Ozone Cocktail
Favorite styles: Ambient, Downtempo, Experimental, House
Producer, vocalist, poet, group / joint project since 2000
Performance: 1 hour
Location: Russia, Moscow
Guest: Желтое Море (Moscow), Гоа (Moscow)
Frequent visitor: клуб 16 тонн (Moscow), Клуб Икра (Moscow), Шанти (Moscow)
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Indie rock, Lounge
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Озоновый коктейль

The Ozone Cocktail arose in Moscow in 2000 year. In that time there were only two members in the band: Marina Makarova ( Music, Lyrics, Vocal, Keys, Back-Vocal) and Michael Sokolovskiy (Music, Programming, Guitar, Accordion). They decided to make lyrics in English, which seemed to be more organic for their music. However, there are lots of songs in their native tongue on their first album “The Land of Tornado”, “Citadel
records”. Unfortunately “The Land of Tornado” was not really popular in Russia and musicians decided to make the next album for Europe and to release it there. In 2003 Kirill Trepakov (“Expedition Zero”) joined the band at first as a sound producer, later – as a bass guitarist. The first European release took place on “Black Coffee. Vol.6” (“Echo Chamber”, Vienna) in 2003. In 2004 the “Magnetic” album came out in Paris.
“Magnetic has really nice sound, which was really appreciated in the world. The music is also very individual and for sure it stands out against the crowd of the other bands. During the recording the band had prepared the concert program and gave a spectacular performance on prestigious festival in Monaco - “The days of Saint Petersburg”. The “Magnetic” album has a glowing review from the European and American’s press. The most of the songs were translated on popular radio station in all over the world. The clip, which has been shoot in Paris, is also in rotation in the world. It is possible to see it even on Russian channel “Stolitca” nowadays. During the next visit in Paris in February 2006 the band gave a radio interview for American broadcasting department, for BBC. The program with Ozone Cocktail is easy to find in the internet on the BBC’s official web site. The “Magnetic” was published in Russia by “Soyuz” company in 2005. It has some difference from the firs publishing. Apart from “April, 31” in Russian (By the way, this song was very popular in America and was loved by BBC very much), there are two tracks in their Russian versions: “Night Walk” (“Nochnaya Progulka”) and “Jump Into The Sky” (Prighok V Nebo).
The album “Anything may come” can be described as an electro-acoustic neo-romantic album with incrustation of jazz and ethnic (for most Latin-American ethnic). Gorgeous softly enveloping sound, original arrangements with incredibly charming vocal and exquisitely bewitching melodies – those are what create the unique sound of “Ozone Cocktail”. All in all, the music style of the band is getting stricter and more recognisable in comparing with the previous album, though eclectic notes seem to be increased. There are soft funk, Latin-house, dub, electric bosa-nova and so on. The album was assisted by Pavel Khotin, keyboards (ex “Sounds Mu”, “MD&C Pavlov”, “Nikolay Kopernik”).  For this time, Russian people will be able to listen to the new album earlier, than in the other world.
In december 2009 brand new album by "Ozone cocktail".

Привет друзья мои! Как хочеться чтобы вы как-нибудь собрались на Кубань с концертом! Спасибо за творчество!!! ЕЩЁ! ЕЩЁ! ЕЩЁ! ЕЩЁ! ЕЩЁ!
Приглашайте, приедем
С наступившим Новым годом! HNY! PROMOELKA *
WOW Фантастика!!! Живая вода оживила!!!!
Вы реально молодцы! Очень круто !!! Я теперь ваш фэн!
Спасибо за поддержку PROMODJ РУЛИТ
Мне очень понравилось!
Везде ПЛЮСЫ!))
Жду в гости!
рад был видеть вас на своей странице
я вам + ставлю смело Wink
КАЙФ Давай в друзья! +++ RULISH
Приятная музыка давайте в друзья)+
молодцы плюсы вам PROMODJ давайте дружить
Спасибо за поддержку PROMODJ РУЛИТ
Ааа...! Вот это музыка... огромный респект!!
Спасибо за поддержку PROMODJ РУЛИТ
Боже мой...как же я вас люблю...
Вы делаете прекраснейшую музыку...
Марина, у Вас волшебный голос!
Спасибо за поддержку PROMODJ РУЛИТ
Красивая музыка!
Не мудрствуя лукаво: "Респект и уважуха" вам, ребята!
Спасибо за поддержку PROMODJ РУЛИТ
Ребята, вы реально мои кумиры. Диск с первым альбомом в машине прописался уже который год, а песня Magnetic Power вообще предел всего что я слышал в русской лаунж электронике.
С нетерпением и любовью жду новостей и ищу возможность купить новый альбом.
Спасибо за поддержку PROMODJ РУЛИТ
Отличный саунд,
красивые треки,
голос божественный,
С удовольствием поиграю в клубе!
++ Эксклюзив
Спасибо за поддержку PROMODJ РУЛИТ
Очень хорошая у вас музыка. Молодцы КАЙФ
Спасибо за поддержку PROMODJ РУЛИТ
Очень красивая музыка!+Желаю Вам,чтобы презентация прошла замечательно!!!Успехов!!!
Отличная душевная музыка...Просто супер..Жду альбома..:)
ловите +++ для разгона и в други для общения !!!
Интересная самобытная музыка!
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