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ДК Кировский /конечная 66 маршрутки в сторону Полоцкого рынка, Vitebsk, 17:00 // 23 May 2009

The unEQUAL - Belarus electronic project, based in the beginning 2008. It is a mix... From chillout, dark drum and bass, to 8-bit inserts, ambitient, and a trance. UnEQUAL-specific project without certain musical frameworks. We will try to lay out that in music that us excites that occurs around in our everyday life. We try to enclose in each track written by us the specificity and atmosphere. Initially unEQUAL has been created to do exclusively live music on an electronic basis. However later we have solved experiment only with electronic music.
It is a little about Us: Dj Fly: From the very beginning of the creativity preferred two musical directions it - Trance and Drum and Bass. In 2003 has started to write music, mastered programs on creation and sound processing. Then in 2005 has started to play on city clubs in quality dj. At the same time 2005 together with DJ Slam project “In Style …” has been created. During project existence to the public there was an album “Rain”. After disintegration of project In Style, there are numerous changes of structure. DJ Misha Fly has hard time musical and creative stagnation. At this time prior to the beginning of 2008 a little that is written from new, knowledge and experience in dj-inge however is improved and collect.

With approach of 2008 the idea of creation of the electronic project which would become the only thing on the Byelorussian to an electronic scene, has already ripened. 

Funk13: Took place in many project, as electronic and live. Since 2004 worked over live project OverNoise, simultaneously was engaged sampling and arrangement. In 2006 has completely left in electronic music and has devoted itself "The unEQUAL". In March, 2008 in Vitebsk there were first demos tracks such as: Hemoglobin and metro which have made positive impression upon Vitebsk public. After long works over project we, in the end of August, have let out in Belarus the first album under name Progressive degradation-demolition.В an album electronic directions have been involved many. The considerable quantity of races from the Internet and discussion at forums, has allowed to us huge stimulus to work in this sphere. Already in the end of summer, official the first album in which was born nine versatile tracks have entered. A trance, Trip-hop, dark d’n’b, and simbian music.... And it is literally after a while "The unEQUAL" lets out a single under the name "UN".Track sound more professionally and qualitatively. Idea of subjects of a single-ethics of the Far East. And it already, was that that new to the Belarussky electronic scene. That sounds for the first time on Belarussian to an electronic scene and allows us to declare itself as about the first who could bring in electronic sounding swinging Breaks bits all completeness and beauty of Far East mantras.

I like: Drum and Bass

I am interested in: music

I know: FL, Cubase, Reason

Favorite styles: Downtempo, Hardstep, Neurofunk, Old School Rap, Techstep
Collaborations since 2007
Performance: 1 hour
Location: Belarus, Vitebsk
Was just once: GremlinRadio (Boncarbo), RADIO TOP (Tula), Новое Радио 98.7 программа FlashBack (Vitebsk)
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