Milos Kudela
Main style: Trance
Favorite styles: Ambient, Chillout, Disco House, Funky House, Hard Trance, House, Melodic Trance, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Psy Trance, Tech Trance, Uplifting Trance, Vocal Trance
Producer since 2010
Location: Slovakia, Levice
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Milosh K - Forever Yours [Sundance Recordings] OUT NOW! 

2019 Sundance Recordings

258 5:01    PR2,4 ▲
Trance, Uplifting Trance

2019 traxx/remixes

41 5:00    PR1 ▲
Uplifting Trance, Trance
127 3:58    PR0 ▲
Trance, Uplifting Trance
260 3:38    PR1 ▲
Vocal Trance, Uplifting Trance
66 4:07 1  PR0,1 ▲
Uplifting Trance, Trance
95 3:22    PR1 ▲
Trance, Uplifting Trance

2019 Soul Waves Music

104 3:21 1  PR2,5 ▲
Uplifting Trance, Trance

2018 Sundance Recordings

281 5:01    PR2 ▲
Trance, Uplifting Trance

World Trance DJ Event guestmix



143 4:25 6  PR11,1 ▲
Trance, Uplifting Trance

Milosh K, Victor Special & Paula P'Cay - Your Choice [Sky Academy Records] SACR049


128 4:53 7  PR8,2 ▲
Uplifting Trance, Trance


Milosh K - Supermoon EP [Sky Academy Records] SACR046


94 3:04 1  11 PR0,3 ▲
Dance Pop
101 3:35    18 PR1,5 ▲
Easy Listening
49 6:14    7 PR0,2 ▲

FREE REMIXES - classic traxx of the 90's

209 7:28 1  64 PR1,7 ▲
Trance, Uplifting Trance
242 9:05    123 PR3,1 ▲
Trance, Uplifting Trance


71 5:30 3  PR4,1 ▲
Trance, Uplifting Trance
177 3:25 1  PR2 ▲
Disco House, Funky House
108 5:26 15  PR9,1 ▲
Trance, Uplifting Trance



34 77:18    51 PR1,3 ▲
81 81:43    32 PR0,8 ▲
Trance, Uplifting Trance
Milosh K

Music producer from Slovakia (Levice). Carreer started in 2010.

Main style - TRANCE




Milosh K - Better Tomorrows [Yeiskomp Records] (YR630)

Victor Special & Milosh K - Carpathians Sunrise [Shamania Music] (SHM057)

Milosh K - Flashpoint [Shamania Music] (SHM055)

Victor Special & Milosh K - Overture For Fire [Shamania Music] (SHM053)


Milosh K - 2K17 Remixed by AlphaGerius & Nikolay Titov [Sky Academy Records] (SACR052)

Milosh K pres. Peace Of Soul - Thousand Of Pieces [Sky Academy Records] (SACR051)

Milosh K - Forgiveness  [Gert Records] (GERT0318)

Milosh K, Victor Special & Paula P'Cay - You Choice  [Sky Academy Records] (SACR049)

Milosh K - Through The Glass [Sky Academy Records] (SACR048)

Milosh K - Supermoon (Expensive City Remix) [Sky Academy Records] (SACR047)

Milosh K - Supermoon EP [Sky Academy Records] (SACR046)


Milosh K - Windmill [Sky Academy Records] (SACC006)


Milosh K - To The Top/Morning In Amsterdam EP [Sky Academy Records] (SACR024)

Milosh K - To The Top [Sky Academy Records] (SACR020)

Milosh K - Sunshine (Tensile Force Remix) [Sky Academy Records] (SACC003)

Milosh K - Sunshine EP [Sky Academy Records] (SACR004)


Milosh K - The Night Sky EP [AWJ Recordings, Phat Groove Records] (AWJR047)


Milosh K - Tempora [Fireworxx Records] (BLV373489)

Milosh K - The Last Moments (House Mix, Trance Mix) [Dbeatzion Records] (DBR148)

Milosh K - Funkiano (Original Mix, Matt De La Peet Remix, Maka Remix) [Dbeatzion Records] (DBR098)

Milosh K - Fairy Tale/Nashira EP [Undervise Records] (UV095)

Milosh K - One Day (DJ Lobanoff Epic Progressive Remix) - part of Winter Music Conference - Prog Tunes 2012 WMC Miami compilation [Undervise Records] (UV090)

Milosh K - One Day (DJ Special Remix) - part of Winter Music Conference - Trance Tunes 2012 WMC Miami compilation [Undervise Records] (UV089)

Milosh K - 2 Hearts (Original Mix) - part of House Of Love (A Sexy Dance Compilation) [Four Peas Recordings] (FPRSP23)


Milosh K - One Day (Original Mix) - part of Best Of 2011 Undevise Records - New Year Theme [Undervise Records] (UV079)

Milosh K - One Day EP (Original Mix, DJ Special Remix, DJ Lobanoff Remix) [Undervise Records] (UV077)

Milosh K - Watching The Waves EP (Watching The Waves, Melodica, After The Sunset, Blue Sky) [Four Peas Recordings] (FPR260)

Milosh K - Matar (E. Lobanoff Love Like Summer Remix) - part of Secret Trance Jewels vol. 1 compilation [Four Peas Recordings] (FPRSP 21)

Milosh K - Summer Mornings (Milosh K Uplifting Mix) - part of Dance 4 Trance vol. 4 compilation [4Beat Records] (100272 17)

Milosh K - Island Rain (Original Mix, Intro Mix, South Beach Mix) [Phat Groove Records] (PGR031)

Milosh K - 2 Hearts (Radio Edit, Original Mix, Matt De La Peet Remix, Milosh K Uplifting Mix, Milosh K House Mix) [Four Peas Recordings] (FPR206)

Milosh K - Mariposa (Original Mix, CJ Slava Remix, DJ Special Remix) [Hot Sound Records] (HSR116)


Milosh K - Matar (Original Mix, E. Lobanoff Love Like Summer Remix, Milosh K Trancy Remix) [Four Peas Recordings] (FPR126)

Milosh K - Matar (Original Mix) - part of Dance 4 Trance vol. 2 compilation [4Beat Records] (1001 9304)

Milosh K - Vega (Original Mix) [Phat Groove Records] (PGR012)



Victor Special - City On The Palm Hand (Milosh K Remix) [Lifted Trance Music] (LTM027)

Victor Special - Sensual Tempation (Milosh K Remix) [Blackout Trance] (BT135)


Victor Special - Life Is Just Beginning (Milosh K Remix) [Gert Records] (GERT0316)

Victor Special - Day Before Change (Milosh K Remix) [Sky Academy Records] (SACR050)

Victor Special - Carpe Diem (Milosh K Remix) [D.MAX Recordings] (DMAX454)

Burak Harsitlioglu - Deactivation (Milosh K Remix) [Sky Academy Records] (SACR045)


Craig London feat. Lokka Vox - Because Of You (Milosh K Remix) [Muziek Colours LTD] (MZCR077)


Amr Mohsen - Lift Me (Milosh K Original Rework Mix) [Sky Academy Records] (SACC004)

H2M - Coming (Milosh K Remix) [Sky Academy Records] (SACC003) 


AT System - Sectragone (Milosh K Remix) [Sky Academy Records] (SACR012)

PhyGer feat. Aisha - Beautiful Stranger (Milosh K Remix) [Muziek Colours LTD] (MZCR050)

DJ Geri - Galaxia (Milosh K Remix) [Muziek Colours LTD] (MZCR036)


Matt De La Peet - Nebula (Milosh K Remix) [Dbeatzion Records] (DBR132)

Special, KS Project, SamNSK & Olga AntoShock - Last Touch Of Summer (Milosh K Remix) [Monologue Records] (MR0065)


Matt De La Peet & Paul Underwood - Identity (Milosh K Remix) [Dbeatzion Records] (DBR060)

DJ Beloff - Dark Passion (Milosh K Remix) part of CD Destination Arena CD mixed by DJ Butterfly [RMS Records], available also as digital release


Paul Dave presents Simon Tijas - Emotions (Milosh K Remix) [Phat Groove Records] (PGR019)

DJ Lobanoff - Magic Sea (Milosh K Remix) [Old Sail Records] (100176 72)

DJ Beloff - Dark Passion (Milosh K Remix) [RMS Records] (RMSD035)

Very Cool
PR +
Новых Творческих Высот И Моя Поддержка ++++++
Great creative activity)++
однозначно+1PR) за саунд ))творческих успехов)))
Cool tracks!!! +++
Хорошие треки и ремиксы)+
Удачи в творчестве)
Моя поддержка,удачи тебе!+PR )
Great respect for the music!
Good luck and creative heights !!!
i played in my new mix Milosh K-Supermoon (Victor Special Remix)
+for your tracks!
thanx for support :) send me link for your mix, wanna listen :)
He is still in the job, as soon as I publish I'll let you know
Hi Frend Pls Up my new Remix
all the best in 2013 Stunner :)
+ + + + For You! Good luck! I hope to reciprocate!
Whats new , brother ? )
well nothing this time... have little production crisis... so many ideas in progress and im not able to finish them... :(( hope ill finish 1 or 2 new songs in few days...
Hi My Trance Frend! coming soon video Trance Logic Pro
Plus for work, the further successes)
happy birthday Milosh!
and wish you success and fortune!!
big thanx :)
Happy Birthday Milosh good luck, good luck and health course:))
Happy Birthday , brother !!! My most sincere and best wishes! I am glad that I have such a talented friend like you!
thank you bro... :)
Привет!!! Плюс тебе за творчество!!! Хорошие работы!!!Заходи в гости, надеюсь на взаимность!!!
++++ Плюс тебе за творчество))) Миксы супер))) заходи в гости)
Привет! Оцени пожалуйста мой новый трек! тебе +
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