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KillReall And Tims в гостях на открытии клуба VАСЯ+1 в Нижнем Новгороде

Небольшой гостевой видео-отчет с открытия нового клуба VАСЯ+1 в Нижнем Новгороде.
Small guest video report from the opening of a new club VASYA+1 in Nizhny Novgorod.


В середине видео лажа — рассинхрон видео со звуком. Аймсорри.
Sorry for the bug with the sound in the middle of the video.

Подписывайся на канал и получи доступ к бесплатному скачиванию трека из клипа, а также всяким другим периодическим халявным плюшкам :)
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28 November 2013 16:35
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Megagone, Killreall, & Blackscrap — Go wild (Official Music Video)

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23 September 2013 16:58
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KillReall (real name — Kirill Sokov) — russian musician, composer, DJ, artist, designer, entrepreneur. He was born at 22 of October, 1985 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. He works in different genres of electronic music from house and chillout to breaks and dustep.

I began my musical career in 2009 with the debut breaks-single 'Hardcore Give Me More' released on 13breaks Records. This release appeared at once in top of different charts and for a long time it was in mixes of many DJs. I have never planned to compose music according to any certain style. For the first moment it was breaks. I was always looking for something new, something mine, for something, that would help me to express myself as a musician. That is why now KillReall is a multi-style artist and he will always be the same. I would like to express my gratitude to 3 people — Specter (13breakz Records), Mars (XSSR Music), Dj RadiX (37Studio). They helped me to form my attitude to music and bring it to new level. This people, every in his own manner made their contribution in me as a musician.

I began to be interested in music as something that can help me to reach self-actualization at the age of 11. Since that time music began something volunteer, something that I could choose in spite of anything else. That is why music became my lifestyle. It became something that follow me every minute of my life. My first experience of composing music was in 2007, when I was graduating from university. It was not more than hobby and I did not pay much attention to it. At that time I even could not think that somebody would play or listen to my music. And moreover that I will have my own auditory. In 2009 I got acquainted with DJ RadiX, who had a small studio and a great interest to music. In some months we removed our studio from home to real studio. It was one more step which let me make music with the certain standart of quality. The debut single was made in new studio, it included the track composed with DJ RadiX.

Since that time quantity and quality of my releases began to increase. I always try to release something new, the sound which you have not heard from me. For two years my tracks and releases have been released on such labels as 13breakz, Breaks.sk, XSSR Music, Scarcity Records, Bass Reflections, Empathy Digital, House Tribe. In recent time releases on One Music Records, Shack's Records, Rockforce Records and many others are planned.

In 2009 I began to work with singer Talina (Natalia Shchipakina). The first single 'Stay With We', which we released, got great support from musicians and DJs. Dubstep version began the most popular among listeners and DJs. Now we continue working together on new tracks in different styles. New tracks from KillReall and Talina are prepared to be released, everyday studio work on recording new materials is going on. Also we organize parties for the support of our releases with our live-concerts.

I am designer by profession. It is my personal choice which was made long before I began to do it. At school I began to draw graffiti, and I draw till this moment. Possibly graffiti determined my profession it future. Being a designer I create sence not only in sound, but in graphics and form. It lets me bring what I want to express much better, add graphic interpretation to sound. As for design I have been working with many labels for a long time and every time making covers and artworks for new releases of many artists I try to underline what they wanted to say by their music. From this point of view every design is unique. For several years of design way I got not only a very good base of clients from different countries with whom I work till this moment, but also successful team with whom we reach new aims.

I do not have a habit to look to trends and news in the music world. It happens so that I do not have time and wish for it. I can appreciate any music, it does not matter when and whom it was produced by. The only thing which unites music which I listen to is qualitative level. At this point of view music is like a cine-film on which everything is reflected in smallest details.

In relation DJ / Producer nowadays producer dominates.