Roman Styx
Main style: Dance Pop
Favorite styles: Future House, House, Pop, Vocal House
Producer since 2003
Location: Russia, Moscow
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146 3:33    18 PR0,5 ▲
Electro Swing
234 4:10    7 PR0,9 ▲
Downtempo, Lounge
209 3:20 2  PR2 ▲
Dance Pop, Future House


10 1:47    PR0 ▲


Dr. Styx

Roman Styx Biography Music producer, songwriter, performer, sound engineer. Roman was born on August 14, 1979 in the town of Podolsk, not far from Moscow, Russia. In his childhood, he listened to many different records, like ABBA, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Simon & Garfunkel, and so on. Roman listened to the music, imagining how the melody of a song could be developed in a different way. It already seemed to him back then that music was simple to write and it was all some sort of a game. At school he started writing songs and formed his first band. They played music that he most likely would not be able to listen to now without a smile on his face, though at that time his friends and relatives were telling him it was cool. Well it was original, at least :-) At the age of 17 he entered a jazz college. A new music universe opened up - Roman was listening to lots of jazz, funk, soul… and came to love that music, and it became an integral part of him, just like the things he used to listen to in his childhood. He studied at the vocal department, but in addition to basic studies took lessons on drums, bass, guitar, and piano. At the institute he also got deeply into computer arrangement, and spent a lot of time in his home studio, making remixes, studying articles and videos of famous superproducers and sound engineers, and arranging his own songs. Over time Roman launched a professional studio and started writing songs and making arrangements for numerous musical projects, advertisements, television series, and movies. It turned out that he works with a lot of pop tracks, and that's why he is constantly monitoring the charts, analyzing sound solutions of other producers, and create his own style. Modern pop tracks definitely have a lot in common with retro hits, namely the catchy melody and the “swinging” groove, but the sound changes constantly. Roman also studied mixing and mastering at the Berklee College of Music, and has a Waves Gold Certification and Logic Pro certificate. From time to time he releases training videos on music production. Roman is constantly creating new tracks for movies and musical projects and works internationally. Because you know – music has no boundaries…

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