Morgan May
Main style: Progressive Trance
Favorite styles: Progressive House, Tech House, Tech Trance, Tribal House, Uplifting Trance, Vocal Trance
DJ, producer, promoter, Listener since 2001
Performance: from €1,500 / 2 hours
Location: Netherlands, Amsterdam
Resident: Flashback (Amsterdam), Raypath (Amsterdam), EYE 1 Radio - (Amsterdam, Miami, Washington) (Amsterdam)
Guest: Escape, Amsterdam, NL (Amsterdam), ShakeDown (Chicago), EYE1 Radio (Amsterdam), EYE1 Radio (Amsterdam), EYE1 Radio (Amsterdam, Miami, Washington) (Miami), Bloomendaal (Zandvoort)
Frequent visitor: The Vault (Amsterdam)
EYE1 Radio (Amsterdam, Miami, Washington), Amsterdam, 14:59 // 3 March 2011
Progressive House
EYE1 Radio, Amsterdam, 17:00 // 1 August 2010
Progressive Trance
EYE1 Radio, Amsterdam, 21:10 // 26 July 2010
Progressive Trance
Music is the bridge between the Heaven and the Earth... 
Pinned comments
Kiprida Venus  8 January 2011 1:01

For eye1 ! Так выпьем же!
ARNIE VAN DER FULL  1 December 2010 1:31
ARNIE VAN DER FULL  21 December 2010 10:35
ARNIE VAN DER FULL  21 November 2010 11:23

You are the BEST WOW КАЙФ Эксклюзив
ARNIE VAN DER FULL  15 June 2010 2:57

Andrey Seaman [ MINITRONIX ]  27 January 2009 10:31
Hi guy!I just heard your promo, it's really nice music, it's music what i like, but progressive house is more likely for me, anyway mixes are technically good, so I give you + to rank!))
P.S.You are welcome to my page)) HEY DJ
Sandro Indi  12 September 2009 6:09
Excellent music in style progressive!!! Certainly plus!
Liliya  26 May 2010 1:41
Морган привет
С Днем Рождения тебя)))
здоровья любви и творческих успехов тебе)))
VL Project  26 May 2010 1:56
ПОЗДРАВЛЯЮ! держи леща)))
Илья Кошкин  26 April 2010 17:52
Morgan, you have excellent taste and excellent work, which I listened. Taste, professionalism and a sense of the music that DJs really need more? As I listened to the works, you feel every track in your mix, and proceed to the listeners all the qualities which he did not even know! Glad to get acquainted, get to all the heights and conjure a party! Good luck.
Илья Кошкин  26 May 2010 21:46
Happy Birthday! I wish you health, luck, happiness and success to you;)
ANDREY BATALOV  26 May 2010 20:57
C днём рождения !!!
Andrey Subbotin  26 May 2010 12:38
С Днём Рождения! Отличного здоровья, хорошего настроения, успехов в творчестве и много денег! RULISH
ARNIE VAN DER FULL  7 July 2010 3:36
Let's partieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! WOW WOW WOW ЕЩЁ! WAZZAA! WAZZAA! КАЙФ КАЙФ КАЙФ BEST BEST Эксклюзив Эксклюзив Эксклюзив Да, в Лондоне! RULISH КРУТО GOD IS A DJ HEY DJ WOW WOW WOW
ARNIE VAN DER FULL  6 June 2010 20:15
ARNIE VAN DER FULL  8 June 2010 2:55
Hunger (Edvard Hunger)  5 May 2010 18:52
I don't believe the eyes! Its impossible! EYE 1 Radio here too!
Morgan - I thought, what is it won't be possible - your stay here!
Its very nice! I'm very glad what i searching you here! WOW I'm in shok, true!
I remember what in my childhood i listen your radio -
and its impossible))) Very nice, Morgan!
Best wishes to you and add me in friends here))
Good luck to you! WOW WOW WOW
ARNIE VAN DER FULL  22 April 2010 1:32
ARNIE VAN DER FULL  16 April 2010 1:20

Love you!
ЧернаяКошка  17 March 2010 20:26
I am glad to become your friend))
ARNIE VAN DER FULL  18 March 2010 16:42

Morgan, you are the best of the best! I love you so much!
ARNIE VAN DER FULL  25 December 2009 21:11

Merry Christmas the dearest of them all! Hugs and kisses!
ARNIE VAN DER FULL  4 December 2009 4:29
Martian Eclipse  7 November 2009 12:44
Oh damn
Northern Lights -it's "van der full" mix=)
Nice compilation and mixing technics.
I like this progressive. I take it in my music collection.
N1 bro Keep up the good work)
All the best! HEY DJ  7 November 2009 13:44  17 August 2009 20:38
hola, Morgan! happy b-day:)
С Днем Рождения!
Привет! Я приглашаю к себе на страницу промо... сайта
С днем рождения!
Hello !
Привет. Оцени (трэк парней из Литвы). Важно твоё мнение

С днём рождения, дорогой!
Happy Birthday Frend!
Опа па па
с днюхой!!
Поздравляю с юбилеем!!! Желаю успехов в творчестве и по жизни вообще, и чтобы шишки всегда попадались только самых качественных сортов
С днем рождения!))
С днем рождения! Дальнейшего развития тебе как музыканта и человека!

Morgan HI!!! Excellent music! I wish you creative successes! LOCK, STOCK, PROMODJ

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