Martin Polo
Main style: House
Favorite styles: Club House, Disco House, Electroclash, Euro Trance, Funky House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Soulful House, Trance, Uplifting Trance, Vocal House, Vocal Trance
DJ, producer, promoter, listener since 2005
Performance: from 5 000 rubles / 2 hours
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SOON... То чего все ждали Новый проект THE MON 

Inimitable style of performance, qualitative sound, selections worked on every detail, unique energy filling the dance floor and your heart ... It all comes together in exclusive sets of Martin Polo. He is not only a professional DJ, but also a talented producer, whose music gives pleasure.

"Probably only music is capable to pass the mood of man, - says Martin. Qualitative music makes it qualitatively. Artist must feel the audience, imagine it as a single organism, pass only the mood that it wants ". And Martin knows how to do it in his firm style. Today DJing has become very popular. Thousands of young people with no doubt present themselves as DJs. So the quality and individuality have become important as never before. Martin Polo has layed down the aim not to be like anybody else, and he succeeded. He always tried to reach the European level both in performance and in producing.

Back in 2002, as a student, Martin organized a studio where first ideas were born … Everything started with the radio, which has made the school special, has changed the vision of many students. In pair with DJ Russell they have raised the generation of young talented DJs, who now are residents at many popular venues of St. Petersburg, such as Etage, Red Club, Shine and many others. At the same time was born the idea to establish a «PartyMakers promo group».

In 2004, Martin Polo started his career at Global Point, more famous as Dance Planet. There he communicated with well-known DJs (Oleg Pac, Max@house, TITO, etc.), so that he gained an experience in organizing events as well as in reducing and producing tracks. Since then Martin started his career as a DJ. Due to a lot of practice in mixing engineering and nice ear his sets turned out extraordinary qualitative. This fact have pointed out many people, including experienced DJs. At the same time Martin Polo was actively engaged in producing. And in 2007 he firstly decided to show his music to public. When he saw the pleasure, which filled dance floors, Martin realized that his hopes were justified. According to his words, "if you play your music, the feeling of pleasure that you get, is incomparably stronger than if the tracks were written by other composers." 

Since then, Martin Polo managed to visit such venues as the Military School Arena, Red Club, Led Lemon, Ludovic, Beat-Street, Oxford, Opera, Safari and others (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novgorod, Vyborg, Cherepovets). 

Martin constantly continues to improve the quality of his sound, learning more and more secrets of making music. Each of his tracks is not a repeat of the previous one, which is normal not only in Russian but also in a foreign show business. What about Martin, he always makes something new and original. 

Over the last year, Martin Polo is working on a new album, which presentation is taking place in 2010. And in November 2009 was created a new project White Gloss in pair with talented singer Tanya Sheykus. In the near future WG is going to please the audience with an enchanting voice of Tanya and


Martin Polo - Vengeance of DEEP Vol.1

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27 February 2014 16:18
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Martin Polo - Vengeance Of House Vol.1

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20 March 2010 14:57

Релиз от The M.O.N. (Martin Polo & Anya Skazka)


Неподражаемый стиль исполнения, качественный саунд, проработанные до мелочей подборки, неповторимая энергетика, наполняющая танцпол и ваши сердца… Все это объединяется в эксклюзивных сетах Martin’а Polo. Он не только профессиональный диджей, но и талантливый продюсер, чья музыка дарит наслаждение.

Martin постоянно продолжает повышать качество своего звучания, постигая все новые и новые секреты создания музыки. Каждый его трек это не повторение предыдущего, что достаточно часто встречается не только в российском, но и в зарубежном шоу-бизнесе, а нечто новое, оригинальное.

Весь последний год Martin Polo работает над созданием нового альбома, презентация которого состоится в 2012 году. А в ноябре 2009 года был создан новый проект The M.O.N. (The Music of Our Names )совместно с талантливой певицей и диск-жокеем Anya Skazka  В ближайшем будущем The M.O.N. будет радовать публику очаровательным голосом Skazk'и и чарующей музыкой Martin’а.


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25 January 2010 22:45
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+ support!)
Привет!!! за работы =))) +++ однозначно... цени новый трек от нашей группы)
Привет, оцени мой микс.

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Буду ждать комментариев у себя на странице ;))
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привет,зацени мой микс
Оцени плз мой новий бутлег.
Интересний получился.
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Спасибо Мартин))
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Привет как дила? martinpolo рещыл учасвовать в конкурсе миксов подержы меня плз проголосовав за микс в промо ранг Микса спс зарание …
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