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Underground Club "Точка" , Saint Petersburg, 20:00 // 30 January 2015
Современник, Strezhevoi, 15:00 // 29 November 2014
ДК Октябрь, Nizhnevartovsk, 18:00 // 25 October 2009
ДК Октябрь, Nizhnevartovsk, 19:00 // 3 April 2009

_______-= the Freebie =_________-.It not the full biography, I even would name it the description of the certain time interval more likely, is direct my life. 1999. To me then there were 14 years. Siberian, domestic шпана that, shirking lessons, liked to climb on стройкам and to wipe off entrances, with boredom did not know than to borrow(occupy) itself. And in one fine day, I and pair my domestic brothers, have decided to enter the name on a circle of modern dances. These dances, are one of branches mighty and all known Хип-Хоп cultures. So, having stepped on a smooth covering of a hardboard, I have come to Хип-Хопу. But on it my search of has not terminated. I very much liked to be engaged Брэйк-Дансом, and at that time it was abruptly, prestigiously, and little girls on us simply descended(went) сума. As well as few my friends with whom I divided this way, I have become successful, in this have grown, for rather short time. And already after a year, to us has bored to wipe off dancings, and it was already poorly simple to express the emotions, the person, only with the help of movements by a body, it would be desirable something the greater. And approximately in the middle of 2000, I and one my good friend, have declared itself the RAP collective under the name « Lyrics of Streets ». Since this moment I began to try myself in quality МС. After a while, we have filled up the duet, still with pair talented guys, and us already began four. The group grew, acting in the native city of Nizhnevartovsk, and not seldom leaving in nearby cities. Certainly, at that time all this occured at a local level of Western Siberia then still even very few people knew group « Legal Business ». For us, in the big authorities there was a local group, with the name "Oil", guys that were much more senior, and for that moment is more skilled than us, gave advice(councils), to us as to beginners, and we with trembling listened to them, and followed their recommendations. All went normally. We dreamed, that we shall sometime go to capital, we shall sign any piece of paper and we become супер mega well-known, and abrupt group, we shall cut cabbage and to enjoy a fantastic life. Silly, naive dreams, usual provincial boys. We grew, and together with us niches sights grew also. That seemed normal earlier, now looks ridiculous and absurd. So I have thought and about the name of our group « Lyrics of Streets », and have suggested to change it(him). I have considered that, this name any children's and ridiculous. In connection with such my opinion, the attitude(relation) of other part of collective to me became more cool, as probably they did not want it(him) to change, it arranged them, and the more so the group has found popularity with this name, already much who knew it(him). And as now I remember, how I have declared that if we shall not replace the name, I shall leave from group. Apparently, it not whom did not soar, owing to what I have left(abandoned) collective. Yes, I have left group, but still we were good friends, that always and in all supported each other. To realize itself as МС, for that moment to one, it was difficult for me. To write good music, and stylish arrangements I is not skilful, but the text and lay down on a paper, a line after line. And somehow, only casually, as if from submission of destiny, I have got acquainted with the remarkable guy, that for that moment seriously was engaged in creation of electronic music. His(its) name Domaratsky Dmitry, now is more known as Domar, with it(him), in February 2003г I have decided to create new rap - collective which further has named « On a diagonal ». To the beginning 2004г. Us already was five. It was not usual бойз a band, each of us was in what more talently the others, such sharp rise of group consist in it and. By the end 2005г, we became the most known and favourite group, in the city, among local creative collectives. We not unitary gave concerts on the best stages of. Nizhnevartovsk, participated in various festivals and other. But not all was so smoothly as I tell now. One of participants, it is unexpected for us, has for ever left to live in Санкт Petersburg, one more has left(abandoned) collective because of the egoism and the wrong attitude(relation) to such term as friendship. I with disappointment looked, how that I have created several years ago breaks up, and during that moment has understood, that is not present than that it is more reliable than you, and began to realize itself, and the хип-хоп, also сольно. Here so all basically also began. All events, the facts and dates, in this biography, I tried to arrange in the consecutive, chronological order. Also I am sorry, if something has missed, or somewhere was mistaken. And thanks you if you have read all from the beginning up to the end, it means, how I began the way in хип-хопе and as has come to it(him) was really interesting to you. For the rest search in texts of my songs. Respect all.... МС DEN...

MC DEN Denis
Main style: R&B
Favorite styles: Gangsta Rap, Hip-hop/Rap, Pop Rap
DJ, producer, MC, vocalist, poet, Listener, group / joint project since 1999
Performance: from 15 000 rubles
Location: Russia, Nizhnevartovsk
Guest: проекте Street Life на (Moscow)
Frequent visitor: Дворец Искусств (Nizhnevartovsk), ДК Октябрь (Nizhnevartovsk), Dusche club (Saint Petersburg)
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