Hoera! Het is vandaag! 

Ferry Corsten не знает зачем вернулся в транс

Многие этого ждали, прошло около 10 лет и Ферри возвратился к тому с чего начинал. Правда сам он возможно еще не понял зачем.

Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella - Anahera


Мода на трансовую музыку возвращается?

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20 June 2015 23:42


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20 March 2015 0:52
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Трансовая страна мира

Времена меняются, вкусы меняются. Сам Транс имеет новое звучание по сравнению с тем временам это происхождения. В какой стране мира сегодня имеет самый большой транс сообщество? Просто любопытно. Вот и все. Спасибо за ответ! ;-)
Перевод с google translate.
Original text: Times change, tastes change. Trance itself has a new sounding now compared to the times of it origin. Which country of the world today has the biggest trance community? Just curious. That's all.

Trance country of the world

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14 June 2014 3:56

Деньги на воздух!!!

31 декабря в Амстердаме напоминает Багдад обр. 2003 г. )))))))))))))))))))))))))

наш заказ праздничных феерверков уже пришел ))) 500 евро грохота и света в большом боксе! )))))))))))))

По сути дела деньги выброшенные на воздух ))) Кто сколько собирается потратить на феерверк в этом году?

P.S.: Thanks to Morgan May for translation to Russian.

Сколько денег вы собираетесь выстрелить в воздух в новогоднюю ночь?

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30 December 2012 3:39

Holland or the Netherlands? )))

This is fun stuff about our country, people ))) Enjoy responsibly )))



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27 December 2012 9:04

ΞYΞ1 Radio™ is finally back!

Dear friends,

We're happy to announce the launch of the beta version of the 3rd version of our beloved radiostation. It has been down for some time due to increased interest on the part of hackers but eventually it only lead to the improvement of ΞYΞ1 Radio™.

Please feel free to visit our website www.eye1radio.com and check out the new features.

Best regards,

EYE1 Radio Team.

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27 August 2012 4:25

Dear Friends!

Dearest of all my friends,

it has been a great year all in all, I've met a lot of new people, good people I should say, learned a lot about this life, heard a bunch of nice tracks, felt a ton of positive emotions and all I want to do this moment is to thank you for being together with me, sharing a part of your life and your time for me.

I wish you all a successfull 2012, full of love, joy and success.

Arnie van der Full, Morgan May, Justine LeFleur and Friends.

What word best sums up 2011 for you

Arnie van der Full, Morgan May, EYE1 Radio
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1 January 2012 0:05
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PROMODJ problem!


What's with the downloads? Need music ASAP!  Help pls!!!


Who has the same problem with viewing this website in a normal way with graphics, applets, ets. All I see is a black and white and text!!! What's going on?

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15 November 2011 17:18

Some new EYE1 Radio female vocal jingles.

Enjoy! ;-)

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10 September 2011 21:16

Secrets of Markus Schossow's Tone Diary to be unveiled at EYE1 Radio

Having successfully performed at Trance Energy, Dance Valley, Godskitchen, Monster Massive, Together As One, Ministry Of Sound, Sunrise Festival, Escape Into the Park, Zurich’s Street Parade (Playing for 1,3 Million people) and the Colours Festival the frontrunner of the Europe's progressive sound Markus Schossow finds a new great stage on the digital airwaves of the EYE1 Radio.

With Tone Diary, Marcus’ acclaimed radio show the sound of Schossow will travel further and deeper to give the EYE1 Radio listeners the taste of the future progressive sound. Tune in every tuesday at 20:00 Moscow Time at www.eye1radio.com

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2 June 2011 23:24