ARNIE van der FULL
Main style: Vocal Trance
Favorite styles: Chillout, Full-On, New Age, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Tech House, Tech Trance, Tribal House, Uplifting Trance
DJ, producer, radioshow, promoter, group / joint project since 2000
Performance: from €2,100 / 3 hours
Location: Netherlands, Amsterdam
Resident: Flashback Studio Amsterdam (Amsterdam), EYE 1 Radio - (Amsterdam, Miami, Washington) (Amsterdam)
Guest: Raypath (Amsterdam), RadioGrand (Odessa), Escape, Amsterdam, NL (Amsterdam), The Vault (Amsterdam), Flashback (Amsterdam), Zandvoort (Zandvoort), EYE1 Radio (Amsterdam, Miami, Washington) (Miami), EYE1 Radio (Amsterdam, Miami, Washington) (Amsterdam), EYE1 Radio (Amsterdam), Bloemendaal Openair (Zandvoort), Raypath (Amsterdam)
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EYE1 Radio (Amsterdam, Miami, Washington), Miami, 10:15 // 5 March 2011
Progressive Trance
EYE1 Radio (Amsterdam, Miami, Washington), Miami, 20:59 // 29 November 2010
Tribal Techno
EYE1 Radio, Amsterdam, 19:00 // 22 October 2010
Progressive House
Hoera! Het is vandaag! 
Pinned comments
Katssy  7 July 2011 14:11
D-MAY  7 July 2011 14:22
Hi))) Happy jam! All worldly goods ...
Victor SPECIAL  7 July 2011 15:58
Happy Birthday and more best wishes for you , Arnie !
Kóshtan  11 February 2011 18:21

Hello, segsie :DD
ANDRY Light  27 December 2010 20:50

с наступающим!
Dj Makson  23 December 2010 19:06

Beautiful music!!!
EVANSY  13 December 2010 10:35
Kóshtan  13 December 2010 17:55

Андрей Борисов (Dj Andrey Bo)  16 December 2010 19:16
Serg Tachini  11 December 2010 23:48
I see you, baby...

let's be friends?!
dj S.SMART  30 November 2010 3:08
Kóshtan  24 November 2010 11:56
ARNIE VAN DER FULL  15 November 2010 8:24

love you all!!!
.....MABI-SEX.....  10 October 2010 15:42
Приветствую !!! просто Ахрененное творчество я в шоке !!! + за все и везде ))) ЕЩЁ!
ANDRY Light  28 October 2010 0:33
the best radio

D J C R A B  10 October 2010 10:48
' the Usual person on 80 % consists of a liquid. I on 100 % consist of music. Take away from me music - and from me there will be nothing...' )))
Tommy T из Da Capo  30 September 2010 17:11
Пивет, тока я рэпер)
Alexandr Glebov  13 September 2010 21:33
Kóshtan  8 September 2010 13:43
you best of the best of the best of the best)) (c)
ANDRY Light  25 August 2010 5:53
ANDRY Light  26 August 2010 19:33

for cheering up!
MixaLove  12 August 2010 18:06

Jaxie Dee  19 June 2010 20:33
The Powerful connection of MUSIC, beauty and passion! Thanks!! GOD IS A DJ
Anna Lanski  26 June 2010 0:43
Thanks a lot for my guest mix! Very nice!!!
GASA & Deep Sunset  29 June 2010 21:17
MASHA  19 June 2010 11:25
Thank you dear Arnie!
Dj Frest  10 June 2010 15:02
U are the best) +++)
DJ Nell MC  12 June 2010 10:40
GASA & Deep Sunset  6 June 2010 18:43
Mike Septima & Sander Playmo  4 June 2010 22:50
Thanks for the comment, nice to hear it from such distinguished person HEY DJ
Kóshtan  8 May 2010 4:51
Numall Fix  24 April 2010 22:10
Thank you for your music you're super! PROMODJ РУЛИТ ВСЕ НА PROMODJ RULISH
DJ COREA  24 April 2010 6:20
Heyyyyyyyy!!! Desires must be fulfilled !

V-SCORPION  22 April 2010 1:35
The super girl and super music!!! Thanks for creativity GOD IS A DJ RULISH
Maxprogressive  1 March 2010 23:24
HEY DJ WOW Respekt Arnie! Trance Music - The Best in the World !!! + ) Good luck Smile
TANYA AURA(TAURI)  19 February 2010 14:25
GASA & Deep Sunset  17 February 2010 16:51
ARNIE VAN DER FULL  9 December 2009 4:29
Using online translation in most of the cases, then there's my friend Morgan who helps me translate things. And some intuition as well. And you, dear?
ir_kill  28 October 2009 5:16
That's great to see people from abroad on our pages ))))
Welcome and good luck, Arnie!
DENYES  9 December 2009 4:09
He is like a Fire
short @ Shizya
Max Rise  26 November 2009 13:09
you rock!!!
Dj Silver Nail  28 November 2009 1:54
WOW The beautiful works, attractive appearance! Worthy creativity!!!
Mihelson  9 August 2009 23:02
Nick Le Vainqueur  10 August 2009 16:23
awesome mixing , awesome voices , awesomw tracks =)
С Днём Рождения!
Impressed by your creativity unparalleled work worthy of attention in you good luck in the works, and invite them to friends++++++
Привет! Я приглашаю к себе на страницу промо... сайта
would be satisfied our friendship and collaboration
my support
(Atatat was here)

8-marta @ Dj.Sam aka Samvel

поздражляю с 8 Марта!!! Будь всегда красивой нежной и всегда улыбайся!!
С 8 марта!
(Atatat was here)
Tried to download but saw this message:

К сожалению, вы не можете скачать данный материал из-за ограничений,
которые установила Cassetteeyed.
Instead of thousand words.
сердце @ DJ K.iN
beautiful!!! ))) thank you darling!
Plus my friend, come to me!
чё, загнулось радио? не видать вас не слыхать, форум заблокирован. чё происходит?
getting too popular
hackers are becoming interested.
+1 в копилку! ;) приходи в гости!!!
Very pleasant music, has very much liked! I shall be glad to be friends! Deserved PR!
а ты по русски панюмаишь ваще или чё ? )
C Наступившим)+
Привет Друг Отличные работы Держи +! Мое Возвращение в Стиле Progressive заходи оцени Dj Mike Ruger - Wite Whinter!

Тебе +++:)


 Dj Andrnight

Unique musical styles. Quality is able to inspire. Good for you, you are super! further success! +
Мне всё понравилось! Раньше я много из этого уже слышал но всеравно приятно послушать это ещё раз!
Удачи тебе и успехов!
А у моря как ты говоришь и я люблю посидеть и полюбоваться закатом, помечтать и полетать мыслями - даже без музыки !!! :))
Really sweet that you've enjoyed this music and our tastes have come onto one road for this moment. I really appreciate your reaction. Thank you so much!
Доступ к PROMODJ может быть затруднен.
??? WTF???
+ тебе и в друзья!!!
Hi, how are you? Long time no see;)
o baby! you're back?
в интересной стране проживаешь, бывал я там очень даже часто ) + в пр )
hey thanks, amigo! Your country is interesting no less )))
Happy Birthday!!!
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