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Colored Dreams #129 - mixed by Gelka(Hungary)  PR 52,9 ▲      
Broadcast on PromoDJ FM since 29 July 2014
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Styles: Chillout, Ambient
Duration: 42:54
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Publication: 28 July 2014 20:21

Was recorded in SoundStorm Radio, E-Wave Radio, RadioEx, Psychic Radio Station, @Plus Radio, Radio Svist!OK, Tanz FM, Redbox, ChillOut Zone, Radio Vtsu, Radio MegaDance ClubFM, Спокойное Радио, Радио Премьер, AVIV MEDIA.
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Chillout radioshow “Colored Dreams” – is a show of subjective perception of images. Dreams surprise us not only with intricate contents, which don’t succumb to the logic, but, sometimes with a single coincidence of contents with future reality. 

“Colored dreams” show format – only the best from chillout music world.. Each guest of the radio show fills your mind with relaxing positive that is in his guest mix. It fosters you to dream in color.
During the show DJ’s and musicians all over the world give you the best music, feelings, and dreams..

Let yourself feel free and relaxed at least for 60 minutes! You deserve it, don’t you!? 

Чиллаут радио-шоу "Цветные Сны" - это программа субъективных восприятий образов. Сновидения удивляют нас не только замысловатыми сюжетами, не поддающимися логике, но порой и отдельными совпадениями сюжетов с будущей реальностью.
Формат программы "Цветные Сны" - только лучшее из мира чиллаута... Каждый гость радио шоу, исполняя свой гостевой микс, заполняет твой разум релаксирующим позитивом, который способствует погружению в мир цветных сновидений. 
В рамках программы диджеи и музыканты со всего мира дарят тебе лучшую музыку, чувства и сны.
Подари себе 60 минут свободы и релакса! Ведь ТЫ этого достоин!

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Группа в ВКонтакте
Приветствую в новом выпуске Цветных Снов. Гостями 129 выпуска стал проект из Венгрии Gelka.
Alex and Sergio met in the ’90s for the first time. They were working together as session musicians, composers and producers. After the endless seasonal jobs for other bands, they couldn’t keep inside their own sounds anymore, so in 2003 Gelka was born, with their unique sounding: the fusion of smoothness of elegant downtempo, and the harsh rawness of hip-hop beats. 

In 2003 the resident of Café Del Mar that time, Bruno from Ibiza chose the track „Please Keep Your Ticket Till The End” to the Café Del Mar compilation-Dreams 3, which was released in 2003 December. With their debut they came closer to their real home, to the bright and sunny beaches, which always give a sensible smile to their music, despite of their deep, urban thoughtfulness.

The relationship with Café Del Mar affected their career for a long time. In 2004 their track „Hidding Place” was released on the Café Del Mar 25th Anniversary- album. In 2006 „Rising” was released on Café del Mar – Dreams 4, then „Os Pastores da Noitte” was put on Café del Mar – Volumen 13., so as the years passed by Gelka became an organic part of this legendary compilation series, but they know that the time had come to their first major work, to the first studio album.

2006 was the turning point for Gelka. The boys met George Evelyn (dj Ease - Nightmares on Wax), who signed a contract with them to his new independent record label, Wax On Records, which is still their label home from that time. In the same year they started to work on the track „Under my Star” with Beth Hirsch (Air – All I Need, You’ll make it easy), which was released on Café Del Mar- Volumen 15, in the summer of 2008. 

Their first album „Less is More” was released in September 2008 by Wax On Records contributing Sena (Marcel, Irie Maffia, Barabás Lőrinc Eklectric, Dj Vadim, Pluto Project), Ella May (Nightmares on Wax), and Ricky Ranking (Nightmares on Wax, Roots Manuva, Banana). The tracks of this album were released on more than 50 compilation albums till 2010 May, by such influential record labels as Stereo Deluxe, Ministry of Sound, Wave Music, Sony-BMG, Om Records, CKP, High Music, Soulstar Germany, Rootdown Records. Each thack is a piece of joy, who loves live and acoustic sounds, generated by pure electronica, if we think about “Soon”, “When Ya Gotta Go Ya Gotta Go”, or “Blame” for example. Blame has an animation video also, made up by Melinda Vajda and Krisztián Jankai, through its pictures, we can learn how lives the duo, in the middle of Budapest or in the outter space.

Their remix of the track Nightmares on Wax – „Flip Ya Lid” was released on the Though So album’s Japanese edition by Warp Records. Their track „Effortless” with the American poet Jen was released on Jen’s album „Mellow Dramas” by Stereo Deluxe. 

This way, the hungarian word GELKA might as well translate as „dream like quality“... in fact, its original meaning goes even way deeper than that. During Hungary’s more difficult times, GELKA was the name of the general repair service for all household electronics (from your washing machine to TV and radio). „We figured the name thing out during a game of monopoly... electro service: GELKA, we liked the sound of that. In a good way, it stands for our past, our present and our future now,“ the boys explain – and smile.

A future looking bright, indeed. GELKA music is here to stay... Budapest’s best kept musical secret is finally being revealed... and WAX ON records is blessed with yet another great artist album. Sounds like good times
for honest music - let the repair men in y’all!
Будьте счастливы в Ваших снах.
Цветные сны на радио:

1.SoundStorm Radio(Ванкувер, Канада) - вторник 21-00(Мск)
2.ChillOut Zone(Амстердам, Нидерланды) - суббота 20-00(Мск) 
3.Psychic Radio Station(Киев, Украина) - суббота 21-00(Мск) 
4.SoundStorm Radio(Инсбрук, Австрия) - вторник 22-00(Киев) 
5.RadioEx(Киев,Украина) - воскресенье 24-00(Мск) 
6.Play Fm (Бийск, Россия) - воскресенье 21-00(Мск) 
7.Nice Fm Radio(Санкт-Петербург) - воскресенье 22-00(Мск) 
8.@Plus Radio(Минск,Беларусь) - воскресенье 22-00(Мск) 
9.Radio Svist!OK(Минск, Беларусь) - воскресенье 01-00(Мск) 
10.Tanz FM(Москва, Россия) - четверг 01-00(Мск) 
11.Radio Plazma(Чита, Россия) - среда 18-00(Мск) 
12.Redbox(Петрозаводск, Россия) - воскресенье 23-00(Мск) 
13.Radio Nismo(Пенза, Россия) - воскресенье 23-00(мск) 
14.Radio Vtsu(Харьков Украина) - четверг 23-00(Киев) 
15.Radio Es Paradis FM(Саратов, Россия) - пятница 23-00(Мск) 
16.Radio MegaDance ClubFM(Москва, Россия) - воскресенье 00-00(Мск) 
17.Спокойное Радио(Москва, Россия) - пятница 20-00(Мск) 
18.Радио Премьер(Днепропетровск, Украина) - суббота 22-00(Киев) 
19.E-Wave Radio(Шымкент, Казахстан) - воскресенье 22-00(Мск) 
20.Radio Cherry Fm(Чита, Россия) - среда 15-00(Мск) 
21.Radio ROOF(Минск, Беларусь) - понедельник 00-00(Мск) 
22.FlyBeat Station(Москва, Россия) - вторник 23-00(Мск) 
23. Психологическое радио(Москва, Россия) - 23-00(Мск) каждый день 
24. Lounge Project Radio(Черкассы, Украина) - 22-00(Киев) 
25.AVIV Media (Тель-Авив, Израиль) - воскресенье 21-00(Мск)

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Красивая и интересная работка... (exclusive)
Приятно послушать...
О чём то подумать...
Или вообще ни о чём не думать...
Оченя Карашо ! Супер ! +++
Красивый выпуск!
Очень приятная музыка)))+
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