Gevorg Petrosyan
Main style: Drum & Bass
DJ, VJ, producer, group / joint project
GEvorg Petrosyan My Music 


Gevs AK Reaktor

Gevorg Petrosyan born in 1981 in Yerevan city is one of the leading sound engineers based in Armenia. He is known as an author of numerous sound design projects in Armenia and abroad. In the chronology of his duties are: 2001 - 2003 "Hit FM 106" - sound engineer, 2004 - 2007 "CS Media City" - sound director. For the last few years Gevorg Petrosyan has been enrolled in a huge amount of studio oriented activities as a professional developer of virtual studio technologies in a perspective of a creative and a hard working person. During the above mentioned period he worked with "Armenia TV", "Media TV", "TV 5", "Euro news - Arm news", "Shant TV" , "First National TV Channel", "Yerevan TV" and "National Radio". He also directed music production and sound recording sessions in collaboration with "Eskiz studio" and "CS records" as well as created sound tracks for several film and advertisment companies like "Triada Animation Studios" "Yerevan Studios", "HK Productions", "AZD Productions" and "Z Art Studio" - based in Hollywood USA. Gevorg Petrosyan has been awarded: 2006 Naregatsi Young Composers Award - Best Film Composer, 2006 Municipality Of Yerevan, Republic of Armenia - Best Film Composer, 2007 Internews - Best advertisment sound designer.

Классный, отличный саунд..) PR++++
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+ от меня!
+++ за отличные работы и в друзья)
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мой взаимный PR-яник ))
"Олдскульненько" с элементами озорства - глубоко и многогранно, есть свой каллиграфический почерк - умело и мощно! Папка MUSIC всё пополняется и пополняется. :-)
+++++ в общий за творчество))
Плюс в копилку! ;) буду рад видеть в друзьях)
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