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Release Date: 06-10-2014 Label: Inrasonic Pure Catalog№: INFRAPU010
Release Date: 25-08-2014 Label: Inrasonic Pure Catalog№: INFRAPU006
Release Date: 11-08-2014 Label: Inrasonic Pure Catalog№: INFRAPU005
Release Date: 28-04-2014 Label: Infrasonic Recordings Catalog№: INFRA134
Release Date : 24-03-2014 Label: Touchstone Recordings Catalog№: TSR0221
Release Date : 05-08-2013 Label : Infrasonic Recordings Catalog№ : INFRA114
Release Date: 27-05-2013 Label: Infrasonic Recordings Catalog№: INFRA107
Release Date: 19-12-2011 Label: Infrasonic Future Catalog№: INFRAF027
Release Date: 31-10-2011 Label: Unearthed Red Catalog№: UNRED050
Release Date: 13-12-2010 Label: Infrasonic Future Catalog№: INFRAF017
Release Date: 11-11-2010 Label: Shah Music Digital Catalog№: SMD2137
Release Date: 01-11-2010 Label: Only One  Catalog№: OOR038
Release Date: 05-10-2010 Label: Camouflage Catalog№: CAM-2010-155
Release Date: 12-07-2010 Label: Unearthed Red Catalog№: UNERED022
Release Date: 19-11-2009 Label: Unearthed Red Catalog№: UNERED013