Favorite styles: Breakcore, Darkstep, Drill'n'bass, Drum & Bass, Hard Techno, Hardcore, Hardstep, Oldschool Drum & Bass, Raggacore, Schranz, Techno, Techstep
DJ, promoter, listener
Location: Lithuania, Vilnyus
DJ ST (Ammo)
Playing from 2003, started with breakcore and drum and bass so the sound is rough and hard. Later found hard techno and hardcore. One of the drum and bass events promoter in Lithuania (gathering from 500 to 3000 ravers at night). Co founder and resident of the famous underground club VAULT, have created DJ/promouters team AMMO, have his rubric at drum and bass radio show. Playing JUST from vinyls. Main artists are: Current value, Counterstrike, Zardoniac, DJ Hidden, Eye-D, DJ Plague, Cardopusher, Sven Wittekind, Boris S. and so on... E-mail:
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