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Vova Chaynov
Main style: Dirty Rap
Favorite styles: Crunk, Diss, Gangsta Rap, R&B
Producer, promoter, poet, clubber since 2004
Performance: from $30
Location: Belarus, Pinsk
Resident: БаZа (Pinsk)
Guest: Andre (Pinsk), Pina (Pinsk)
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Music DJ Bar, Minsk, 19:00 // 20 May 2012
Городской Дом культуры, Пинск, Беларусь, Pinsk, 00:00 // 31 March 2012
клуб-ресторан Andre, Pinsk, 00:00 // 29 October 2011
#МОЯМАНИЯ... ТЕПЕРЬ И НА INDARNB.RU. Поддерживаем. Голосуем за релиз
Вова Чайнов

   Has begun the musical heat in far 2004 as one of мс JTJ Clan, however soon in view of disagreements in collective has been compelled to replace a vessel. Group Trial Project which left not so so much hip-hop artist, how many club мс, the participant of ten festivals of club music and the resident of night club "BАZА" became a reloading point. In the summer of 2008 Vova Chaynov all the same comes back in the world of samples, bits and broken rhymes. At first as the solo executor, after as the participant of label N-SIDE Chaynov wins some hip-hop battles, have a participation in festivals and projects. Time flows, life changes also circumstance again push together foreheads with one of ex-participants JTJ Maxim Ostrovsky [Max Astrich]. The quantity фитчрингов grows, joint projects and unity of the purpose are done by the dirty work. At the very beginning of 2009 on start relay race hip-hop appears newly made group No Com [Without Comments]. Young, to nobody known, but with firm an object in view and the creative style, group lets out release behind release, singles, EP, and after and joint with Gosha (grand at the largest for festival Republic "Southeast Zone") mixtape "Receive and undersign", than again reminds of itself  "correct rap". Now Vova Chaynov as the participant of group No Com works over the album writing which release is planned on the beginning of 2012. As to career club мс here again all is stable, invitations arrive as from promoters with the request to work as the leader of parties, and from separate DJ on vocal or processing record акапелл in a variant of remixes.



• 2008 - the collection of the Belarus rap "OBSTANOVKA vol.1" (Vova Chaynov and Taz'ik)

• 2009 - the collection of the Belarus rap "OBSTANOVKA vol.3" (No Com)

• December 2009 - mixtape "Receive and undersign" (No Com and GoSha)

    Сын Семён а.к.а Л.Пэ  16 March 2012 15:07 #
  • +1
    ДИМА СЕТ (D1 SET)  13 March 2012 10:49 #
    Привет, оцени время будет.

    Сын Семён а.к.а Л.Пэ  9 March 2012 16:00 #
    Сын Семён а.к.а Л.Пэ  24 February 2012 20:41 #
    Услышанный  13 February 2012 1:17 #
    Сын Семён а.к.а Л.Пэ  30 January 2012 12:44 #

    Услышанный  28 January 2012 11:40 #
    A5 PRODUCTION  7 December 2011 19:23 #
    MyNameIsJason  7 December 2011 1:59 #

    Сын Семён а.к.а Л.Пэ  25 November 2011 16:40 #
    Сын Семён а.к.а Л.Пэ  20 November 2011 14:05 #
    ▄ТягА  27 October 2011 15:29 #
    От винта - Шалом, Салют !!!
    Marker aka Нонсенс  29 August 2011 16:59 #
    Дэн ПоЛЛитра  28 August 2011 10:51 #
    Молодца..я за творчество..и какое бы оно ни было,его оттачиваем
    Вова Чайнов  28 August 2011 5:27 #
    спасибо учту. ребят, треки 2009) новые скоро выложу
    Machet[R.E.I.M.]  27 August 2011 17:56 #
    ++ мужик за продукт...над подачей стоит поработать, а так идей норм, так что время даст тебе прочность
    Вова Чайнов  25 August 2011 15:17 #
    да уж придется =) спасибо взаимно
    Вова Чайнов  24 August 2011 22:48 #
    Доброго времени суток мужчинки, женщинки и те, у кого все еще впереди. Добавляемся активней
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