yola kramer
Main style: Techno
Favorite styles: Acid, Acid Techno, Electroclash, Schranz
DJ since 2007
Location: Ukraine, Lvov
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Lviv, Tortuga, Lvov, 23:52 // 18 December 2009
art-club: Basement N55, Ivano-Frankovsk, 23:59 // 12 December 2009
ALIGATOR, Ternopol, 00:03 // 25 October 2009
Girls Need It Harder !


Slovo Hardflash už na slovenskej elektronickej scéne pozná asi každý. Po chvíľke odmlčania prichádza ďalšie pokračovanie najväčšieho vydania tejto očakávanej party, ktorá vám opäť prinesie niečo nové a možno aj nečakané.…

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13 February 2010 16:18
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Yola Kramer


This is the most wonderful thing that happened to me in my entire life! There are tracks that make cry at first and then jump to the ceiling. And I want to get inside these sounds. They burst everything that’s inside into small pieces and then gather again and throw from tremendous height down. Unreal energy is hidden in this music and it opens only to those, who is ready to accept such enormous power. There is nothing better for me. I love this music….thats the best that happened to me in my entire life. If it dies so I am going to die too! No one cant take it from me. The music is inside me – we are the whole. – that is what Yola Kramer thinks about music. And what does music itself think about her? At first sight this question seems illogical and wrong. But is it logical and right that such small, slim girl plays so good hard-techno that fat and the oldest tech-burghers would be jealous. Music is a miracle for her and She is a wonder for music. Curious and strange and mixed, but her work at the decks spreads positive feelings without alternative. Her solid hard –techno runs through You to the lowest frequencies of the cardiogram, decaying you into the spectrum of the sound and raising the amplitude of your mood more than amplifiers edge can do. And it began not so far ago at Metro club in Lviv, where she was learning to play on decks. Because wasn’t able not to play. When she heard the creation of electronic guru The Chemical Brothers Yola at once understood that she wants to be a part of this culture. Time passed and her music tastes became harder and harder. all the way to techno. Pure real techno. It made her the way she is now – irreconcilable fighter for quality of techno music and techno culture in general. In Yolas sets you will not hear mixed styles so popular nowadays. Techno. Only techno. This position helped her to get invited at various techno festivals not only in Lviv, but all western Ukraine, where she proved herself to be one of the best djs. And now almost every techno party in Western Ukraine is not a party without dj Yola Kramer. So that’s the story not only about how music changes the person, but how one person changes the music. If you wuold like to join this history you can visit any Yola Kramer performance. You will definitely feel it!


    DJ KOL  21 December 2011 13:52 #
    +++, в други...
    evil cook  19 December 2011 13:46 #
    Коля Связной  1 September 2011 23:56 #

    Все будет техно!
    Dj Session  9 March 2011 17:33 #
    Тяжела у ди-джеев работа,
    Только днём время есть отдыхать,
    Ну а ночью - одна лишь забота,
    Как заставить танцпол заплясать.

    Если б не было Вас, то тогда бы,
    Кто бы в клубы ходил отдыхать?
    Вы - герои, и ног не жалея,
    Вы у пульта готовы стоять.

    В день диджея хотим вас поздравить,
    И от сердца всего пожелать:
    Лучший микс на планете составить,
    И на Ибице с ним выступать!

    С праздником Юлечка =о)
    Dmitry Quiet  22 January 2011 21:13 #
    Не унылый танцевальный трек, прошу прослушать и оставить пару слов

    Levko  7 January 2011 20:04 #
    привіт! + за гарні мікси) оціни будь - ласка …
    Dj Frest  16 December 2010 13:19 #
    Лови +)
    Kozzzak  7 December 2010 2:28 #
    молодец + за творчество КРУТО
    Yura Ku  24 October 2010 20:20 #

    Комментарии приветствуются
    paul infrasonic  9 September 2010 5:43 #
    отличные миксы, уважение!
    Action Radar  4 September 2010 20:41 #
    + за творчество...молодец..+..Давай в друзья..)
    Recycle bot  1 September 2010 13:12 #
    DJ Oleg CheiZ  1 August 2010 14:29 #
    c днем рождения
    Igor Pups  31 July 2010 17:33 #
    Vladimir_59  31 July 2010 17:29 # …
    оцени, если есть время...
    TENET  30 July 2010 6:47 #
    РСПКТ технодвижению!!!))) +
    Yuri-Drozhzhi  28 July 2010 21:31 # …
    не много драйва от меня
    Yuri-Drozhzhi  28 July 2010 17:08 #
    Mike Sparrow  29 June 2010 20:59 #
    Жость .. ) .. + ..
    Recycle bot  10 June 2010 16:05 #
    Recycle bot  3 June 2010 20:03 #
    Recycle bot  9 May 2010 12:13 #
    DJ Sir J. (GER)  8 May 2010 22:57 #
    Привет, Йола...
    Я не прошу "заценить" этот миксок, а просто хочу тебя с ним познакомить...
    T-hard  24 April 2010 16:00 #
    Officially sorry for touching you DDD
    A'Kira  10 March 2010 18:39 #
    Приветик Йола! колбасную ты музяку играешь, это сильно и своеобразно!!! круто, плюсяка теб за это от меня!!! буду ждать в друзьях!!! Эксклюзив КРУТО
    Alex Fridge  26 February 2010 13:10 #
    +++ за творчество!!!))
    Dj Makks van Fierce  14 February 2010 23:11 #
    Papa TereZ  12 February 2010 12:57 #
    DJ Sir J. (GER)  31 January 2010 0:36 #
    Привіт Йола... Заходь у гості... )) багато нового виложив і Есід і інше...
    Darkman  22 January 2010 13:29 #

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