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The beginning

Ah.The first time. That first time that I've tried to accomplish something,was around 2005,when my mother bought me a producer software,at beginning I wasn't even interested,but couple of months later,I seat down and made my first demo track(didn't like it much,so I've deleted it).And that is how I got where I am today. Still,much work to be done. Music. Music is my super power if you know what I mean. I think that having ability to make wonderful tunes is one of the greatest powers to posses and everyone can do it,you just have to try,to be patient,to do it with open,worm heart,to love what you do,that's what it's all about. Cherish those moment when you sit down and work on a track for 8 hours,only to make a song about 2:30 minutes long and feel wonderful,like you just made a masterpiece. But do not take it for granted. I,on the other hand,am never satisfied with my tracks,always pushing and pushing till I get what I want,that's what not giving up means to me,to set goals,higher and higher,challenges to be made,makes life more fun and if you have all of that to share with your love of your life,your friend,family it makes it even better. Music is energy that spreads all over the universe.

Thank you,Artists,DJ's,listeners,thank you! X) 

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19 August 2014 2:04