Jungletrain, Moscow, 04:00 // 13 February 2016
Hard Hat Lounge, Las Vegas, 04:00 // 15 April 2015
Drum & Bass
Bambou Venue, Baltimore, 06:00 // 21 March 2015
Drum & Bass
The Sandwich Bar, Orlando, 05:00 // 26 October 2014
Drum & Bass
Highline Ballroom, New York, 22:00 // 28 August 2014
Drum & Bass

AnnGree is one of the ladies within the DNB Scene and we don’t have to many of them these days. She is a DJ playing Drum & Bass, and mostly Neurofunk, Neurotech and Techstep, but she is also able to flip the script and keep her sets versatile when the floors beckon for it. This is what makes a good DJ and AnnGree is no exception!

Originally from Russia and now living in NYC, she started spinning in 2007 and has played with well known DJs, such as Bad Company, Dom&Roland, Tech Itch, Prolix, Serial Killaz, Dose, Raiden, Vicious Circle, EBK, Fierce, Trace, DJ SS, Kenny Ken, Dylan, Audio, Robyn Chaos, The Prototypes, Aries, Cooh.

AnnGree, who spent nearly 6 years in London, has gained a lot of respect in the UK and world, and she is constantly being asked to go and play all over the world. Between 2009-2011 Anya aka AnnGree was a resident DJ on Jungletrain and Darkwax radios and every single week she was causing a massive stir with more people tuned in than any other DJs on the stations. In 2011 she became a resident of Technology and Pirate Sessions and has continued to make these nights one for the calendar.

In 2014 she moved to the US and in January 2015 retuned to Jungletrain with her biweekly show Vertigo.

Away from the busy schedule of DJing AnnGree is also making her own music and its coming along well. She works very hard to come up with lyrics and vocals that are like no other. She is also one of the DJs, producers and Vocalists on the UK labels Physmatcs Music, Sliced Note Recordings, Dangerous New Age Recordings, Live And Dangerous (UK) as well as Italian label Suspect Device, Schedule One Recordings (USA), Koldfront Recordings (USA), Mindstorm Records (USA) and Respect Records (Russia).

Main style: Neurofunk
Favorite styles: Drum & Bass, Hardstep, Liquid funk, Techno, Techstep
DJ, producer, Singer since 2007
Performance: 1.5 hours
Location: United States, New York
Resident: Dark Wax Radio (London), Jungletrain Radio (Moscow), Muzic:Nation (London), The Pad (London), DNBRadio (New York)
Guest: Ice Planet (Moscow), 1Rock (Moscow), JD Party (Moscow), e-radio DaGood (Daugavpils), dnbnoize (London), Rock Cafe (Ostrava), Persona Grata (Moscow), TwistedTV (London), Circus (Huddersfield), Stoun (Frýdek-Místek), Арт - Кафе Дождь Мажор (Moscow), bassjunkees (New York), Shotta TV (Preston), Blur Cafe (Moscow), HIDDEN, London (London), The Social (Tampa), Bikkuri Lounge (Orlando), Club Depo (Opava), The Sidings (London), Eve (Miami), Elm Street Bar (Dallas), Ginglik (London), RUDE 88.2 FM (London), Touch Radio (Belgrad)
Was just once: Европа-Азия (Moscow), DK Dance (Moscow), Радио Е1 (Ekaterinburg), KrisisDNB Radio (London), Casta Club (Liberec), Cross (Praha), DnbRadio (Oakland), Mrkev Club (Opava), Green City (Opava), Космонавт (Saint Petersburg), Basement 45 (Bristol), Neutral club (Plzen), Bogota (Ostrava), Dirty South (London), The Flag (London), Bar Mondo (Dartford), Cable (London), Junglist Militia Radio (Los Angeles), A-Club (Karviná), Marley Club (Ostrava), Cafe 1001 (London), Speakeasy Lounge (Lake Worth), Дом культуры (Ryazan), Megapolis FM (Moscow), Barcode Bar (Saint Petersburg), Megapolis (Moscow), Club 414 (London), Mansion Lounge (San Juan), Pop Corn Club (Venice), MiniBar (Moscow), Hyde Park Cafe (Tampa), BassPort FM (Barcelona), Highline Ballroom (New York), Bambou Venue (Baltimore), Hard Hat Lounge (Las Vegas), Massive Radio (San Juan), ONE BAR (San Juan)
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