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Music / Chill Around The World #200 (4 years in the air)
Alexander Gorshkov and Guy J - Chill Around The World #202 (2014-10-17)  PR 10,1 ▲      
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Styles: Deep House
Duration: 62:42
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Recording: 17 October 2014
Publication: 19 October 2014 23:30
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Chill Around The World #202. Special guest mix by Guy J.

In ‪#‎CATW‬ #202 we continue to play guest mixes dedicated to ‪#‎CATW200‬ anniversary episode of the show! This weeks's guest is young, much-in-demand Producer, DJ and Live Act from Tel-Aviv Israel, whose infectious production talents, busy worldwide touring schedule, electric live shows and groundbreaking debut album on Bedrock have all contributed to the success he’s currently experiencing. 
Guy’s productions have earned praise for their tight, driving beats, shimmering, warm synths and blossoming, journey like arrangements. Straddling the lively, timeless space between ambient, house, techno and electronica he constantly maintains a melodic and highly emotive core to his music.

Today guest - Guy J. Enjoy!


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