Hoera! Het is vandaag! 

Деньги на воздух!!!

31 декабря в Амстердаме напоминает Багдад обр. 2003 г. )))))))))))))))))))))))))

наш заказ праздничных феерверков уже пришел ))) 500 евро грохота и света в большом боксе! )))))))))))))

По сути дела деньги выброшенные на воздух ))) Кто сколько собирается потратить на феерверк в этом году?

P.S.: Thanks to Morgan May for translation to Russian.

Сколько денег вы собираетесь выстрелить в воздух в новогоднюю ночь?

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30 December 2012 3:39


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Smiling Fox  30 December 2012 5:03
No money, am going to make a bomb by myself
Wait a little and you'll see it )))
ограничусь бенгальскими огнями
and the glass of sweet champagne in other hand )
No money, am going to make a bomb by myself
that'd be the best christmas present for russia I guess?
OMG! Here, the society of terrorists who speak English?
Wow ...
perfect :)
Myślę, że ten nowy rok nie będzie eksplodować fajerwerki. Po co wydawać pieniądze i uruchomić swoje fajerwerki, kiedy można zobaczyć, jak fajerwerki zacząć i ludzie z państwa? :)
omfg ))) I've been to kiev like 7 times in 2012 but this sounds more like polish? is it? ))) I got the picture ))) why spend your own money when people like mr. janyk have got more )))
ahah) I saw the Latin letters - and I thought that this is the language of the western Slavs :)
Yanyk spends every day at least two million hryvnia (about 160,000 dollars.) From the state budget.
Therefore, assuming that the state budget will allocate money 4 the beautiful and noisy fireworks. What's the difference - so we spend every day on the president a lot of money. Every day, people's money is spent on the wind.
oh yes yes ))) it's a sister language groups thing )))
I see your pres. is having the time of his life whilst in his position as head of the country... but honestly I didn't hear a single positive feedback on his activity...
by the way )) what are your favorite places for going out in Kiev? I like the Miami Blues and Buddha Bar. The first one because it's open 24/7, the other one because the interior is just f***ng amazing )))
Я их зарабатывать в эту ночь собираюсь, а не сливать на бомбочки))) Пусть власти салютами занимаются, им же "делать больше нечего" :)
putting things into perspective Mark ))) I see that authorities in Russia get tons of people's respect )))
Yep! We LOVE them more than our own soul!=)
f*king charming love ))) you love them baked and roasted probably )))
I probably should be making a "money spent on alcohol at newyear's night" poll ))) I'd be doing the same thing actually ))) going to some hot places this year )))
I think we'll spend more than 1/4 earned on alcohol
уже лет 5 не страдаю этой хуетой
максимум могу банку гороха съесть
надуваю пакеты целофановые и бахаю.
выключателем пощелкал, вот тебе и праздник.
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