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Great Scott - Safe House (Yreane remix) out now



01. Great Scott - Safehouse (Original) [7:12]
02. Great Scott - Safehouse (Stefan Anion's Slightly Risky Mix) [8:14]
03. Great Scott - Safehouse (Mesmer Remix) [6:10]
04. Great Scott - Safehouse (Yreane Remix) [6:10]

Release date: 13 Nov, 2009
Genre: Breaks, Progressive House


Strongly inspired by the sounds of old-school big beat and breaks, including the likes of Fluke, The Prodigy, and Rabbit In The Moon, Great Scott is constantly attempting to fuse the sounds of the old with that of the new, while trying to achieve a delicate balance between producing music that's meant to make people move, with that which inflicts various emotions and imagery.

Safehouse is nothing but funky uptempo breaks that will thrash many a dancefloor with its tight beats and rocking leads.

Stefan Anion needs no introduction, really. With his Gary Jules - Mad World (Journey Into Madness) and Hybrid remixes he is sure a winner of many hearts! His Safehouse remix here is a refined cut, melancholic and unique moment of music set for the mind and soul as well as for the dancefloor. A progressive tune, with a tasty Hybrid-esque feel, fueled by deep dark textures and tastefully chopped amen breaks!

Maintaining the main synth patch, the Romanian maestro, Mesmer, provides a nasty nu-skool bassline, beefed up drums, even more dancefloor friendly remix to give the original his trademarked sound. This track enthrals from the get-go!

Yreane is going from strength to strength - This remix is outstanding! And its certainly the greatest departure from the original, not only for the fact that it’s so fresh in terms of how it’s influenced by the original, but also because it carries with it a genuine musicality that’s fast becoming a trademark of Yreane. Chopped guitars, female vocal cuts, record scratches with only a peppering of synths from the original mix.

Some reactions

"Yes! Very nice, liked all versions - Tight drums, smooth transitions, progressive -Wicked!"
Beber (Marine Parade)

"Massive tunes all round. Really solid way to get the label going. Keep em coming!"
Karton (Sound of Habib)

"Nice release! My picks are the Mesmer & Stefan Anion Remixes"
Felix Stone (Flextone)

"Mesmer Remix on this one for sure, definitely the standout of the package for me"
Ghettface (Ridiculoud)

"Another solid package from Scarcity, will play all at some point on the radio. Pick of the bunch for me is the Mesmer Remix, I love that deep bass! Stefan Anion's 4/4 mix is close behind with it's Hybrid-esque feel"
LuQas (Dead Famous)

"The Yreane Remix will definitely see some plays from me. Good stuff from him"
Ian "Daniella Downs" (Dead Famous)

"Nice package with some strongs remixes. I love Stefan Anion's twisted bass and Yreane's more melodic interpretation - Full support from me!"
Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK)

"Wicked package yet again! Mesmer remix is the one for me here! Will definitely be supporting this"
That Girl Dj (Re:Connect)

"The Stefan Anion and Mesmer Remixes for me. Nice job!"
The Peepshow Owners (Glack Audio)

"Wow, great release! Stefan Anion Remix is pure madness, amazing stuff!"

"Yreane Remix - amazing breaks!"
Aeron Aether

"This is a very solid release, I really like the tweaky edgy edits, very intricate, after my own heart. My favorite mix was the Yreane mix, the groove is gonna rip up dance floors, but all the mixes are great. Mad props!"
Wesley Dysart

"Thank you for this! It's a very good release. Original by Great Scott is really unusual. Remix from Stefan Anion with cool amen breaks in second part of the track is awesome. Yreane remix is nice one too. My favourite is Mesmer remix. I love its trancy sounds, tune's wicked!"
Parallax Breaks

"My favourite is the Yreane remix, but I will also play the Mesmer Remix and the Original alternatively"
Kultur (iBreaks)

"Nice overdriven sound on the Original but its the Yreane Remix for me on this one"

"Original and Stefan Anion Remix for me! Will play them out"
Retroid (Morphosis)

"This release is the shit!!! I’ve been caning the Mesmer and Yreane Remixes with the latter just pipping the label boss for my pick of the package! Quality stuff from Scarcity!"
Dj Marty B (NSB Radio, Fresh FM)

"Great Scott - The Original is excellent, more of this please? I've listened to it several times now and am impressed! Rolling and breaky with great fills, the energy is constant throughout without becoming tedious. Great glitchy bits that fit in nicely without being over the top or feeling forced into the mix. Sweet as.
Stefan Anion Remix - I really like how he's brought the arpeggiated keys forward in the mix to carry more of the tune than they do in the original.
Mesmer Remix - This is what I've come to expect from his previous releases and am looking forward to more of on his new Scarcity Label. Nicely done, mate.
Yreane Remix - Another sweet remix, with the choppier guitar riffs setting it widely apart from the others. This would fit in nicely with any number of the electro-clashy numbers I've been getting asked to play recently. A perfect segway piece between genres earlier in the evening.
Killer remixes indeed, what a release, and thanks for sending this along! I will definitely highlight this release in my show, likely playing more than one of the mixes and maybe even all of them if I can't choose just two. Damn you all for making a DJs life so deliciously difficult!
The Scritch (NSB Radio)

"I don't know where to start! It's one of those releases that have nothing but quality tunes! I already loved the Original, but the remixes are making it complete. Yreane is definitely getting better every release he puts out and the Stefan Anion Remix is really refreshing! Absolute top remix here is the Mesmer Remix - This might just be the best tune I've heard from him, plenty of variety, fat beats, serious killer tune!"
Kyulo (iBreaks)

"Very very good remixes from Mesmer and Yreane! However, my favorite is Stefan Anion's Remix - Deep, lush and full of energy. I will play it for sure!"
Line of Sight (Morphosis, Scarcity)

"Safehouse is a solid overall release. Original is deep and hard edged at the same time, with great glitchy crossover remix from Stefan Anion and good remixes from Mesmer and Yreane as well"
Left/Right (Sound of Habib, Ego Shot)

"Thanks for sending me the new release from your label. I will support this release in all my gigs over the next months. My favourite track is the Mesmer Remix. I really love this label and I will support it in the future. All the best!"

"My favourite is the Mesmer Remix - Great atmospheric layered synths and quirky basses. I also like the Stefan Anion Remix, who apparently shows his dark side, hehe"
T.R.O. (Maschinen Musik)

"Another Quality release coming from Scarcity! I like the original alot, but i prefere the Mesmer Remix. This brings it into a alot deeper sound but really keeps it rolling. I am also feeling the Yreane remix, this has a very refreshing sound to it, its has funk/dub & a few hip hop elements to it but still keeping a rolling breaks banger. Quality tunes! I will be playing the Mesmer and the Yreane Remixes on this release."
Curl & Dean (Big Square Records, Scarcity)

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15 November 2009 16:53


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