Main style: Psy Trance
Favorite styles: Ambient, Chillout, Dark Ambient, Dark Psy Trance, Downtempo, Electronic Body Music, Experimental, Futurepop, Goa Trance, Gothic Rock, IDM, Industrial, Minimal Techno, Noise, Psy Chill, Psybient, Tribal House
DJ since 2004
Performance: 1.5 hours
Location: Russia, Saint Petersburg, Ladozhskaya
Resident: Open-Air (Saint Petersburg)
Frequent visitor: The Place (Saint Petersburg), Парусник Кронверк (Saint Petersburg), XXX Treme (Saint Petersburg)
Was just once: Граф Чернышёв (Moscow), Воздух (Moscow), Александр Блок (Moscow), АртСклад (Moscow), Trimurti (YAroslavl), Systo-Palty (Saint Petersburg)
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Da Da, Saint Petersburg, 23:45 // 9 March 2014
Psy Trance
Da Da, Saint Petersburg, 23:45 // 22 February 2014
Psy Trance
Backstage club, Saint Petersburg, 23:45 // 15 February 2014
Goa Trance
Da Da, Saint Petersburg, 23:45 // 26 December 2013
Psy Trance
Модный Клуб Грибоедов, Saint Petersburg, 23:45 // 19 October 2013
Psy Trance
Systo Palty Togathering. Solar Systo 2011.

Psy Trance

Date and time: 6 May 2011 17:56
Venue: open-air
Address: Saint Petersburg show on the map
Entrance: 1 200 rubles


Live act's:

Alienapia (Kiev, Ukraine)

Andrei 0id (Riga, Latvian)

Anix Gleo (Moscow, Russia)

CPC (Moscow, Russia)

Capitan Kirk (Helsinki, Finland)

Dronebixie (Aarhus, Denmark)

Gaiana (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Eat Static (Westbury, UK)

Jahbo (CPH, Denmark)

Kalumet (Budapest, Hungary)

KHZ (Moscow, Russia)

Kirna (Helsinki, Finland)

Laboratory X (Samara, Russia)

Magimatic (Moscow, Russia)

Mindex (Moscow, Russia)

OOOD (Bristol, UK)

Olien (Freiburg, Germany)

Onkel Dunkel (Aarhus, Denmark)

Psy-H Project (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

RED (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Sonic Elysium (Moscow, Russia)

Soladria (Espoo, Finland)

The Scum Unit (Helsinki, Finland)

Tribal Walkers (Moscow, Russia)

Troglodytes (Eskilstuna, Sweden)

Troll Scientists (Helsinki, Finland)

Voice of Cod (Bristol, UK)


Diprogate (Moscow, Russia)

Gavrila (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Grab (Moscow, Russia)

Lopat (Penza, Russia)

Lill´Li (Aarhus, Denmark)

Lynoxodilo (Moscow, Russia)

Kayla Caryapadas (Moscow, Russia)

Max Crystal (Moscow, Russia)

Myst (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Neon (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Hailisen Lasse (Helsinki, Finland)

Organoid (Tumen, Russia)

Piggy (Moscow, Russia)

Psyco Zaika (San Francisco, USA)

Raizer (Odessa, UA)

Rod'Kaa (Moscow, Russia)

Tim Duster (Helsinki, Finland)

Tomas303 (Moscow, Russia)

Tony Lizard (Yalta, Crimea)

Jarilo (Berlin, Germany)

FED (Moscow, Russia)

Zitron (Moscow, Russia)

Unitone and Melanty (Tallinn/ SPb, Estonia/ Russia)


Ministry of Psycho (Noise, techno, experimental) (Moscow, Russia)

ZoomRa (Noise, techno, experimental) (Moscow, Russia)

Andrei 0id (Riga, Latvia)

DubChikiDub (Moscow, Russia)

Eat Static (Westbury, UK)

Irukanji (Kiev, Ukraine)

IZTUMANA (St-Petersburg, Russia)

Kalumet in Dub (Budapest,Hungary)

Lunar Vegeterian ( Espoo, Finland)

Oing (Moscow, Russia)

Pepelac Analog Beat (Petrozavodsk, Karelia)

Rapapam (Moscow, Russia)

SWA & Живая Земля (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia)

Utro-Tra-Tru (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia) BioSonar rec.

Zymosis (Kiev, Ukraine)

Новые Композиторы (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia)

Atlantida (St-Petersburg, Russia)

Chill'EM (St-Petersburg/Vyatka, Russia)

Подвижники (Petrozavodsk, Karelia)

RHYTHMsekta (Petrozavodsk, Karelia)

ЯРГА sound system (Petrozavodsk, Karelia)

Samosad Bend (St-Petersburg-Karelia, Russia)

Хижина Дяди Тома (St-Petersburg, Russia)

АРТ-подвал "Босиком" (Moscow, Russia)

BurbonStreet (Moscow, Russia)

ЭЛЕКТРОБЫТ (Petrozavodsk, Karelia)


Gul4atai Open Mind (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Хахатунзе (Simphi, Crimea)

Yoga (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

TBO (Tempere, Finland)

Biosintez (Spb, Russia)

Ivgeneratel (Moscow, Russia)


Art-Project ''?!'' (live) (Minsk, Belorussia)

Aprel (Moscow, Russia)

Винтик и Шпунтик (Moscow, Russia)

Shamanic (Moscow, Russia)

Liquidpop (Kazan, Russia)

Shilpa (Magnitigorsk, Russia)

Sampler Temple (Moscow, Russia) (live)

Lunar Vegeterian (Espoo, Finland)

Mindex (Moscow, Russia)

Temnemenee (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Offmen (Moscow, Russia)

Olien (Freiburg, Germany)

Orlovskiy (Kiev, Ukraine)

Chronos (Moscow, Russia)

Neoarchaica (live)

Archifaun (Murmansk, Russia)

Taiga (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Inner Voice (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Yaleeni (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Zymosis (Kiev, Ukraine)


Ministry of Psycho (Moscow, Russia)

ZoomRa (Moscow, Russia)

777minus111 (Moscow, Russia)

Psyjazz Project (Moscow, Russia)

TRANCESIB (Moscow, Russia)

Green Ice Cream (Moscow, Russia)

Das EMP (Moscow, Russia)

Shamanton (Moscow, Russia)

KuzinEA (Moscow, Russia)

Alexandr LakeIn (Moscow, Russia)

Boris TomyLOVE (Moscow, Russia)

Red Soma (Moscow, Russia)

Зотовы Братья (Moscow, Russia)

Lexperience (Moscow, Russia)

Murzin rocks Shulgin (Moscow, Russia)

Mutatis Mutandis (Moscow, Russia)

Tripmaster (Moscow, Russia)

Kimaloka (Moscow, Russia)

Industrium (Moscow, Russia)

DJ Ленiнъ (Moscow, Russia)

DJ Industrium (Moscow, Russia)

NEO-NEO JUBILATE (Kareliya, Russia)

Akpan (Moscow, Russia)

Anthesteria (Petrograd, Russia)

Atmospheric Maniacs (Moscow, Russia)

Baltic Wind (Zelenogorsk, Russia)

Bardoseneticcube (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Dj Biosonar (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Cyclofillydea (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

DON'TTOUCHMEBITCH! (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Dj Ekza (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Evergreen (Pscov, Russia)

Dj Fnord (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Hattifnatter (Petrograd, Russia)

KIR (Tumen, Russia)

Kryptogen (Pscov, Russia)

Kshatriy (Vsevolgsk, Russia)

Lesnaya Pogan (Moscow, Russia)

Dj Liquid_Joint (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Lunar Abyss deus Organum (Haalampi, Russia)

Magnitarus (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Maruun (Petrograd, Russia)

Micelium (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Pepelaz A.B. (Petrozavodsk, Russia)

Places (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Prototaxites (Tumen, Russia)

Riverz End (Moscow, Russia)

Svetlo (Elec, Russia)

Tail (Tihvin, Russia)

Telefon (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Dj Tihya Tilla (Petrozavodsk, Russia)

Uddhamsota (Afganistan/Moscow, Russia)

Vresnit (Yaroslavl, Russia)

WRIST (Moscow, Russia)

Zeuge (Minsk, Belorus)

Волшебные Вещи (Moscow/Yaroslavl, Russia)

Незнамо (Moscow, Russia)

Огни Видений (Arhangelsk, Russia)

Петроградское Гудельное Собрание (Spb-Pavlovsk, Russia)

Поогонь (Elec, Russia)

Урожай (Leningrad, Russia)

Vision - Art

In-Visible (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Арт-группа "Бешенцы" (Perm', Russia)

Elik (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Герасим (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Неглядя (Sankt-petersburg, Russia)

Line up в процессе роста..... to be update =)

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