется устойчивый и достаточно плотный дым белого цвета. При этом гарантировано полное отсутствие раздражающего воздействия на дыхательные пути людей.
Производится «FOGGER» в Китае, упакован в удобные канистры различного размера – 5, 10 и 20 литров.
Российское представительство ОАО «Ижклабинг»
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