клуб Вираж, Balashiha, 13:00 // 8 May 2011
клуб Бомбардир, Gorodec, 12:58 // 7 May 2011
Проспект, Voronezh, 12:56 // 6 May 2011
Европа, Poltava, 16:46 // 30 April 2011
Party Room, Kiev, 16:44 // 29 April 2011


Musician, DJ , radio presenter and showman from Moscow. Resident of more than 20 radio stations in Russia, and TopHit FM in Latvia, the Leader  FM in the Crimea and Astana FM in Kazakhstan, Russian wave FM in Cyprus and many others.

Dan Kopernik was a DJ on incredible fashionable parties in Russia, America, Germany and India, as well as hundreds of tours in the best night clubs of the CIS countries and not only.

Author's handwriting of Dan Kopernik - work with modern musical instruments on the stage, and with the microphone and the audience. World hits new products and the best unexpected interpretations and remixes with an incredible show.

Starting his career in the year 2000, already 6 years Kopernik is one of the best DJs of Russia.

The organization of the tour : +7 926 964 46 44 Alice (National Booking Agency)

Daniel Solyanik
Main style: House
Favorite styles: Electro House, Progressive House
DJ, producer, MC, radioshow, vocalist, poet, group / joint project since 2000
Performance: from 50 000 rubles / 2 hours
Location: Russia, Moscow
Resident: Радио Мегаполис 89,5 FM (Moscow), СВОЯ АТМОСФЕРА (Moscow), MFM (Arhangelsk), TOP radio 91.9 FM Riga (Riga), Просто Радио 99.9 FM (Moscow), Studio (Egorevsk)
Guest: Мегаполис 89,5 FM (Moscow), NEO PROGRESSIVE CLUB (Moscow), Мега FM (Arhangelsk), m-fm архангельск, melody dance station воронеж (Arhangelsk), Megapolis FM 89.5 (Moscow), Megapolis (Moscow), Megapolis 89,5 FM (Moscow), Ю FM (Moscow), Мегаполис FM (Moscow), Megapolis FM (Irkutsk), Лидер (Simferopol), MegaDance Club FM (Moscow), Crem FM (Münster), Radio Premium (Moscow), DJ FM (Moscow), MEGA FM (Arhangelsk), GOA : Anjuna beach (Andjuna)
Frequent visitor: D-FM 101,2 (Moscow)
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